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Age. 34
Gender. Male
Location Essex, United Kingdom
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adamus.nutang update
Tuesday. 6.12.07 4:44 pm

I've updated my blog a little. Had to take a crash course in scripting to fix some html codes but that's whatcha gotta do, right?

As you can see, my layout's changed. I grabbed a pre-made one and edited it somewhat in order to get it to actually fit on my screen instead of the length the previous one was which seemed to go to thr right for quite some time before I reached the end.

I've added a little "linkage" section (see bottom right!) which I'll be adding my community goings-ons in there, and I'll also be accepting requests from fellow bloggers from whatever blogtown you come from. This week's all about the link exchange and building a little network! No point blogging if no-ones to read it, right?

If you check out my deviantART account, you can see that I'm into drawing my original cartoons; Kadtoons. Cleverly made from a combination of my screenname "Kadrean" and the word "cartoons". How original! ^_~

Another note is that if you were to check out my old blog you can see the posts I left about what I found makes some cash on the old 'net without spending any money. I'll probably post an extensive list up here of all the possiblities, but it might just look like everyone else's "how I make $$$ online!" post, so maybe I won't.

I'll see ^_^

Finally, a small advert for me. Shameless advertising coming up! (ripped from my MySpace bulletin board):

"As of Monday the 2nd of July I will be teaching total beginner to intermediate electric guitar (i.e debut to grade 5) during three days of the working week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) between 12pm and 5pm.

I am able to work directly from grade books if you require it, and these will be available on request.

Each lesson will be one hour long, alternating between performance techniques and theory lessons, as well as guitar maintenance (changing strings, cleanliness of your guitar, etc).

My charge will be £17.50 p/h and you must be able to get to my place in Stansted easily, so it'd be handy if you lived in the Hertfordshire/Essex area due to the convenience of trains/buses.

You won't be required to bring any equipment (guitar, leads, picks or an amp) as I have spare equipment you will be able to use.

If you are, or know anyone who would be interested please leave a comment, message or e-mail me directly and I'll get back to you with more specific details as well as my home phone number in case you want to call me to know more.

An additional note to the worldwide readers... please don't ask for

- "E-mail lessons" with video instead of live one to one.
- "Live one to one via MSN/other IM program" lessons
- "Post me a DVD" lessons
- "Get yourself a webpage and post your lessons on there for free" e-mails/letters
- "Your phone number anyway"

Or anything along those lines because I've been asked that before and it just don't work! o.O" I *could* do the webpage, and have tried to, but it's better all round if you were taught face-to-face, otherwise if you get confused about something you won't find an easy way of getting out of a tangent without asked someone with more experience.

I'll check back tomorrow with some more of my happenings.

Back to college on Thursday! Woopee(!) ¬_¬"

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Party photos
Tuesday. 6.12.07 6:26 am

Here's three of the party photos that i've edited a tad to spice them up a little.

More to come, once I've got permission from the guys in the photos!

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