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Jarawa The Tribes
Sunday. 4.19.09 6:36 pm
I drove back with four pages of wikipedia yesterday.

It was my English lesson again and we talked about Jarawa this time. Let's go through it, 'Who the Jarawa are?'

'The Jarawa are a tribe of 200-300 people, and they live on the Indian Ocean. They look very different from their Indian neighbours. Most probably, their closest relatives are African. No one outside the tribe really speaks their language, and so no much is known about them.' - According to a book.

But we do know how the Jarawa live. They are nomadic people, moving from place to place to find food. They hunt small animals and fish, they find berries, honey, and they are self-sufficient - they do everything themselves.

As far as I know, there are some other tribes who are still living on this earth. Basically, there are actually the same as us, they are a human. But why are they living in a defferent life from us?

Here came an interesting question - Why are the Jarawa never have glasses? And my humorous friends in the class said: 'Because they never have a TV set and they never read book. They live in the jungle all the time and so the green plants could help. They aren't shortsighted but they has bright eyes.'

Such answer may put in a sense of humour but she'd got her point. The people wanted to bring a normal live to them as we live in today. The people tried to put a TV set in their house. Um... sorry, they don't have a house. So TV sets were given to tribes. But since then, speacial TV programmes haven't devoloped for the people in the tribes. They never saw a television before in their entire life. When it came to their real life, it seemed that they couldn't adapt to the new life that the people had given to them.

For example, they saw a tiger was running in the TV, they felt afraid and ran away. From over a group of 50 sitting in front of the TV set to an empty place with nobody. Because they thought the tiger was running out and jumping to catch them. I know this was amusing but this was the real them. The people tried to send books, stationery and school uniforms, too, to give them study. However, they couldn't reach it. You know what, their father lived there; their grandfather lived there; their forefather lived there from the last decade as well. So how could it just change in a few months?

In somewhere, I can't remember where, there are 6 tribes - tribes who are living in the boat, tribes who are living up the tree, tribes who are living in the cave, and others I can't remember. I have a bad memory, I admit. So our teacher told us, those who are living in the boat will only like to stay in the boat, and they are undressed. They don't like to dress. They like to be naked.

If they want to go out to the grocery, they will only pick up their shirt on put it on as well as their pants. They bring some fruits in the boat and go in the shop and take their food in the shop and go out. When they reach their boat, they put off the shirt and pants, to be naked again. I don't know how do they do that, I mean to buy things in the grocery. Perhaps they exchange their fruits with the grocer's food?

One question, how could you feel if you were told to live in a different place like the tribes? I know you'd certainly say, 'No way! I'd certainly try many ways to commit suicide because tribes' life is an underworld.'

Indeed, who'd like to live in an underworld like where the tribes live in? No one would Yes to me. Seriously, the tribes don't dress, perhaps just cover with some leaves in front and behind of them, they have long, dark, smelly, curly hair, they have yellowish, sharp teeth, they have very long and dirty nails, they eat food that contains millions of bacteria, they drink polluted river's water, they fight for food, they have to suffer hunger sometimes, they have secret diseases, they have worms in their stomach, they don't bath, they may sleep on wet ground after raining and jungle trees as their blanket, they don't read book, they speak their own language which we can't understand it, they defecate every where, they don't use toilet roll, perhaps they don't clean. They're afraid of people as well.

OR vice versa?

In a word, they're a real pity because they live in such a suffer life. The people had tried to move them out but it's hard and it's not that easy to do it since their forefather had lived in such an unbelievable situation for over a hundred years. Why don't you stop sighing and start thinking about you're much better than them and let your life goes whatever it is.

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Departure: Recharged
Sunday. 4.19.09 3:29 pm
Have been listening to his latest albumd lately.
I like this version's cover! The pose, the colour, the design.

And of course the songs.

Departure re-released on April 7, 2009, featuring 5 brand new tracks, called,

Departure: Recharged
Oxygen | Crash & Burn | Body Language | In My Veins
{Wooo! Let's shake our body!}

Honestly, you'd like the songs more and more if you listen to them more and more.
His musical style's something like Pop+R&B
So they just agree with me :)

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So Hot
Friday. 4.17.09 8:32 pm
Hah! Guess what's so hot?
It's the weather actually.
God! It's been hot day this week.
Cold bath I've taken for times.
Fast fans I've opened all the time.
Curtains and windows I've opened until next morning - never close, in fact.
Cold drinks I've had.
I just left ice cream for my dessert.
OR you put ice inside my clothes, so that I could feel better.
I cover with sweat although I've taken the cold bath.
I think it's the time for my dad to install an air-conditioner in my house.
I'm hot, I'm hot! I'm super hot!
Ops, it sounds like a hot guy basking on a beach :D

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Being A Fake American
Tuesday. 4.14.09 3:47 pm
I'm a fake American today!
What was the feeling of being a fake American?
Only one word!

I unexpected that being a fake American could bring so much fun to me and my friends.
Being a fake American is a pleasure.
It was good to see everybody's speaking English in my class.
Some could speak and some couldn't speak well, but they insisted to speak English.
Of course, we burst into laughter when they spoke in broken English.

I pretended to be an American today.
So I couldn't understand Chinese.
I couldn't speak in Chinese.
I couldn't understand my friends unless they spoke in English.
And so my friend called me Banana Ng!


Hi! Nice to meet you!
I'm Kevin.
I'm a new student, just came back from America.
What's your name?
Oh hi ...
How many years have you been studying in this school?
5 years. Oh..


They actually wanted to ask me for something.
But I pretended I didn't understand Chinese.
... 'Sorry, I can't understand Chinese, can you speak in English?'

And then they looked at me and started to laughed.
... ... 'Hahahaha!'
They kept looking at me with their cutest smile in the world.

So I asked, 'What's so funny, man?'
... ... ... 'Hahahahahahahaha!'
They laughed again!
Forgot about their questions.


Being a fake American, in fact, a banana, can actually improve our English speaking.
I think it's a good idea to improve myself.
Trying to be an American, (you know what I mean) what's wrong?

We spoke, we laughed, we had fun.
Because we spoke English :)

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What Day Is Today
Saturday. 4.11.09 10:11 pm
Today was a school day, it was a replacement of Hari Raya school day. At school was so boring!!! Only 13 in 37 attended to school today. I mean, in our class. Haha! Teachers were just went through the text books hastily since many of us were not in the class and we had so much fun!

In the last two periods - it was Science. In the first hour, we were all tired and didn't seem to listen to her. Her teaching was boring, we were boring and when I raised up my head, scanned the class, everyone didn't seem to listen her, some were looking at her, falling their mouth opened; some were yawning, wanted to fall asleep; some were already put their head on the table, almost assumed she was not exist. Rofl! The scene was really funny, no body was listen to her! Haha!!!

So the next hour, was our very hour. The game was started! Disturbing is a real fun thing to do once you wake up from the laziness. 'Haha! Here I come, friends!'.

In fact, I'd tuition at ELC (Erican Language Centre) at 2pm but I finished my school at 1.50pm. Doubtless, I was late this week - for an hour. I called my brother to go and stop the bus so that I could take the bus at two. So at first I didn't expect it would rain in the afternoon because it was sunny in the morning. Because it rained, all the cars drove inside my school and then jammed. I thought I could be there on time but our car was stucked, we could neither step on the gas nor reverse. At that emergency, I'd no idea, I'd to say, 'Uncle, can you get out from here? I'm in a hurry.'. Oh man, how embarressed I was in the car but what could I do at that moment?

'When I arrived there, I could see the bus conductor's impatient face, looking around where I was. This was so embarrassed. And the my brother was waiting opposite the bus. Just when I got out from my friend's car, I passed my text books to my brother, took my meal and straightly rush up the bus, and said, 'Sorry... Thank you!', then she smiled - the bus conductor.

So I had my meal on the bus, only 5 people were on the bus at first, and then more and more passengers came on. While I was having my meal, I looked at my watch every five minutes. When would I reach there? So worried. I got there at three, which was one hour later.

To conclude, it was a real hard decision to make when I was in the car just now. This was my first time ever got into this situation! Oh my god!

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Monday. 4.6.09 4:53 pm
Tomb Sweeping Day, it's in the first week in April as well, just a few days after April Fools' Day. Well, I'm not going to talk about my day in the graveyard, but I'm going to say something strange. So it depends if you want to believe.

OK, on that afternoon, the forth day of April, I was listening to radio, just woke up from a nap, in fact. So there were two DJs, talking something about spirit. I was so interested in that kinds of stuffs, although I was afraid of them, honestly :)

I don't know she is a male OR a female, so just call it she. An audience called the DJs and told them/us her story. The story began. One night, both she and her friend was driving home. All of a sudden, a gang of thugs came with their motorcycles and surrounded their car, stopped them, trying to pull them out of the car. May be they wanted to rob them, I guessed. The thugs opened their doors and hit them by a hammer OR an axe OR something. In such an emergency, strangely, they successfully escaped from the gang of thugs.

Therefore, they told their families about that incident when they were home. Did you know what they told their parents? One of the friends said, I heard someone whispering, 'close up the door... close up the door...' and the other said, I heard a slow, down voice, calling me, 'start the car... start the car...' So this was how they could ran away from the thugs. And her mother said, it might be your dad who was just passed away a few months ago...

I buy them, although it was kind of strange and hard to believe. But let me think, there must be some other things that hanging in this strange, enormous world. I used to wonder if 'they' were really staying with us after death, because it has no sciencetific evidence and it's hard to believe. But now, I think it's real. I don't know, may be I won't believe in it tomorrow. That's full of contradict...

I borrowed a book from my library at school. It's related to ghost story. It has a question behind the book stated - WHAT ARE GHOSTS?

And here are some opinions from the readers.

'I think that ghosts are the lost souls of dead people. For some reason they can't leave this world to go to heaven or hell.'


'I think that ghosts are the thoughts of dying people, or people in danger of dying. They send pictures of themselves into the minds of their friends and people in their family.'


'I don't believe in ghosts.'


'I think that ghosts show that there is life after death.'


'When terrible things happen in a house, people often see ghosts there later. I think it's because the house 'records' what happens like a video camera. Sensitive people who visit the house later can see those recordings as ghosts.'

LOL... They are so right! Don't you think?

For me, I think Ghosts are just like the invisible men which I can't see, touch and smell, but they see me and may be they are making a fool at me.

What do you think about it?

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