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Age. 36
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White Girl (Italian Ancestries)
Location Lexington, KY
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Hello, My name is Fabulous.
I am:
A Gemini
A Libertarian
4.0 Student

My life is made enjoyable by:
Art in all forms
Little Peices of Me

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This weekend
Monday. 5.3.10 9:41 am
Well I'm going to post about the party later so with the exception of his birthday party the weekend can be summed up with this picture:

We're about to go assess the damage in our building, wish me luck.

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Macho Macho Man
Thursday. 4.29.10 12:59 pm

My little Miles is a maaachoo man!

We had to go to the doctor for his 1 month check up and he's been having this weird skin rash/thing so they had to draw blood. I can't imagine having to draw a baby/toddler's blood but apparently Miles is the best they've ever had. He didn't cry when they wrapped the rubber thing around his arm and they had to do it on each arm at least 2 or 3 times bc they were having trouble finding his vein. Then when they stuck it in the first time, no tears! They dug it around for a minute too trying to hit the vein before he started whimpering and slightly crying but when they put it in the other arm he didn't cry until it had to be dug around too but once they hit the vein he sat there and just chilled. I was amazed to say the least. He cried a little on his first shot, pretty hard on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th but as soon as I picked him up he gave me abig hug and quit crying. He's been in a good mood ever since! I can't believe what a tough guy he is! I have seen adults handle 1 shot or blood drawing much worse then he did all of it. He's also still a tiny little thing, he's a little above average height at 30in and waaaaaaaay below avg weight at 18lbs 14oz lol. But he's healthy, he's just built small like he always has been.

My mom is like an hour away at this point, I'm soooo excited!! We're going to meet in Lexington to do a little shopping and order his birthday cake and then she's going to follow me to the house. I haven't seen my mom in months and words cannot even touch on how happy I am that she's in KY. It's probably going to storm out his birthday party which is supposed to be in the park so I'm thinking maybe we'll have chick-fil-a as a backup plan. How white trash are we? A John Deere party at a fast food resturaunt.... Hey at least it isn't McDonalds.

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Just a blog
Tuesday. 4.27.10 5:36 pm
In 2 days my baby will be a year old....unfortunately something else happens in 2 days... Shots. Ugh, I hate shots. I think it's just as hard on me as it Miles, if not more so. I can't watch and it takes everything I have not to punch that evil nurse in her face even though I know she's just doing her job. It's just reflex when someone stabs your child in the leg at least 3 times and he's screaming his adorable little head off. Poor guy. Plus I'm always scared that he's going to have a reaction every time he has to get them, and he's older now so he's going to be more aware. I won't be able to hold him down, if we have to hold him down I won't even be able to be in the room so good luck with that one Marc.

Fortunately something else happens in 2 days..MY MOMMA GETS HERE!! YAY YAY YAY!! I love my momma so much, she's my best friend and my rock. She has her moments and we disagree on some things but at the end of the day I'm always so glad to have her as a mom. Plus seeing his Lala should snap Miles out of any "OMFG You let her stab me!" mood he may have going on.

I also interviewed for a position taking care of a little 5 month old boy. I really hope I get the job, he is so cute and sweet and funny and I think it would be good for Miles to be exposed to another baby on a regular basis. The mom was really nice too and she seemed really smart and laidback but in a not gonna take any crap kind of way. I like to fancy myself to be like that too so that's probably why I liked her lol.

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Friday. 4.23.10 10:58 am
Blah Blah Flippity Blah.

I have so much stress on my shoulders right now and I LOATHE the feeling it brings with every ounce of my being. It's like someone is standing on my chest when I breath and like I've had 5 pots of coffee..and I'm just finishing my second cup for the day at 3:27. I wish I was good at showing emotions... it's a nasty cycle because I've held it all in so long thar if I even try to talk about it I feel like 'm gonna start tearing up and I HATE to cry in front of people so I just don't talk about it with anyone making feel worse and so on and so on. IDK, maybe I'm just about to start my period. I think I have PMDD because a few days before my period I become engulfed in hystreonics and cry over anythign and everything nad then get angry as hell and it's just a mess. Or it could just be my anxiety disorder flaring up.. I'm kind of tranquilized right now and when I get all doped up I can look at it like "Well I have this issue, and I have all this stress and I'm probably about to start my period, blah blah blah" but it still doesn't help much when I actually have stressful stuff I still have to deal with. It just sort of seperates me from my anxiety feels and makes me care less. Yet again though that's not a great thing when I have things I need to be caring about. Ugh. I am so ready for vacation..and HOLY FUCK SIMON!! He just clawed the every living crap out of me trying to climb in my lap. You weigh 60lbs and your like an inch off the ground you dumb ass dog you can't climb onto my lap.

And on that note I'm out. I think I need to put the dogs out lol.

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Friday. 4.23.10 10:58 am
Yay for Friday! We ordered Miles birthday party stuff finally, isn't it cute? (http://images.celebrateexpress.com/mgen/merchandiser/43971.jpg)

I also got him the most adorable swim set ever yesterday on clearance! Whoot! It's so cute, I only got the trunks and swim shirt but you can see it HERE.

I had so much fun with my bff yesterday, it was a nice change of pace for me. My other bff is coming over for a bit tonight so it's gonna be crazy for me... I feel like a popular girl lol.

Also, OMG I am watching the funniest episode of My Name is Earl ever. Betty White is a psychopath that everyone thought was a witch..it's so funny thatsd all I can say in case anyone decides to watch it.

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Wednesday. 4.21.10 4:32 pm

I feel:
Worn Down
Stressed, yes I know I put it twice.

Does anyone know any get rich quick schemes that actually work? I don't need to get rich, I just need to come up with $250 -$300.


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