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Blind to the gemstone alone

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location ,
School. Other
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September 2021

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Friday. 1.16.09 7:54 pm
I lost 5 pounds because I was too fat to fit into my chef pants. The day when my pants, coats, and apron arrived at school, which was monday the 12th, the pants were too small for me. I couldn't button it and I was worried. My mom told me to lose weight. It was successful. I haven't been eating a lot lately. I was cooking, but I barely ate. Now it fits fine. This is the only reason I lost weight. I wouldn't lose weight if I was at home. I would be eating and relaxing. I didn't want to buy more pants. That would be a waste.

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Thursday. 1.1.09 2:23 am
Being Asian, I'm not obsessed with rice. It's good when I feel like it, but when I'm bored of it, I dream of Clam Chowders and Mexican food. Right now, I want to eat tons of Garden Burgers and Onion Rings. I can't get enough of it.

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Saturday. 12.27.08 12:27 am
My mum and sis bought up the subject of Tamagotchi, and I missed those times so much! I remember having it. It likes to make beep noises at 7am in the morning. My mum would say, "Take care of your pet!" I said, "Don't bother me. I'm sleeping." She said, "It's hungry and starving. Take care of it." The next morning I was still sleeping. So my mum got annoyed and threw it in the trash and took out the trash. I said, "Where is my Tamagotchi?" She said, "I threw it away because you won't take care of it." lol. That's pretty hilarious. Today. I might consider buying it again. I call it nostalgia. I've always loved it. It's something to cure my boredom. It feels nice to have it. I got all these things to entertain me. Why would I want a Tamagotchi? I have internet, music, books, etc.. I just want to play it and pause when I want.
I'm older now, but I still think like a kid. I went to my old place to help my dad move things to his new place. So I got all my old stuffed animals, sticker book, some picture books and more.

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Kinda bored
Friday. 12.12.08 6:58 pm
I must say I am really bored right now. I don't have anyone to talk to. I don't want to start on my homework yet. Just not in the mood for it.. *sigh*
I told my friend that I'm not going to her house because I'm supposed to be "busy." But the plans changed, so I'm not busy. No sleepover at my dad's today.
I need some thrill. I'm so bored..

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Punisher: War Zone
Friday. 12.11.08 10:51pm
I saw Punisher: War Zone today. My sis got free tickets few days ago. I must say it was really good. Great film, but expect to see brutal violence. Very extreme. But I like the feel. It feels like the 90's era. The soundtrack is also very interesting. I'm gonna go check it out. Not gonna spoil it for people who haven't seen it. I definitely recommend it! It's worth it. I'm the type of person who gets bored at the movies, but this one was not. I guess it's for people who likes action with blood and tons of killing..

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Does it?
Monday. 12.8.08 7:27 pm
Does it make me a stalker for wanting to see someone's facebook/myspace?

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Equal Ways

So the circle cannot fade
It turns in endless ways
It turns its endless days

So this window offers views
Of endless loves and fears
Of endless moves and stance

We turn in rest and dance
Scoff at our arises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I will never stop wonder

They walk in flowers
They walk in shorts
They win the nothings
They win awards

It makes no essence to me
I walk the flowers
I win the nothings
So this circle cannot fail

It turns its endless ways
It turns its endless days

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

We turn in equal days
So let's live in equal ways
We turn in equal ways
So let's live in equal days

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