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I'm tired of this
Saturday. 3.28.09 5:20 pm
"Never again," I'm thinking. Of course, that's what I thought last time. Give me a year, and I'll be right back in the same predicament. Why can't I ever learn?

I can't help but wonder at the point of keeping all this stuff. There may be a time when I can afford to look back and admire what once was, but right now it's just painful and unnecessary.

The dreary weather isn't just outside.

I still can't decide if it was all worth it. What has been gained?

Ugh. Now I'm just rambling...wait, no, babbling.

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Boys State
Thursday. 3.26.09 8:03 pm
I'm super excited. Today I learned that my school wants me to help represent NWHS at Palmetto Boys State. This is huge, on a state scale. And it sounds like a ton of fun.

I hope I get in!

Late night basketball game tonight. We're going to get toasted...meh. Oh, well.

Until next time!

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Sunday. 3.22.09 5:32 pm
Well, that was no fun. But we're back! Yay...

Just got back from a College fair. It was like Trick or Treating, except not as fun and much more important.

One of the main problems, for me, is that I really don't know what I want with college. Only slightly more left than right brained, so I don't have any outstanding hopes or dreams. It's just weird. I like physics. I think. :-/ I suppose we'll see.

Last night I talked to Katie until I lost my grip on reality, which didn't actually take that long. But about an hour after I went to sleep, Kim called me. I'd sent her a text earlier in the day asking about a song, and apparently it didn't get to her until 1:10 in the morning. She doesn't have texting, so she calls me.

I don't remember what I thought the phone was doing. I probably though that one of my alarms was finishing a snooze cycle or something. Somehow I managed to answer it. Kim's like, "Geeze, I hope I didn't wake you" and all I could say was, "I don't remember." Haahaha. Oh, man. I really didn't. I was so confused. The only faculty that works with me at that level of consciousness is my wit. Unfortunately, my logic fails, so my witty remarks probably don't apply to anything. And even if they do, I can't remember the past 10 seconds sometimes. I'll know I said something to someone, just not who or what.

I'm really loving Dream Theater right now.

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Rest in Peace
Saturday. 3.21.09 11:01 pm
Tonight I realized how eerie it is to see your name on a tombstone. Not just your last name, but your full name, carved into the stone, with dates underneath.

I actually posted this Sunday, March 15, at 9:47 PM but nuTang was down and it didn't show up, so I'm posting it again. Yey!

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