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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
sparkly heart Pictures, Images and Photos
Tuesday. 2.9.10 5:19 pm
HE LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The appreciation i have towards you
Wednesday. 2.3.10 3:57 pm
Okay so yes im going to do a girly rant. Which means all boys or girls if you do not want to read a rant about a girl getting mad at a boy please skip the next paragraph.

Sp i like this guy. and hes sweet and really funny and makes me laugh constantly. Its just i dont know if he likes me. I mean im a girl so i like to think there are signs that he does like me. But i also could be just taking things the wrong way. I dont know it makes me confused. And then i get upset. And then i get tired and frustrated and a big ball of bad emotions that just tumble down a hill getting bigger. So anyone know how to tell if a guy likes you or not?

okay on a lighter note. I would like to say thank you nutangers! I decided to explore today and went on a few different blog sites and poked around. (I swear my loyalty is just to you nutang!) I soon realized how cool and supportive nutang is and how much the past (almost) two years blogging has helped me. Not to mention the constant support and awesome posts i have read. So thanks :]

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The loneliness of the changes
Saturday. 1.30.10 9:59 pm
Winter makes me want someone to curl up on the couch with and watch movies all day and just enjoy their company.

Fall makes me want to go on walks with someone and hold hands and appreciate the leaves changing

Spring makes me want to lay on a blanket in the park and just relax and enjoy a day with someone special.

Summer makes me want to go swimming with someone special and enjoy a day smelling like suntan lotion and feeling comfortable with no make up on.

Not all days in the seasons are like that but its kinda nice to spend the changing of the seasons with someone. And when your stuck inside because of the snow (like i am now) it kinda makes you think about alot.

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Get the stupid idiot who has invaded my house out!
Tuesday. 1.26.10 4:26 pm
i am not happy
dont worry im about to explain (rant) why im so very unhappy
( and not it doesnt have to do with stupid girl drama)

So lets start from the beginning.
My stepdads son decided to move in with us. (-_-). At first i looked at this with a generally good perspective. I thought o yay! another brother in the house!
My stepbrother is 21. He is 6 foot 2ish but slouches all the time which gives him a hump in is back like a damn hunch back. He also has a large nose that looks like a giant beak. He has a very nasal voice and constantly smacks his tongue on the roof of his mouth. He is not in shape and has odd pouches of fat that jiggle very ummmmmm much like a girl with a non supportive bra. Also his a$$ is the size of a small suv.

why? might you ask do i have such a poor opinion of my stepbrother.

Well first off he is 21 years old and living with me and my family and going to a tech school here. He lived with his mom in NY before this but suddenly had the urge to move down here and move in with me and my family and his dad..... At 21 -_-.
I would like to point out at this time that my real brother moved out of the house at 18.

Not only is he 21 and living in my home with my family BUT he has no job. And the effort put in to finding a job has been very slim. O wait excuse me he wanted to be a pizza delivery guy. But they didnt hire him because of all the driving tickets he has.

He also has had 3 cars. All paid for by his father (my stepdad). HE EATS EVERYTHING!! in the house. Im not kidding when i say we go through at least 4 gallons of milk a week. And the only thing he does is play video games constantly.

Oh and then when we go to clean he pretends hes reading the bible to get out of having to do anything. He will not drive if we are going places he makes me drive, or tries to anyway. Because he does not want to waste his gas. And he has the maturity level of a 15 year old! He thinks it would be the most hilarious thing if someone peed on someone as a joke. And the music he listens to is disgusting and degrading to women!

yes i know im a horrible person for writing this but i dont care. The worst thing is, hes planning to live here for another 2 years at least. I dont think i can take him for 2 more years.

Yep i know im going straight to hell for writing such mean things.

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i dont like this
Sunday. 11.22.09 3:20 pm
it feels like it should be starting to be summer not winter :[

i want warm happy days not rainy cold sad days!!!

oh well hopefully it will go fast.

i do want snow this year tho

crosses fingers



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you know you shouldnt
Tuesday. 10.20.09 7:33 pm
ok so you know how u do something u know you shouldnt do but u really want to anyway and u know its not the best decision you've ever made but u really dont care because that something you are doing makes you not think about the consiquences.

im a horrible person

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