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I'd like to think I am very mature.
Tuesday. 4.6.10 12:55 pm
I chose to attend the college that is best for my major and leave my relationship behind. How is that not mature in any way?

He told me at the beginning of our relationship that if I didn't go to the college he went to that there was no point in continuing the relationship. Worst ultimatum ever.

He asked me to walk around and talk last night. It basically was him making me feel bad for not choosing to go to his school. He asked why I broke it off, I told him because I am going to the college that is best for me. He asked what was so great about my college (note, the college I am attending is #1 in the nation for my major), I told him I am going to be paying 20 grand a year for my education, not the place I'd like to be in.

I am just so frustrated. I am younger, but at no point was I being immature.

It's funny. We're still really connected. At one point he showed me something he pulled out of his pocket, I took it and put it in my pocket. He said to me, "Oh, stealin' my stuff now?" and I replied, "It's okay, not like I haven't stolen other things." He said he thought of something but didn't want to sound like a jerk. I had also thought of something but didn't want to sound like a bitch. We said what we thought on three.


Me: "Stole your heart."
Him: "Stole my heart."


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Bad grammar is a peeve of mine, too.
Monday. 3.15.10 7:05 pm
I was just on this girl's Facebook profile who goes to my school, and this is something she had in her "About Me" section.

"Hates- Bad grammer & applesuace"

Yeah. You must really hate bad "grammer" to have spelled BOTH GRAMMAR AND APPLESAUCE WRONG.



Just found this on textsfromlastnight.

I just saw "i'm bigger then that" as her facebook status. Would it be better to make a fat joke or correct her grammar?"


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Wednesday. 3.10.10 9:46 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Where the Wild Things Are.
Monday. 3.8.10 11:10 am
So, I just watched "Where the Wild Things Are" for the first time yesterday.

Great movie. I cried. But sad and unsatisfying ending.

I mean, seriously. I wanted to know what happened to the Wild Things after Max left. I wanted him to stay with them. I AT LEAST WANTED CAROL TO HUG MAX GOODBYE. But no, just a bunch of howling. No that it wasn't significant. But, as I already stated, unsatisfying, imo.

BUT! I really like how the director (or whoever was responsible) incorporated each Wild Thing so well. Carol represented Max. KW represented Max's sister. And the giant dog walking around the desert? Awesome.

I haven't blogged in a while so I wanted to talk about this. Enjoy your day!

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Monday. 3.1.10 9:25 pm
I am peeved right now.
And I can't tell you why.

BUT! I can tell you that I am reserving my spot at USC tonight!

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Breakups are never easy.
Wednesday. 2.17.10 8:52 pm
I didn't deserve him?
He didn't deserve me?
We didn't deserve each other?

I loved him. He loved me. We were a roller coaster with more ups than downs.
But we are going to different colleges, and we are too young to have such a long distance relationship.

I didn't want to hurt him. He didn't want to hurt me.
But I did hurt him. Right before our anniversary. Right before his birthday. And right after Valentine's day.

I still gave him a birthday gift. A well thought-out one, at that. And I know he liked it. And I know it hurt him. And I know it hurt me.

"My heart is telling me to get back together, but my mind is telling me it's not a good idea."

Me, too.

I wish I didn't have so much time to think. Or that I didn't over-think so much at all. I'm just praying that we will stay friends.

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