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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. asian
Location Torrance, CA
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oil sykes from bmth

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by randomjunk
Thank you haha. I only changed it because my old one broke and I couldn*t find the picture I used for it again.
by middaymoon
I dig the new profile pic, suits you well

by randomjunk
Nice to know you still visit, middaymoon.
I still exist
by middaymoon
mostly as a lurker

by randomjunk
Good at the moment! How are you?

by AmbyrJayde
how goes it?

by randomjunk
Hi AmbyrJayde

by AmbyrJayde

by LostSoul13
I do, too, RJ

by randomjunk
I love and miss the little community we had here.

by monkeymeister
Someone mentioned livejournal/xanga and i was like “what about nutang”

by undisputed
yes. yes it does.
oh hi
by nik
Oh wow this thing still works?
by PureRidiculous
i came.i blogged. thanks for being there for me in my formative times. I think being formative right......now.
by Helena
I remembered my password AND i*m still on the island!
natural lip injection!
Saturday. 3.10.07 11:21 am
i slept over my friends house last night and i took a shower this morning and ate ceareal. whatever. haha so i tried to wake up my friend because she has to take me to hula practice to teach little kids. so im on the computer and i hear her say..

"ahhhhhhh! my lip got fatter!!"

so im thinking like wtf. how does that happen over night hahaha so she got out of bed and her top lip looks like she got a fat injection in it!!! hahaha now i can't stop laughhinnnggggg!! she has to go to the doctors now and see what it is. at least she still looks pretty even though her lip looks the way it is. its kind of like from that movie fun with dick and jane. when she did the experiment thing and her lips were all big. haha yeah but my friends came by nature.

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caught the hint
Tuesday. 3.6.07 9:38 pm
The matt guy finally caught the hint. He told me oh yeah im going to be different around you now. Well. That part he doesn't understand because i don't really like fake people. Plus i don't want him to change himself around me, thats...soo blehh annywayy.. he's FINALLY giving up. Although, he sends me IMs telling me how are you? then i say ok. and he says bye but doesn't sign off.

Guitar buddiesss!!!

The one with the brown hair. i might go to his house this week and he's gonna show me some of his songs that he can play.. woo!!

the last time i was going to he had a soccer game. ahhh hott soccer boys.. haha

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Is this wrong for me to do this?
Friday. 3.2.07 1:00 am
ok so this guy likes me but i don't like him back. i only like him as a friend. it kinda seems like he's too obsessive. no matter how many times i tell him i just want to be his friend he doesnt get it through his head. i dont like him that way!!!

Matt (9:56:33 PM): i <3333333333333333333333333333 you
Matt (9:56:36 PM): times infinte
Matt (9:56:41 PM): we are doing this soon jordan
Matt (9:56:44 PM): u will see
Matt (9:56:50 PM): love you baby gnite

we're not going to do anything soon. OR maybe even never!! SOOO im getting one of his best friends to act like we like each other so that matt could leave me alone.

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Sunday. 2.25.07 11:03 pm
WARWICK, R.I. — A Roman Catholic elementary school adopted rules this week requiring students to remain silent while eating. The move comes after three recent choking incidents in the cafeteria.

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X JAPAN!! Best japanese band
Saturday. 2.24.07 3:05 pm

THEY'RE A GREAT BAND WHOSE GUITAR PLAYER ALSO DIED. JUST LIKE HOW PANTERA WAS A GOOD BAND AND DIMEBAG DIED.. i think it's sad how bands end that way, especially if they're awesome.

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You kiss like a fish
Saturday. 2.17.07 3:03 am

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