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Its that time again...
Saturday. 6.5.04 2:35 pm
Dean's Famous Mock Draft of Credibility:

1. Orlando -Emeka Okafor
2. LA Clippers -Dwight Howard
3. Chicago-Luol Deng
4. Charlotte -Josh Childress
5. Washington-Martynas Andriuskevicius
6. Atlanta-Ben Gordon
7. Phoenix -Devin Harris
8. Toronto -Shaun Livingston
9. Philadelphia -Jameer Nelson
10. Cleveland-Sebastian Telfair
11. Golden State -Andris Biedrins
12. Seattle -Pavel Podkolzine
13. Portland -Andre Iguodala
14. Utah -Josh Smith
15. Boston -Kris Humphries
16. Utah -Sergei Monya
17. Atlanta -Luke Jackson
18. New Orleans -J.R. Smith
19. Miami -LaMarcus Aldridge
20. Denver-Dorell Wright
21. Utah -Anderson Varej√£o
22. New Jersey -Kirk Snyder
23. Portland-Rafael Araujo
24. Boston -Robert Swift
25. Boston -Sasha Vujacic
26. Sacramento -Peja Samardziski
27. LA Lakers -Arthur Johnson
28. San Antonio -Ryan Gomes
29. *Minnesota Minnesota's forfeits first-rounder in 2004
30. Indiana -Al Jefferson

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You're Hired/ NBA Playoffs
Friday. 4.16.04 5:01 pm
Last Night was the season finale of the Apprentice. The episode was really good. As you know, Bill was hired over Kwame. Everyone would agree with me on this. The reason Kwame lost was because of Omarosa. She is so hateable. She lied to him twice, (She said that associate didn't call her at Marc Anthony Restaurant when in fact she did, and that she called back but the associates didn't return calls. Also,...here's an excerpt from the official website, "However, when Trump arrived at the ballroom, Jessica was gone - and no one knew where she was. Omarosa had left with Jessica without telling anyone. Kwame said that Jessica was at the stage. Donald was a good sport and went to the stage. They looked around, but no Jessica. That's because Omarosa and Jessica had gone back to Jessica's suite. Kwame tried in vain to get a hold of Omarosa, but she wasn't answering her walkie-talkie or her beeper. Donald was tired of running around, but he was even more tired of Kwame not knowing where Jessica was. In an interview, Kwame said, "This is the first time I thought I could be fired.""
After Bill got hired , there was a live studio audience. All of the rejects were there. Donald asked Omarosa why she had lied to Kwame twice and cost him the apprentice job. She digressed and said "Why did you hire me,fire me, rehire me, and then refire me with her signature effed up smile. Trump's like blah blah and then went on.
Next, Bill had a chance to either be the boss of a Chicago skyscraper or a L.A. golf course. He chose the Chi-town building because it is by his hometown and college.

The NBA PLAYOFFS are here.

Analysis: Celtics are a one-man team (Pierce). While the Pacers have the NBA's best record, with Jermaine O Neal, Ron Artest, Reggie, etc. PACERS in 5.

Analysis:I gotta stick to my team Hornets. However, I am very scared of the Heat. They are an astonishing 17-4 after the ASB. They started off 0-7 and now they are number 4. Sucks that the Hornets will not have Jamal Mashburn or Courtney Alexander for the rest of the playoffs. But, Baron Davis and Jamaal Magliore are too strong. HORNETS in 6

What a dream matchup. Fight for the metropolitan area kings. The Nets are extraodinary team chemistry. This series is very hard to predict. The revamped Knicks under Lenny Wilkins, with Marbury, Thomas, Baker, etc will be hard to beat. NETS in 7.

Pistons have the best defense in the league. They held the Pacers to friggin 61 points. The Bucks are struggling mightily. They shot themselves in the foot during last game of season by losing to Raptors by 2. They could've gotten home court vs. Heat, but then my Hornets would've had to face the Pistons. No-brainer. PISTONS in 6

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o dang
Tuesday. 2.3.04 9:20 pm
mood: pissed, o crap, dang, im so pissed

panthers lost, im so pissed, gimme pps, cuz im fukin pisses as hell, o dang

hornets r sucking o crappin sh!t, they got their asses whooped by 20 to da brooklyn nets, o crap, im so pissed, they used to be so good, now theyre sucking on a losing streak o dang

o dang panthers lost, i cant think a bout it, im so pissed, 3 points...Super Bowl! most watched tv event of year, good season though im very proud

mood: happy, not like overly, but pretty happed up

hornets got 2 all stars this year reppin them up. baron davis and jamaal ma_ _ _ _ __
u dont no who the 2nd person is, if u do comment and tell me, ill give u 1-3 pps.

2nd good note, panthers have couple pro bowlers next week in probowl, cant wait.

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19th day of 2004
50% of my dream has come true.
I have dreamed of all of my favorite teams to make it to the Championship game. The Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets, Colorado Avalanche, Seattle Mariners, and Carolina Panthers. In my lifetime, the Avs and Panthers have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals and the Super Bowl, respectively. I can't wait til the Mariners/Hornets make it. Back to the NFL, I am so damn glad the Panthers made it. I remember how they were 1-15 just 2 seasons ago. Then, they were 7-9 last season. Now they are int he Super Bowl game (The most watched game on television) this year. They do not have the marquee names like the other teams. The Quarterback was virtually a no-namer last season. Now, he is one of the best in the League. They're chemistry is so great, in addition to their persevereance and dedication to obtaining a victory. They were the underdogs the entire playoffs, due to the fact that they are like newbies to the playoffs and lack of experience. They manhandled the respected Dallas Cowboys, they slipped by the offensive juggernaut St. Louis Rams in what may have been the best double overtime playoff game ever. And yesterday, they defensively shut down the Philly Eagles who have made it to the NFC Champ game each of the past three seasons. The Super Bowl is on Feb 1st. I hope all of you watch and root for the Panthers. I will talk about the glory of my favorite football team later.

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I punked Dave
15th day of 2004
mood: punking others
Dave, da creator, of this site, got punked by yours truly this morning. It was snowing like outside,so I had no school. So i got up and like 10:30 , and I was watching television in pajamas (not dressed to go to school). Then he wakes up and comes down and asks what Im doing. I say I have delayed opening because of the weather. Now its was like 10:50, and I said I have school at 11:15 and I missed the bus,s o he has to drive me to my school. Hes like noooo, all frantic and ish. Hes all scared about getting dressed and driving me to school int he crappy weather right after he woke up. So he kept on telling me to go on bus, event hough the bus wouldve been gone. Finally, he gives in, only to find out hes been punked by me. and then I said "Im the best in the game, i know that you hate this.....shave off your moustache, you look like a rapist...I neve rknew you like Cherrios...Shiny, Im in everybodys stereo..."

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What i have done
Wednesday. 12.31.03 9:32 pm
watching: missing in action 3,pirates of caribbean, phone booth etc
listening to: nothing
mood: weird

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