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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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La.. La.. La.. Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthda
Saturday. 7.2.05 11:59 pm
I am 22 today, a big girl now!!! hehe!!

I went to dance at mid-day, feel so tired. I am thinking to buy some new tights, as I find some holes on the old one, and want to buy one more leotard, want to have a purple this time, and a new leg-warmer too.

I had dinner with Aki tonight. I arrived home at 3:30pm, had a shower and look up on internet. Then I started to make up (it took half hour, as I normally put many layers of mascare, two layers of white, and three layers of black, then my eyes will look much bigger, but it took long time though).

We met at 6pm, and took bus to Circular Quay to have dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks. We had lots of food: wedges with sour cream and sweer chilli, thai chicken cepes, chicken pizza, and ... full.

We walked to Opera House after dinner, because Aki want to see any ballet performance on Opera House. However, there wasn't, and I remember there is one at MLC centre.

We walked to Establishment for drink, and wait for my friend Sharon. I drank a cup of Long Island Iced Tea, it is a bit expensive ($15.5) than other bar, but it tasted better and larger.

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Cough... Cough... Cough... Coooooooold~~
Friday. 6.24.05 11:08 pm
I catch cold yesterday, err...a little cold, cough cough cough

luckily i took cough pills yesterday night, so today feel better...

but still feel sick...

natalie asked me to call mum today, said there is something good to me ... and that is mum said buy me a digital camera for graduation present... thz mum!

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lunch with a high school friend
Wednesday. 6.22.05 11:43 pm
I was drunk yesterday! I couldn't believe I drunk by half bottle of Red, perhaps I didn't have dinner the night before, and drank yesterday afternoon. I didn't finish my lunch, and went to bed, but I felt sick when I lay on bed. I fall asleep and woke up at 6pm, because I want to vomit.

I felt tired this morning, had a quick showr and took bus to school. I met Michael in front of PSU house, and we chatted a whilst. I went to Donna's class to get my journal, and find there was only 3 people in class. I know it is first week school, but 3 people is far too less, compared to my semester. Work hard, my jouior.

I had lunch with Susu, my high school friend, at 12:30pm, we met at her office, she is working in an unknown kind skin care brand. We had lunch at a Japanese cuisine, then we walked around at city and back to her office. She did a skin care test for me, by using her company's products.

I went to IDP to collect my offers, I thought only macquire, but the adelaide and RMIT arrived too. RMIT requires me to fill in a servry before they decided to accpet me, and Winnie said it is their first year to do this way.

I wanted to walk back home, but it was too windy and I didn't wear scarf, so I took bus. However, I felt sick on the bus, and wanted to vomit. I online for a whilst and went to ballet, it was very cold and windy outside, think winter finally come.

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a casual day with friends
Monday. 6.20.05 10:22 pm
I went to yum cha with Steve, Leo, Ikuko and Pru, originally we'd have Lisa and Julie, but Lisa was sick, and Julie, the organiser didn't come at last. None of us believed Lisa was sick, and think she oversleep.

I set alarm at 9:10 am, so I'd have time for shower and make up, but I was too tired as I slept at 2:30 am. I finally get up at 10:30 am and left home at 11:15am, and 30 mins late.

We went to IDP after lunch and Room 357 to collect our journal for last semester, but the room was locked. We met Donna at Prince Centre and she said we can collect the journal at Wednesday 11am. Would it be a little bit early, Donna? We are in holiday.

We went to IDP again, to wait Iku, and the Macquite offer, as it supposed to arrive today. I wonder I should change subject, agian, as I don't really like media and cultural studies. However, I don't know what is my favourite and strong area either, perhaps it is multimedia or creative arts, but I don't know.

Then we met Julie and Anwi at the Marketcity foodcourt, and find they were having lunch. We had a little chat until they finished lunch, then Steve and Lea went home, Julie and Anwi came to newtown for shopping. I had a cup of tea at Newtown and then go to dance.

It was a small class, only 8 people, I guess the other people didn't come for University exams. I did well tonight, if compared to last Wednesday and Saturday. Olivia put me in the front roll when doing centre work, I was a little scared, because I hardly remember the combination, and people followed you when you stand in the front.

I bought myself a cup of ice-crema on the way home, why there is Gelato everywhere but not normal ice-cream shops? Seriously!! i like gelato, but I want to have normal ice-cream too. Give me back ice-cream.

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the tiredness day
Saturday. 6.18.05 11:06 pm
I woke up because I want to pee, but I was too tired to move, so I lay on bed until 10 am, and go to toilet. O///O

I realised that I have ballet at 12:45pm, so I wondered do I have enough time to perpare, as it was 12 pm. I didn't think for long time, went for a quick shower, then see how much time left. I took 15 mins shower, and I got half hour left, so I run to bus stop, as I had no time to walk.

I did good bar work, but not centre work, and pirouette. Perhaps I affected by the lavender essense I used last night, as it lower blood pressure and made me felt tired, and my piruette didn't hold well either.

I went to Glebe market after class, and visited a glass shop, which sell antique wine glasses, cups, and some other glass goods. I saw a set of wine glasses, contained 6 glasses, and each in different colours. I think they are pretty and I saw some similar in some other place, but they are too expensive for me. So, I walked along Gergous Street to Town Hall, and looking for beautiful sale glasses in the Basement of QVB. I saw a pair of Royal Albert glasses on sale, was originally $100 and now $30. I had a look at Myer too, but theose brands are too expensive, so I went back to Basement and bought the glasses.

So, I walked back home, and felt tired when I was in Broadway (Town Hall > Central > Broadway >Townhall), I wanted to take bus as I had lots of exercise today. However, I don't want to spend $1.6 for 5 minutes bus, so I walked.

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Not in mood
Friday. 6.17.05 11:59 pm
I got my transcript from student service today. Oh, they gave me 66 instead of my counting 68. The overall mark was 65 till last semester, so I added up the mark of this semester and divided by 2, and got 68. Alas!!

I went to IDP to see the adverier from Macquire University, she said I don't have enough marks for international communication, and adviced me to changed to media and cultural studies. So who said Macquire required lower than UTS, and now I couldn't get into the course that I want. Anyway, Macquire is not my first choice, I am waiting for RMIT or UNISA.

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