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Age. 27
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ...
Location lubbock, TX
School. Other
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i feel...
Wednesday. 12.22.04 6:32 pm
Like a bubble. I'm happy. Happier than I've been in a while. But, any minute, any thing, could pop me. Make me sad again.

But I won't think about that. Cuz I'm just fine like this. Happy all the time, laughing @ everything, and playing in the snow.

Today's assignment...


luvs hannah

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something like....
Saturday. 12.18.04 10:46 am

Telling secrets.
Keeping secrets.
Keeping your part.
Breaking a heart.
Breaking a friend.
Making a friend.

Life sux.
We know.
Keep w/it.
It's the way it goes.

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Friday. 12.17.04 11:31 pm
Aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! James likes me! And who knows... Maybe I like him back. ;-]


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an interuption
Wednesday. 12.15.04 4:55 pm
((This is an interuption in th elementary series.=p))

Isn't it funny, how you can love someone so much, the minute you meet them, and all of a sudden it all changes? You love them in a different way, where you want them to love you in the same way you love them, and you want to be more than just best friends ever. And you never see it coming, it just creeps up on you, and pounces. One second you love them w/all your heart, and the next your in love w/them w/all your heart. And then, just as fast, the feeling leaves you, and you don't love them at all. And it takes a long, long time, to get back the friendship you had. And even if it isn't that long, it just doesn't feel quite right. You don't tell them things anymore, and they don't tell you things anymore. And you just feel lost, and alone, and un-loved. And sure, you have your other friends, ones that you can trust and tell anything, ones that you've known forever. But there's still just that one friend, the one that was always the one that you told first, and now, if you tell them at all, you tell them last. If you tell them. And its ruined. Its all ruined.


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the dawson "scandle" ((i guess))
Monday. 12.13.04 4:36 pm
Elementary Stuff # 1. The Dawson "Scandle". I guess that's what we'll call it. It starts out @ my 5th grade b-day party.

Part 1. Friday Night. Night night. Actually, maybe saturday morning. Who knows? Around the midnight hour. We're playing truth-or-dare. It's me, Jenny, Brooke, Samantha, Mackenzie, Maggie, Julia, Mere, and the phone. We'd just finnished playing mafia. Truth-or-Dare was getting boring. And that's how it started.

Mackenzie: Hannah, Dawson likes you!
Someone: Let's call him!

Brooke calls him and tells him I'll go out w/him if he asks me out. ((EEWW! why did I say ok to her plan?)) So, he asks me out.

Me: ((in the preppiest voice ever)) Okay!


Part 2. Day before Xmas break. ((oh, that will be my next story hehe!)) It's after school. I'm in my classroom, the last one there, just finishing up a few things, I guess. Brooke, Jenny, and... -someone- ((not sure who else)) walk in. Or, run in.

Brooke: You are NOT breaking up w/Dawson! Look what he got you!

It was a $30 neklace. ((what is it w/guys and nechlaces? Braydon, Evan, Clayton, Dawson, Scott, they all got me a nechlace...)) Really pretty one, too. I still have it. It was great... ((as in funny, not good)) So, I didn't break up w/him.

Part 3. Around Valentines time. I come back from the library to English, where Sam, Ryan, and Bryson are sitting under a desk. And then, Bryson basically asks me out, and I break up w/Dawson, and cause this whole big deal... It was funny...

But then me and Bryson broke up... Then we got back together on Valentines cuz neither of us were going out w/anyone for Valentines and we wanted to not be single for once. And then Carolyn sent a candygram to the whole DI team from "Clarice" which was my part in the play, so obviously Dawson thought I wanted to get back together w/him. And Wendy broke his heart for me. lol.

And then last year I wore the nechlace, and Dawson thought the same thing as he did w/the candygrams, and this time -I- broke his heart.

The End.

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elementary stuff
Wednesday. 12.8.04 11:08 pm
Ok, I'm gonna write some entries about stuff that happened in 5th and 6th grade. ummmm Just tell me what to write about like leave me comments or w/e and I will... Yea... ... ...

Moving on...

Leave me some!


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