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Wednesday. 11.6.13 9:24 pm
I asked my manager out. I saw my window of opportunity and took it, but was turned down. I'm not surprised in the least, but it still kind of bums me out. No one likes to feel rejected. It started out with him teasing me that I needed a boyfriend to provide drama in my life and I came back with 'well, you could provide that drama.' It was a serious turn down, but done so in more of a relaxed manor rather than all awkward and shit. Hopefully that helps so that our work interactions aren't awkward. I don't think they will be and if they are, it won't be by much.

One more day to get through then a day to sleep in and relax. I'm so looking forward to that day. I always appreciate Fridays more than ever now that it's the only day I have to myself. That and Sunday afternoons. No plans for the day, but I may see if one of my friends wants to get together so that we can hang out before I leave for my trip. I also really need to stop putting off calling my insurance company. The call to the hotel might wait another week.

Alright, time to get in my Once Upon A Time fix.

Until tomorrow. . .

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T minus 28 days
Tuesday. 11.5.13 9:41 pm
I will not be doing this kind of countdown every day. Just every week.

Work was ... work. It was mostly uneventful, but there was some issues toward the middle and end that took up a bit of time and I got home a little later than I wanted. I still got in a 20 minute power nap before the other job, but still. I don't like feeling rushed. The second job was good, though I would much rather preferred to have stayed in bed. It's only a short time more before I can cut back my hours so that I'm not working so much.

I will be staying up a little bit later tonight than I have been the last couple nights because my hair is wet and I need for it to dry some before I call it a night, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll stay up. I'm already pretty tired and showers make me more tired. So we'll see what happens.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Time adjustments
Monday. 11.4.13 10:06 pm
Despite the fact that the time change didn't directly affect me, I'm still feeling some effects from it. It's barely after 10 and I'm feeling about as sleepy as I do when I stay up till 11, which it would normally be right now had we not changed the clocks back.

Needless to say, this will be a rather brief entry. I would have titled it 'sleepy,' but I already used that once and I like having a new title for every one.

Work was uneventful at both places. Tuesday is usually the busiest day of the week for me and I have a feeling tomorrow won't disappoint. At least it's my halfway point in the week. I know that I'll only have two days left after tomorrow.

Until then. . .

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T minus one month!
Sunday. 11.3.13 6:41 pm
Oh my goodness people! One month from right now I will be 12 hours in to my first vacation in 7 years. Ah! Having this part time job really has helped in fast forwarding through time. It really doesn't seem like June, when I was approved for the vacation, was all that long ago. I'm down to the final countdown and it feels awesome.

Tomorrow is back to the daily routine of working both jobs, but it's been just over 3 months now so I'm pretty much used to it. I just need to make sure I find time to make all the phone calls I need to make, such as to my car insurance company and the hotel. I also need to make sure I order my bag and packing cubes within enough time to make sure they get here before I leave on my trip; I'll probably order them sometime in the middle of the month. Thanksgiving seems super late in the month this year so it's making me feel like I can't take advantage of any Black Friday deals and have the items shipped to my house before I leave. I can't have shit sitting outside my door for two weeks. Even being inside a secure building it's bound to get stolen. Oh well. It's not like I wanted to spend any more money than necessary. At this point, every penny is precious for savings.

It's kinda crazy how with the clocks turned back, it feels like it should be later than it is. I know that's probably something to do with changing the clocks last night, but the fall back thing doesn't really affect me much since I'm asleep when it happens. I feel bad for the grave shift people who had to work that extra hour. I suppose it gets made up for in the spring when they only have to work 7, but still.

Alright, only one more video on my Hulu queue and I'm going to get it watched. I'm also pretty much caught up on all my YouTube subs so you know what this means? I get to finally start Walking Dead season 3. It's only been like a year or something. And it'll probably take me forever to get the season completed, but hey, at least I'll always have something to watch.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Fall back
Saturday. 11.2.13 7:39 pm
I'm so glad for the extra hour of sleep tonight. I will probably only get the normal amount of sleep that I get each night, but it's the idea, the placebo effect, that will essentially make me feel like I'm getting an extra hour.

Work was busy and I spent more money than I should have, but I needed some variety. It won't last me two weeks, but we'll see. With working both jobs, I'll probably only reserve the food at home for my very short off time so it might actually last me. We'll have to see.

It's not even 8 o'clock yet and I'm already super drained. I have to stay up at least another hour or so to avoid waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Tomorrow is Sunday so it won't be too bad at work, but still. I need at least some decent sleep to function properly during the shift. Then back to both jobs on Monday.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Catching up
Friday. 11.1.13 6:11 pm
I got some much needed rest today. I slept in until sometime after 8:30. I don't remember exactly what time it was on the phone when I originally looked at it, but it was sometime between 8:30 and 9. I didn't get out of bed until closer to 11.

I lounged around for a bit and fell back asleep for a few hours around 1. I forced myself to get up around 3:30 so that I could get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour tonight since I have to be up early for work tomorrow morning. Sam's isn't too busy first thing in the morning, but it's enough that I have to be somewhat coherent. Especially when dealing with money.

I have to stop at the bank on my way home tomorrow so that I can get quarters for laundry. I also have to get some food shopping done. I'm debating whether I want to do some of it at work before I head out since I don't get any other opportunities during the week to shop there. One of the downfalls to working close every night is that I don't have time to shop after I clock out. There's a few things on sale that I want to take advantage of, but I'm not sure yet if I want to. I probably will just so that I have a different option for the next two weeks than just ramen noodles. There's also a couple things I want to buy at Safeway when I stop there for the bank.

It's crazy that it's already November! This second job has really helped make the time go by quickly. I didn't think it would, but sure enough, time has passed without me even realizing how quickly it's passed. It really doesn't feel like I've already been working at Sam's for 3 months. My trip is just over a month away. I really need to start making phone calls and ensuring that everything is ready for me to go.

Alright, time to see if I can't catch up on at least most of the videos that have been building up in my queue. I'll have tomorrow evening while I'm doing laundry and Sunday afternoon to catch up as well. I may actually get completely caught up. We'll see what happens.

Until tomorrow. . .

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