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Sunday. 12.5.10 2:49 am
I'm getting in on this untitled action, STAT.

Everyone's offline because it's like 3 in the morning, and something vibrated in my ear, which makes me think that something LIVING is in there. Or maybe I'm just a bit tireddizzy.


So guys there's nothing cool happening with me. My computer is just slowly crawling into a hole and dying. No surprise.

So I'll shut it down and cry over it for a while.


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sparkle sparkle shineshineshine
Monday. 11.29.10 3:27 pm

So, I like my job. I don't like getting up early, and I don't like getting a drug test (even though I'm forevermore clean), but that's part of the job, and the job is just dandy.


Guys, they keep waking me up and asking if I have work, if I need to do this and that and the other...

Stop! Stop it right now! I am an adult and I have an alarm clock!

I'm kind of hoping that I end up not making any connections at the college I'm hopefully getting into. That way, I'll feel like bothering to apply to transfer out to Tennessee where I can live in a condo with friends instead of living at home with my parents.

But at the same time...female lacrosse...literary magazine... Yum.

Also, check it out:


Pretty cool, am I right? I really DON'T like the child shirts that call the TSA agents perverts, because seriously, this is not their faults. They didn't wake up and say, Hey, I am so looking forward to seeing a bunch of naked kids.

At least, most of them didn't.

They're doing their jobs. They're doing just...what they have been asked...to do. I'm sure a lot of them wish that they didn't have to deal with bitchy or irregular fliers (i.e. the ones who don't have their shoes off at the belt, the ones who don't have their tickets and IDs out, etc.), but they do. Especially during the holiday season.

It seems to me that they're putting up with a lot more than we are, sometimes, you know? They're standing on their feet for hours while we're eating turkey and hugging our relatives.

So let's not call them perverts.

OTHERWISE, a silent protest is awesomesauce.

My dad does have a point about the scanners, though. There have been instances where the old scanners haven't caught threats.

And hey, it's better than the pat down.




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Tuesday. 11.16.10 3:34 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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green cupcakes
Sunday. 11.7.10 9:48 pm

Guys, yesterday was seriously weird. I invited people over for like five thirty, yeah? I picked up chocolate bars and asked others to bring some yummy stuff, too, and made green food-dyed cupcakes (and forgot the butter, yikes). Everything was all ready on time!

All right so I was petting the neighbor's cat on my front stoop around 5:10 (because I saw it asking to come in) when some random car-ish thing pulls up and parks oddly, close to where my friend Seth usually parks his zippy little car. And I'm sitting here thinking, Who the heck's driving that car, and where's Seth going to park (because Seth has parked there literally every time he's been at my house except once when we had to hide his car to surprise a friend)? The guy had short hair so I thought maybe Neb borrowed a car or that he told Danny to come (which, thinking back, made no sense).

Holy moly, you guys. It was Seth. He chopped all his hair off! AND HE WASN'T DRIVING HIS USUAL CAR!

So then everyone else was really SUPER late. He and I hunted for sticks for a campfire, hung out, hunted for MORE sticks, and still had time to discuss how lame people were being over frosting cupcakes. People finally started showing up at like SEVEN. And I didn't even get to talk to him about some serious We Need To Talk sorts of things!

What's up with that! All night my intuition wasn't screaming loudly enough. Bummer. We didn't even really get a campfire, after all that. It was so cold!

Anyway, what else.

Oh, we ended up watching Gamer. It was eh. I didn't mind watching it, but it seemed like the plot moved too quickly and that not enough aspects of the plot had explanation. If they'd taken another half hour, it might have been easier to watch. And, hey, I'm all for movies that challenge the mind and make it more difficult to watch. If it makes me think, that's fine. This isn't that type of movie, though.

Plus, I feel like the nudity wasn't used tastefully. Even though the scenes were supposed to convey a dirty degradation of society, I felt like they could have handled those particular scenes a bit more artfully. The line between "dirty photos" and art is pretty thin, I get it, but.



That's it!

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