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world's fastest electric car
Sunday. 7.1.07 10:46 am
here's a link to tesla cars http://www.teslamotors.com/index.php - the world's fastest electric car

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The Most Amazing Dance I Have Ever Seen
Wednesday. 6.27.07 10:46 am

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An interesting quote to ponder upon
Sunday. 6.24.07 9:51 pm
"There are more microbes per person than the entire population of the world. Imagine that. Per person. This means that if the time scale is diminished in proportion to that of space it would be quite possible for the whole story of Greece and Rome to be played out between farts." - Alan Bennett (1934- ), British dramatist and actor

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Allrespect.com - What you need to know about your bands
Saturday. 6.23.07 8:04 pm
The first thing I realized when I got to Allrepsect.com was... Well... THE NUMBER OF BANDS I USED TO LISTEN TO THAT I ALMOST FORGOT... I started looking and adding, getting nostalgic with some songs. I had to go through my entire music playlist to look for songs and listen to them again. In a way, Allrespect got me back to my one of my base passion, music.

Music does have its essential role in our lives. For instance, it does align our moods, helps us determine if we're supposed to laugh or be scared in a movie, and saves us from boredom. For those who have known how to play music in their heads on demand, this saves you from long boring lectures... Kudos to allrespect.

You may check out my choices at hmdaswani.allrespect.com

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Trippy Stuff....
Thursday. 6.21.07 7:00 am

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A little thought along the way
Friday. 6.1.07 11:13 am
All religions are practically the same in its core. it has just been localized. Remember that religions also used to be the book of law, medicine, ethics, and prayers. In short, it was their academic subject those days. Just as rivers, oceans, and lakes might be different, they are all water all along...

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Nostalgic Moments
Monday. 5.28.07 3:42 am
I remembered going to a zoo during my visit in India. I was 7 and it was hot. During our visit to the zoo, an elephant went crazy with riders (tourists) on top. The elephant pushed and toppled a giraffe (imagine the center of gravity of a giraffe).

I also remembered staring down from the edge of a 20 storey building without handrails. That's when I was 15.

I HAD TO dance the YMCA on my first year in college during the School of Management week. I was with 4 other guys and I stood out as I can't dance. It was also an open area so other people and students saw us. That was amusing to others. I crashed my dad's car and the repair cost is 1/3 the price of the same car brand new. It was insured anyway.

During the second year. I played the terrorist in a school comedy play. People found me hilarious.

During my fourth year I sank a golf cart on wet soil. And I was a main character in a play where I was topless throughout.

Those were the days.

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Something to think about
Sunday. 5.20.07 3:55 am
Would it be moral to profit from selling religious artifacts/items if it was really/officially blessed by its religious figure? Example, if you sell paintings of God and make a living out of it (say, a calendar printer), could you be considered blasphemous?

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The Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity
During the nocturnal hours of earthlings, with people either in moonlit vocations, alcohol cravings, or travelling through dreams, thoughts from an insomniac (like me) would be inputted in computers like these (quite an amusing little contraption) to try to twist little humanoid minds...

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