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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

first real blog..
Friday, 7/18/03 - 6:41 pm
4th blog....1st real one... -song of the day-just frendz by musiq -mood-hyper nuTang rocks...ok lets see i aint doing nothing today...familia gon come over here and just kick it..i was lookin over my yearbook and what people put and well i learned alot..like you dont noe how someone feels bout you like if they HATE you or LOVE you or dont REALLY CARE...it feels good to kno people dont hate me and who are my good frends!i have a lot of good frendz..kevin ive been frendz with the longest..and weve always been frenz ive known him since the first day of kindergarten we were both 5 years old..now were best frendz..me and belle were like just frends and now we are hella good frenz..i was never frenz with jerr till this year..and now shes like my best frend..nicole too!i think the first time i talked to jerr on the fone was february 15..we barely knew each other..me and nicole started talkin on the fone like..the month i first got my cell and we talk almost everyday..hazel, i just helped her through those hard times she had and now were good frenz..im thankful for all of the frenz i have especially those who have had an impact on my life and im happy that if i had an impact on theirs..and i will always be here for them and i hope they are too!..so to all my frends... thankz..

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go nuTang or dont go at all!
Friday, 7/18/03 - 6:37 pm
haha nuTang is the best!lol..so go nuTang..it kicks xangas gay @$$ LoL..this is already my third blog of the day..lol..i havent had a real blog yet..lol..btw imma put some of my own stuff in reading

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go nuTang
Friday, 7/18/03 - 5:26 pm
yes yes nuTang r0x0r the house..im keepin it! xangur..hehe...hello to all nutang im am ur newest member!lol..

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new nuTang
Friday, 7/18/03 - 4:00 pm
why hello there..lol...just got this my nuTang tryin this out..its fun..looks better than xangur...lol..im gonna have fun testin this then decide xangur or nuTang..nuTang r0x0R!..=-P..sign my gbook ill get my chatterbox up in here! i got alot of songs too under reading and im addin more so check it out!

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