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Subdomain Log out bug!
Friday. 7.28.06 9:44 pm
Many members have brought this to our attention. Oftentimes, when you visit a member's site (i.e. member.nutang.com), you find yourself logged out and unable to comment and perform other member actions.

Dave has traced this problem to the underscore (i.e. _) in usernames. If you find this problem on a member site without an underscore, please let us know immediately!

Anyway, there is no easy fix for this. The reason being underscores are not allowed in domain names. Dashes, on the other hand, are. Therefore, for the unfortunate members that have underscores in their usernames, we can replace the underscore in your username with either nothing or a dash. We'll also create a temporary redirect from your old subdomain to your new one.

If you wish to do this, please let dave know. Sorry for the inconvenience! Also, feel free to offer alternative suggestions. Thanks.

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Great News! Your own NuTang subdomain
Saturday. 7.15.06 8:12 pm
Dave and Papagoya have been quietly working on this new improvement for weeks. You can now all get your own NuTang subdomain!

This was once a NuSTORE item costing 2500pps. You now have it for free!!

Your subdomain will be your-username [dot] NuTang [dot] com. All your stuff (your blog entries, albums, writings, pictures, etc.) will be now stored on your own subdomain.

So, be sure to tell all your friends to update their links to you. No more long URL (e.g. www.nutang.com/members.php?user=you). Tell them to update their links with you.nutang.com.

Your subdomain will only work if your username contains only numbers, letters, underscores, or dashes. If your username contains some weird characters, you may experience problems. Contact dave immediately and he'll help you out. Also, this is a very big change, so there may be broken links here or there. If you find any broken links ... or even just odd behavior ... please also let dave know ASAP.


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New profile searches
Thursday. 7.13.06 9:38 pm
Check out your profile. Some new searches have been added and integrated with your profile:
- location search (e.g. Los Angeles members)
- country search (e.g. Australian members)
- ethnicity search (e.g. Chinese members)

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New NuMod "Categories"
Wednesday. 7.12.06 10:48 pm
A new nuMod has just been released, called "categories." As the name suggests, this nuMod is a module for listing your blog's categories (or tags).

This NuMod's actually a follow-up to a suggestion posted on the Suggestions Forum: http://www.nutang.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1158

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The NuTang Collage
Sunday. 7.2.06 6:02 pm
The NuTang Collage is dedicated to all active members. You can also find a link to it from the hompage.

In fact, there is a new section of links added to the homepage, entitled "Quick Links." As suggested by invisible, a link to this blog has been added to the homepage (under "Quick Links").

The last new link added is http://pingomatic.com/. This is a pretty useful resource, since it may drive more traffic to your site ( = more revenue). Each time you update your page, be sure to use that service to ping your blog.

One last subtle change is the integration of technorati tags to the categories feature. Bluetopaz had mentioned http://technorati.com in a comment a while back. (I read all comments!) If you check your blog entry categories now, beside each is a small "t" link (look below). That is the technorati tag link.

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slight header redesign
Saturday. 7.1.06 4:35 pm
As you can, the NuTang's header looks slightly different. First, the main navigation (e.g. "Home," "Join!," "Help," etc.) has been shifted up to the top bar. Secondly and more importantly, the top banner has been removed from all member sites.

The reason for these changes was to minimize the header's size, giving it a cleaner look. It will then allow you more room and flexibility in designing your member site.

Dave also add on the change navigation colours hack to help you in your customization efforts.

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