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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
Day 13 - Windy
Wednesday. 2.13.13 2:47 pm
Earlier today, someone asked me if I was ready for tomorrow. I had no clue what he was talking about. Then, it dawned on me. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. As far as I know there isn't anything special going on. I work and Tyler is off.

Speaking of work.. I work tonight. Another fun filled adventure of working at the happiest place on earth... It's suppose to be a stormy evening as well. I can already see the dark clouds rolling in from the west. I'm not sure what this means for business. I assume people will not want to be in the pouring rain at Disney. However, I've seen people embrace the weather and try and go about their day as normal. Most of them have paid a ridiculous amount of money to be there so, I kind of understand. It's still not fun when it rains on your parade, literally. If it rains the parade will be canceled...

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Day 12- Surprise
Tuesday. 2.12.13 6:03 pm
Tyler surprised me with an early Valentine's day/Birthday present. There is a couple that does their own teeth whitening business that sets up shop at other businesses to offer their services at a discounted price. They came to Tylers place of work and he signed me up for it. It was an awesome surprise! I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened for a long time. My teeth weren't hillbilly yellow or anything but, they were't pearly white either.. So i thought it was awesome that Tyler got me in. My teeth really are whiter than before. I have been smiling all day :D

The family as a whole is shaking off this stupid cold. We are all much better. I think one more night of sleep will do the trick. I haven't had a good nights sleep since the kids have been sick but, I'm hoping tonight will be different.

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Day 10 and 11 - Your House is on Fire...
Monday. 2.11.13 10:00 am
Continuing on the 9th... My in-laws took the kids again so Tyler and I could have a night out. We, along with a good friend, we out to a near-by bar. We drank and talked and had a good time. Around 2am, we headed back to our friends house to hang out. It wasn't long after we arrived at his house that we wanted to grab some food. So, we went out into the night looking for anything open. After we found food and started the short journey back to our buddy's house.As i glance out the window spacing out, I notice a bright glare coming from the side of someones house. I could see flames behind a fence in someones backyard. I alerted the guys and we turned around to check it out. Some chicks back side yard was ingulfed in flmaes. Through the fire, we could see the remains of a couch and matteress burning. The fence was on fire, and when we walked up the homeowners roof was catching fire. The neighbor ran out with a hose and was too afriad to think clearly and didn't so much to help. So tyler and his buddy hopped the fence (the part that wasn't on fire) and grabbed the neighbors hose to try and keep it from spreading. The flames must have been 8-10 ft. high. By the time the police and fire department came to the rescue, Tyler and his friend already had most of the fire out. I had to file a report as a whitness. and not too long after law enforcement came we left.

Hows that for a 3:30am adrelaline boost? We literally saved that ladies house from burning down. If we hadn't stopped to help, by the time the fire department got there her house would have been half burnt to the ground.

That is how saturday night and early sunday morning went.... yeah.

For the rest of sunday, Tyler and I picked KB up and took her too the fair. It was a blast. We had to leave a little early because KB started crying and freaking out. She was tired and not feeling well. As far as this morning goes... we are ALL sick. Gonna hang low for the day..

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Day 9 - and Day 8...
Saturday. 2.9.13 8:58 am
Yesterday I intended to get ear candles. Instead I went shopping and completely forgot to get them. So, guess what I'm doing today! However, I went to some stores that had amazing clearance deals. Like.. 50% off and then take an additional 60% off. I bought tons of stuff for less that $20.

I think Tyler and I are going to try to go to the fair this weekend. I'm not sure yet. Anyway.. Gonna get the children dressed and go get those ear candles. Times a wastin'!

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Day 7 - It's bed time but, I dont want to lose this challenge.
Thursday. 2.7.13 11:40 pm
I worked today. Found out some drama. Some oh shit I'm pregnant with that married mans baby drama. However, other than that work was pretty mellow. I stocked a good chunk of the shift when it was super busy. So, i didn't have to deal with guests or other workers.

Tyler had the kids today. Took them to the local airport. The kids love seeing the war birds and other various small airplanes. My little girl seems to be doing fine too. :) Thats good. And... thats about it.

I'm tired.. Good night

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Day 6- Tires
Wednesday. 2.6.13 8:52 pm
Bought new tires for my car today. Taxes are awesome! The bills are caught up and things are looking good for now. I think my little girl is getting sick. Either that or she is just over tired. I'll see how she is in the morning.

My one shift of the week is tomorrow... Thanks Disney World... But, I have TWO shifts next week. Yay...

Every time I get aggravated with the lack of hours I think to myself how blessed I am to atleast have a job. Staying positive. :)

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Day 5 - Really Quick!
Tuesday. 2.5.13 10:29 pm
I'm doing stuff but I dont want to mess up this challenge 5 days in.

-Taxes came in.. YAY

-Tylers being... stupid. (What a surprise)

-Girls night tonight. We watched Magic Mike and Pitch perfect. Now we are going to Steak and Shake. MILK SHAKES RULE!!!

and... I'M OFF!

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Day 4 - Uh... It's Day 4
Monday. 2.4.13 8:46 pm
lostsoul13 inspired me to make pizza buscuits. So, I made my interpretation of them. They were amazingly delicious! It was like Jesus himself decended from the heavens and blessed my taste buds with sheer joy and happiness. Thank you Cheryl!

Anyway, nothing exciting happend today. I went grocery shopping.. thats about it. I'm about to head over to where Tyler is staying and possibly get down on some Call of Duty. Also, I will indulge in eating a chocolate chip muffin. Yum :)

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