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Wednesday. 9.8.10 4:47 pm

I mean what else can I say?

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a blog I didn't pay attention to while writing it:
Thursday. 9.2.10 4:41 pm

I packed my bag up and walked out, casually taking my hair down from its French braid and shaking the strands free. Still thinking about the Chemistry lab and walking towards the bookstore for my Norton sampler, it occurred to me (...ding!):

I was smiling.

They say that college is this big thing that will change you forever...I can't attest to that. I did come into it stable, though, and I still feel stable. Funny. I've never felt like both of my feet are on the ground, before. The world just sort of evened out and there I was, standing on it with my cape billowing behind me.

In essence, it just clicked.

Also, I'm eating a cinnamon graham cracker and it's really good. That could be adding to my even nature. (THERE. I broke the serious tone.)

But I think it's mostly the whole, accepting myself as a person of ever-changing nature, relinquishing all ties but never forgetting the love that formed them, and cherishing all days while never wasting them, deal.

Anyway. I went and bought some safety goggles. They fog up (i.e. piss me the hell off when I'm trying to use a buret. CAN'T A WOMAN MEASURE OUT TWENTY mLs IN PEACE?). I'm displeased. First thing I'm doing is rigging them so they don't do that anymore (but so they still protect my eyes). I also had to wrangle up some work that I wasn't aware of, which I did. Generally, this was a productive day.

Tyler was talking to me about some stuff, before she all but passed out in her bed. She was laying there, her hair wrapped up in a purple scarf, and we were talking about me sleep talking* and things of that nature.


"No... Why are you talking to me with your bear?" I responded. She moved her teddy bear around a little more and I'm just as confused as ever.

*I sleep talk. Oh yes. OH YES. Apparently, after seeing The Last Exorcism, she came home and went to go to bed. She says that all of the sudden I went, "Huh?" and when she questioned me about it I started laughing. She says if I start crawling on the ceiling she's going to "shoot my ass." She said it while laughing, but we'll just say I'm never crawling on the ceiling when she's around. She's like me in the way that the rabid raccoon comes out of the cute little kitten if you ever cross it.

...I'm her thugette.

...I'll cut you.

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Monday. 8.23.10 5:54 pm
DISCLAIMER: I started writing this on Monday. I'll let you know when you're caught-up.

I was so excited yesterday when they gave out drinks to the runners for the scavenger hunt and they were in DISPOSABLE CUPS! WHY? WHY, YOU ASK?

Because I didn't have any cups, and I have a pitcher full of water.

You'd think I would have noticed that before moving in.


So I'd been drinking out of the sink. Hehehehe.

Anyway. THE FOOD HERE, YOU GUYS. THE FOOOOOOOD. Macaroni and cheese (Southern style!), fried chicken, Hawaiian chicken, burgers, mashed potatoes...oh my gosh. The banana nut muffins. THE DESSERTS!

Although I totally skipped breakfast and lunch today so I could sleep longer. This is because I was up until like two thirty or three with my roommate and a couple of other people. We baked a cake and watched Jerry Springer after hitting WalMart for TWO WHOLE HOURS. We had to park in front of our dorm room to unload it all.


I'm back to regular classes!


I'm taking a bunch of stuff like Trig, Gen. Chem., and English Comp. Nothing special. I'm not terribly excited, either, that I knew how to do stuff that other people didn't. I get my fuel from a competitiveness in me. Without that, I don't know how I'll do. But hey, I'm working for a 3.8 or higher. I'm doing homework in my spare time and TRYING to get a job. Key word, obviously, being "trying." It's slim pickings in a college town this major.

A job would be a big help, though. I'm in a needy-me-money position.

Nothing else much to tell you. My roommate and I were pretty much a match made in Heaven, as far as roommates go. We're seriously having a ball. I can imagine myself living with other people, but not as happily. Especially since we have CAKE. Vanilla cake with strawberry icing melted in it with more icing on TOP. I'm serious, it is amazing.

But anyway. I think I'll start hitting the gym pretty regularly.. I'm feeling this food going to all the wrong places. x.X

And that's it!

I'll type later when I think of something worthy!

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basically a NOVEL.
Wednesday. 8.18.10 12:11 am

Dilated is a pretty spectacular guy. Let me tell you all the reasons why.

Just kidding.

That's not the way challenges work.

:3 Hehe.

I WILL, HOWEVER, tell you about the great time I had, yesterday.

It started with me asking Meagan what time she wanted to see Scott Pilgrim. Instead of giving me a time, she asked if I wanted to go to a party.

So I went to that.

Well, first, I chopped up one of my old elementary school shirts so it would actually fit my body size/shape. I cut slits all up the sides and tied them like what's popular, right now. It looked pretty hot. After adding a few hair ties to my wrist (because of the paint), I was out the door and in my friend Meagan's car.

When we got there...I was greeted by Sarah's brother's flapping package.

I wish I was kidding.

He'd stripped down to his boxers (with a piece of duct tape to close the slit) and was jumping enthusiastically.

Let me back up for a second:

*I've known him since I was nine or ten. I've seen him half-naked more times than I've probably seen my biological brother half-naked.

I'm used to it.*

People were already *sort of* painted by the time I showed, but we started in more enthusiastically after some time went by. The paint was gone within an hour, I'm sure. It was splattered all over the floor of the garage, all over EVERYONE, and we kept smashing into each other while raving, so there were huge smears of color corresponding to others all over us.

We also went to BiLo.

All of us.

Even the shirtless, shoeless guys (I borrowed Ethan's shoes even though his arch support is like ZERO and his shoe size far surpasses my own) came with. They, of course, decided to run. I didn't want to, so I had to run to catch up when they kept going. Sarah and I walked the final third of the trek, refusing to run.

Ethan did a lap or two around the whole store in just his boxers. No one stopped him. Craig actually came to the checkout with us (shirtless but not so pantsless). People mostly laughed at us, the paint-splattered and half-naked youths. For some reason, adults find it entirely precocious.

We received a few yells from cars (I think you call them cat calls), there and back, running along the sidewalks. We were safe, but not cautious. Those streets are like the backs of our hands. I ran across them even as a kid to get home from Sarah's. It's hard to explain how cool it looked.

When we got back, things kind of settled down. Which is hard to imagine. Events trickled into the front yard, where we watched the guys play on the top of Meagan's car and Ethan climb the light pole (WHICH MAKES ME NERVOUS, PS). Meagan and I changed clothes without anyone seeing (except each other), and there was an inflatable whale kiddie pool out front.

I ended up laying in the middle of the road with Ethan. Because he asked me to. He told me, "If a car comes, I'll save your life," so I trusted him, because I guess that's what I should do with people I've known for eight years of my life. He yanked me up off the ground twice. In between...we just kinda talked. I don't even know how some stuff came up. But it was really cool. I'd forgotten how nice it was to lay around and talk to him. We sort of used to, back when I was younger.

But not so much these days.

I miss talking to people and having it feel easy.

Anyway. Afterward, Meagan and I spent the night with Sarah (and technically Ethan, but only because he's her brother). We ate cookie things (which made my stomach churn (I'm used to fruits and granola; my stomach isn't geared towards mushy giant cookie things)), sat around and talked, watched a show or two, then parted ways for bed. Sarah went to her own bed, I took the floor, and Meagan took the couch right by my patch of floor.

Meagan and I ended up talking until a little after six in the morning. Then I totally passed out, only to wake up again just as Ethan's foot stepped beside my face, headed out.

I didn't let it keep me up.

In fact, I slept (and Meagan did, too) until around noon. We sat for a while, got dressed, whatever. They ate another cookie each...I didn't. I shudder to think of that rich taste.

Then I realized that, in all this, I had never told my mom that I wasn't home.

...It's probably best.

But still, I had to head home to give my dog her glaucoma drops. So, just as it started to rain, Sarah drove me home. My friend Ian called me, later, and asked how far to my campus and told me he and John were headed my way. I laughed and wished him luck, since my college doesn't move in for another couple days.

And now I'm going to the beach, tomorrow. :]

Technically today.

Either way. BEACH TRIP! :D

Then I guess my parents get a day, on Thursday, before I leave. For the most part. They don't need me ALL night.

Then I move in! I'm just sort of excited to start off a new chapter. Two weeks ago, I was absolutely devastated about some things. Now it's a welcome deal. I've come to peace.

And I'm having a LOT of fun.

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