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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
Gender. Female
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Location Seattle, WA
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what has the world come to?
Saturday. 2.7.04 3:53 pm
I had two new experiences today. The first happened this morning when I attended my first caucus. My candidate did not get enough initial votes so I had to change my vote to one of the front runners. Our precinct gave 2 delagates to Kerry, 2 to Dean, and 1 to Kucinich. I was an interesting foray into politics. About 50 people from our precinct showed up this morning. Apparently only 4 came last primary.

The other new experience I had today was that I was robbed. I was headed to the grocery store this afternoon and noticed that my car door was not locked. When I opened the door, I saw that my glove box was open. Upon futher inspection, all my CDs as was all the parking meter change in my center console were stolen. They even took a NetDocs vest I had in the back seat. Now who would want to steal that? Mike noticed that the garage door opener was gone. When we went to the back alley, we saw that the garage was open. They stole Mike's bike and circular saw. It appears that they unplugged the power to the garage so that the light would turn off while they were stealing our stuff.

The female cop who came over to talk to us was very nice. She said that it is getting common for car prowlers to have keyless remotes for most cars. Since there was no sign of damage to my car and my alarm didn't go off it was likely they had a key of some sort. Mother fucker! That really pisses me off. It's not like we live in a terribly urban part of town. This is second time too. The first time it happened, Mike's car was broken into. I thought maybe I left the door unloked or something. Guess not. Did I mention that this really pisses me off?

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the agony of defeat
Sunday. 1.4.04 3:15 pm
Packers win in OT by intercepting a pass and running it back for a touchdown. Seahawks continue their 19 year streak of not winning a playoff game.

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seahawks in the playoffs
Sunday. 1.4.04 12:22 pm
I am sitting on my couch watching the Seahawks play the Greenbay Packers and they are doing pretty well. They totally owned the 3rd quarter scoring 14 unanswered points. Greenbay is having a good drive though which is not good. I think they are in the red zone which is where Bret Favre is so dangerous. Speaking of Bret it is very hard to cheer against him since he is such a great guy and football player (plus rather hot). Our defense is holding them for now. Damnit, they got a first down so they have 3 more chances to get the one yard they need to score and tie the game. Crap, they scored a touchdown. Tie game with 10:01 remaining in the 4th quarter. The winner goes on the play the Eagles in Philly. Go Seahawks!

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Friday. 1.2.04 11:22 am
Mom is on her way home. We had to get up at 5:30 AM to take her to the airport. Yawn! I'm am so glad to have my house back. Now, I just have to get rid of the smoke smell.

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a very cajun new year
Thursday. 1.1.04 10:13 pm
I decided to go for a canjun new year dinner instead of the traditional ham and black eyed peas. I made some chicken and sausage gumbo and spicy canjun shrimp. Mom made some corn bread from scratch that didn't turn out very well. The gumbo and shrimp on the other hand were awesome! We even listened to some Zydeco music while we ate. Yummy food and fun music make me a very happy girl.

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snow in seattle
Wednesday. 12.31.03 10:38 pm
I can't believe it was snowing last night in Seattle. Here is a picture of my backyard last night around 11:00 PM.

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