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It's a Zambino!
Saturday. 3.7.09 12:33 pm
Last night we had a lock in at youth group, where basically everyone got together, horsed around, ice skated, watched movies, etc. It was fantastic. Like a big sleepover.

I'm sooooo sore.

First we exerted ourselves in the gym playing dodge ball and the like. My night of soreness started when I slipped on the ground, landed on my knee, slid a few feet, and hit the wall with the same knee.

Stupid golf shoes. Idon't even play golf.

Then, after a few games, we drove to an ice skating rink, where we played broom hockey in our shoes and then just skated around in blades. I sort of quit broom hockey because I kept falling and I got hit in the throat, of all places, with a stick. Don't ask.

The skating was so much fun that I grabbed my camcorder and skated with it in my hand, and I didn't fall once. Took me a few minutes to get back into the swing of things, and my leg muscles aren't used to that particular workout.

THEN, we drove back, and I played four 3 on 3 games of basketball. By the last game, I couldn't jump anymore because every time I did both my calves cramped. This was about 3 in the morning, haha. After that I played a full game of...Phase 10. Whoo!

And I haven't slept since 6:50 yesterday morning. I refuse to take a nap today, so that my sleep is that much more satisfying. Bed early for me!

I dunno if my body will let me, though. Especially my legs. They feel good and dead...

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Time Capsule 9
Saturday. 3.7.09 12:30 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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It snowed! Surprise!
Tuesday. 3.3.09 11:05 pm
It snowed Sunday night into Monday morning, so no school! And for a legit reason, too. I spent the time mostly with AJ. We messed around in the neighborhood for a while with Sydney, who is apparently extremely hyper when it snows. We had a small snowball fight around AJ while he was trying to clean off his truck, haha. I miss the days when a bunch of kids could have a street snowball fight. Ah,well.

Then we went to Kyle's house, where we learned that everyone had apparently ditched us. SuZZ called AJ, and we were like, "Where are
you ?" But they eventually came back, and we watched the second Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. So that wasn't so bad, after all.

AND THEN! Ryan tried to initiate a small movie night, but Kyle and John could not come. I hadn't driven
much all day, so I think Mom took pity and let me go even though it was a school night. I brought Katie along, but it ended up being just me, her, and Ryan himself. We watched An American Carol, which was entertaining, and then we watched disturbing videos on the internet, and then I took her home and went to sleep.

Lots of names dropped in this entry, huh?

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Friday. 2.27.09 9:22 pm
I am on EDGE.

The weather turned sour, I'm stuck here at home myself reading this stupid book for English...

It's like I have all this nervous energy, and for once I want to spend it somewhere, but I can't and it's making me crabby. I'm not thinking things through like I should.

I'm breaking one of the biggest rules of critical thinking. I'm choosing my outcome before I really go over the evidence. I'm biasing like crazy.

I'm, I'm, I'm.

I'm sorry.

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