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I'm turning 21?!
Friday. 6.3.11 11:29 pm
I am so very sleepy right now. Just came home from Central Park; they're doing a summer French film festival with the theme of "Summer Vacation". After being there for an hour, neither my friend nor I knew what the plot was or if there was one and it was growing colder with the wind getting stronger. We packed up our snacks and tablecloth off the grass and left! We got on the train and went our separate ways. Journey over? Not. I waited...and waited...watched three trains pass without stopping before one finally opened its doors. Once home, I shoved the urge to pass out to the back of my mind and set out to write this. Why? Because I can't sleep yet. I have to take care of my dog who has been shut up in the apartment all by his lonesome today. I thought, "I can sleep at 12am or a little later. I can still get eight to ten hours of sleep since I don't have dance class until 2pm." Then it hit me...


0.0 What? So fast? Oh great dark blue skies and calm heaven, I am turning 21 tomorrow. Holy white lilies, red tulips, and yellow daisies. Oh my, oh my.

I've had one heck of a day: getting out of bed at 1pm, running errands for my out of town mother, grabbing a quick lunch while letting my dog run around, going to teach, talking to the school programs director about my students' graduation, buying snacks, trying to make it to Central Park...it completely slipped my mind that it's my birthday tomorrow.

That has never happened before.

But there's a first time for everything, isn't there? =) Isn't that one of the great things about life? As long as you're alive, anything can happen. Even the things you dreamed would never happen. Or rather, you can dream that anything you'd never dare to dream could actually happen.

There, that's quite positive, isn't it? A good place to end this entry.

Good night all!

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Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaa
Thursday. 5.26.11 12:53 pm
^ that was me imagining the various amphibians, etc. during Sebastian's "Kiss the Girl", aka. The Little Mermaid

Anyone know RedBox? It's this movie rental service that costs a $1 a night with kiosks in convenience stores. All you have to do is go to your neighborhood Walgreens or whatever, rent a DVD, pay by card, and it's a $1 for every night you keep it. But once you have it over 25 days then you get to keep it. Of course they'll charge you for the 25 days but thereafter it's yours to keep.

ANYHOO, they had this promotion where for abt 6 days you text them and they'll give you a discount code for various discounts. I did in just once on the last day (yesterday) and got...a free movie! Lucky me!

Now my dilemma is:


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Okay, back to the Note to Self/Self-Reflection Entry
Sunday. 5.15.11 3:47 pm
Again, I am deliberately distracting myself because I don't want to work.

# Whenever I heard/read this ^ from someone, I never really understood it. Until now. =P #

I'm afraid I'm a Writer.

# You can only understand the above using the context provided/explained in the article I had linked to. #

The beginning to that piece is very much focused on the author's reaction to a Writer's writing and distinguishes between writer and Writer. It is the later part of the article that I found much more interesting because it answers a question I always had but never completely understood or knew how to articulate.

That question was: What is 'happily ever after'? All the Disney princess movies and the stories that started with "A long long time ago..." ended with "And they all lived happily ever after." I never really understood what that meant. To me, the ending seemed boring. So I guess that's why I never really understood the meaning of life. To go through all that just to end up with a monotonous 'happily ever after'? I think not!

Unbeknownst to myself, connected to that question is another: Should I follow the Asian ways or do what I want to do like American way says to?

I found this line to be particularly fascinating:

** Not done. I just have to close my browser window so I'll be back to finish it when I can. I recommend reading the article even if you're not Asian. I also recommend finishing the article instead of stopping somewhere along the way. **

Have a good evening.

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Friday. 5.13.11 1:51 am
"Where are yooooooooooooooou?"

*gnaws and gnaws and gnaws on shirt*

Well, honestly, I don't know if I'm looking anymore.

But then I think about that feeling and I really want it.


Argh, I hate muffins!

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Late at night when all the world is sleeping...
Thursday. 5.12.11 3:09 am
I stay up and think of you~~~

Who? My final projects. This is the last week of class before finals.

As randomjunk knows, I had to do a paper for Abnormal Psychology due tomorrow. Watch a movie, pick a character, write a 4-6 page paper.
I chose a movie, did a lot of searching online, found it, downloaded the software needed to watch it in its entirety (I know, ridiculous but true), calmed my heart down now that I was ready, and let myself get distracted without a care in the world. A little nagging in my heart but I readily dismissed.
Fast forward to four hours later and I finally play the movie past the French beginning only to realize...there shouldn't be a French beginning. In fact, the entire movie should be in English! Ho-ly cow.

But after some more searching, Hallelujah! I found another source in ENGLISH.

Whoo. *wipes non-existent sweat off brow*

On forward to complete my paper!

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Note to Self/Self-Reflection Entry (to be)
Wednesday. 5.11.11 1:45 pm
Note to self: Re-read/ponder self relative to Ask a Korean's recent blog post: http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2011/05/why-you-should-never-listen-to-asian.html

Enter Self-reflection here:

(To be continued)


Feel free to read the post linked to above and comment on it below. =)


On an unrelated note...

Remember how I had made a new blog on Posterous specifically because I liked their Auto-post function that could post to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and Blogger all at once? That was a mistake. Why? Because it led to my posting pictures of myself using the service for convenience while forgetting that Posterous, unlike Blogger, does not give you the option to keep search engines from crawling your page and the images on it. So now, a picture of me pops up when I search my Posterous account in Google images. Biggest mistake of my life. I have never ever been that careless before. I forgot, simple as that. I have already deleted the pictures from the blog and contacted Posterous. Google Help says the images will disappear the next time it crawls the page but who knows when that will be. Google also has an image removal tool but that usually only works if the image has been completely removed from the site. I'm not sure it has which is why I contacted Posterous. No response so far. So kiddos, I thought I wouldn't make such a mistake but I wasn't paranoid enough to stop it from happening. I lost sight of what I had held so dear. I forgot, I assumed. It was a lapse in judgement. If Posterous doesn't get back to me, I'm going to go ahead and use the removal tool myself and see if Google will let me remove it.

Anyone wanna help me? Very much appreciated. =)

Silver-dot- out.

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I like NuTang and I cannot lie.
Friday. 5.6.11 2:29 am
I should be doing my work.
I shall not lie to you all.
I can lie to my real life people
but I cannot lie to you all.

I want you all to know me better than myself.
Although I highly doubt that will happen.

I have to do the entire semester's assignments by tomorrow morning.
(To clarify, it wasn't like I neglected to do all of them)
I also have to do class summaries. Annoying.
(Apparently our class notes aren't enough? >.> Grr...)

Therefore, I must end this here.
Good night.

Good morning.


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Credit Card Customer Service Rep Is A Funnn Job
Wednesday. 3.16.11 2:23 am
I checked online, my credit statement says $0 due with a current balance of $** & change not due until next statement.
I checked with the automated machine by phone, my credit statement is 0 with a current balance of $** & change not due until next statement.
I talk to a representative to pay the current balance of $** & change, the balance of $** & change was due yesterday.

No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

No way.

I'm sorry, but it is.




I'm sorry. But it's true. I can write a note on your account? Delinquency isn't reported to credit bureaus unless it's 31 days late...



...are you sure? I mean, last time the representative reassured me and now you're telling me that representative was wrong so how do I know you're right?

Let me go check.
Yes, it's true.


Your balance of $** & change isn't due until next month.


Yes, your balance isn't due yet.

Wait, what?

Oh, yes...I'm sorry. Your current balance isn't due yet.


I'm so sorry. I feel really bad. I'm sooo sorry.


I'm adding *000 credits to your reward points. I'm so sorry.

...it's okay. Thanks.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


Okay, bye.

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