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I really hate my job
Wednesday. 4.25.07 1:55 am
I knew that I didnt like my job but now I realize that I REALLY hate it! I am so happy not being at work and I wish I could do something else. I need to find another job. I wish I could do little work for a lot of money. That is my dream. I need to figure out how to use my education for success. So many keys... where is the door?

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If I wanna smoke I'll have me a fag
Wednesday. 3.19.08 1:58 am
Brief intro to my (blog) outburst... society feels it is right to judge others. I feel it is none of their business. Some people have such boring lives that they have too much time on their hands. So they spend their time pointing fingers at other people. This is a free country and people choose to do as they please.

(now to begin my rant)

I want to make a strong statement here and that is I want to do whatever it is I want. We live in a free country and I feel that if I want to go to church, I will. If I don't want to go to church. Then I wont. If I want to have a drink then I will make it a double. If I want to smoke then I will have me a fag... (british for cigarette). If you were thinking of the word "gay" then let's talk about it. If or when I want to kiss a girl or be gay then I will.

Why does society judge you? I think as long as I am not murdering someone why is it wrong to be or do whatever I want? If I am gay, who am I hurting? If I smoke or drink in my own home, who am I hurting? If I go to church or don't go to church, does that bother you? Who am I hurting? That's right. Me. So then, why judge me?

I am not saying that I do any of these things but I think people place so much emphasis on who THEY are and what THEY do that they expect you to be the same way. Well, you know what? EMBRACE DIVERSITY BABY or get off the globe!

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It's been over a year
Wednesday. 10.29.14 11:59 am
Well, it's been over a year since I have been on here. A lot has happened. I lost my job, my hula school, my boyfriend left and I was referred to a psychiatric hospital. All of this happened in a span of 4 weeks. Who would not be near a meltdown? I felt as if my whole world was destroyed. I sank into a deep depression and of course suicide was at the top of my list. It was sooooo difficult to find the positive things in life and needless to say I needed help.

As the walls came crashing in, one of the moms of my hula students decided to help me find another location to restart my hula school. Because she is retired, she was able to spend many hours with me, encouraging me and distracting me from this horrible mess. To make matters worse, my landlord shut the water to the building off for repairs without warning and we were without water for our showers. Other people have family living in this state so they have alternate places to shower. I do not have such a privilege. I asked the landlord where I am possibly supposed to shower?? She said, “You can get the water from the laundry room and transport it in bucket.” SERIOUSLY!! This was a sign that it was time to move, but with no job and no savings, how could I afford the move in fee and increased rent?

I was out of work for 9 months on administrative leave which meant that I had another chance to get my job back. My manager was a tyrant and micromanager that I knew there was no way on earth that she would allow me to come back. She painted a picture in the minds of HR that I was mentally and emotionally unstable and HR subjected me to an 8 hour evaluation and exam with a psychologist of their choice. I had to wait nearly one month for the results and the Dr. said that I am currently not fit for duty and that I need to be re-evaluated in 90 days.
During those 90 days I looked for other work, I filled out a minimum of 10 applications per day and they were all dead ends. I started reading books, doing meditation, and taking online intelligence assessment tests because I wanted to pass the next evaluation.

I went to spiritual healers, psychics and card readers because I wanted to find out, what was in store for me. I had absolutely nothing! NO job, no home, no friends, no money, no love relationship…. I received “light energy” and noticed a change right away. I received a spiritual healing and felt a lot of the pain and depression releasing. I know, it sounds strange. I continued to receive light energy 3 times a week and felt more positive. Things in my environment began to change. Negative people started disappearing. I found another location for my hula school that was only 1/3 the rent of where I was. I started getting students and earning a tiny income. I started to develop new friendships with the students and families that were coming to me for instruction. I continued to receive light energy and found a better place to live. I went from an apartment to renting a house. The owner is very nice and worked with me on the move in and deposit. My environment continued to become more and more positive. After receiving light energy for 2 months I decided to take the course to learn how to give light energy. After passing the 90 day re-evaluation with flying colors I was able to return to work and have my medical and dental benefits back. My manager fought it tooth and nail and said that she was concerned for the “safety of her workers if I returned to her office.” Oh please lady!! Once again it was in my favor. I am back at the same company working in a more positive environment with a boss that is against micromanaging. Nobody bothers me and I am making more money now then where I was before.

So here I am today… one year after my train wreck (so to speak) and I am back on track with a more positive attitude. My job is still great, my environment is still positive, negative people do not seem to linger and loiter around me and my hula school is full of positive, loving people. I continue to give and receive light 3 times per week and I am grateful for the way my life is today. Light energy is not a religion but a way of living the universal principles.
Now that I’m “back to normal”, I am hoping to visit NuTang at least once a week!


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First day of class
Monday. 7.9.07 6:26 pm
The first day of class at my new school was GREAT!! I enjoyed it alot. There were about 7 adults and 3 kids. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I worked out with the class a little bit and got a bit sweaty. The rest of the class, on the other hand were really sweaty.

I just spoke with a friend of mine and she offered to be my personal business consultant. That is cool. She is a graphic designer and does freelance work. She came up with a logo for my business cards which is really cute. When we come back from hawaii, my family and I, I will get together with my marketing/business consultant to print the new business cards and come up with other marketing ideas. whoo hoo!

Pretty exciting stuff....

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Hello Kitty is NOT a cat
Thursday. 10.30.14 11:19 am
Hello Kitty is not a cat...

What a shocker! I bring this up now because Hello Kitty is celebrating her 40th birthday this weekend. She is a scorpio just like me and our birthdays are on the same day!!! So for my birthday I wanted to go the Hello Kitty Convention to celebrate with her and all her followers!

They will have food booths, a photo booth and temporary Hello Kitty tatoos!! Sorry I'm going to miss it but Im sure the parents are happy that a grown woman is not going to knock their child down to get a photo with hello kitty.

Her birthday bash is going to be all weekend long and activities will be happening throughout Japan town!! We share the same the birthday and all I'm doing is going to Knotts Scary Farm!!

Chado Tea Room Special
Hello Kitty Con Events

Join Misako Aoki, the official Kawaii Ambassador of Japan and founder of the Japan Lolita Association, as our hostess for two very special Hello Kitty Con tea experiences at the Chado Tea Room, located next door inside the Japanese American National Museum.

Hello Kitty's Spooky Cute Lolita Tea
Friday, Oct 31st (Halloween) from 10am-12pm, $40 per person
*Lolita or Halloween attire is not required for the Halloween, but is encouraged.

Hello Kitty Birthday Breakfast Tea
Saturday, Nov 1st from 10am - 12pm, $40 per person

Hello Kitty-themed treats will be provided at each event including tea sandwiches, scones, hand-dipped chocolates and Hello Kitty tea blends. There will be a special appearance by
Hello Kitty and you will also receive a goodie bag!

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I need your help
Friday. 6.8.07 11:52 am
I finally did it! I made my website and I am going to begin teaching!! Whoo hoo! I am hoping this will go well but I need to ask a favor of anyone that reads my blog.

Can you help me get my website off the ground by leaving a comment on my websites guestbook? Something positive would be nice.

My web address is: http://www.freewebs.com/kkama67


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What type of karma do you have?
Friday. 12.1.06 3:35 pm
You Have Good Karma

In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.

Your caring personality really shines through.

Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out.

But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

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Thinking outside the box
Monday. 12.4.06 11:28 am

Thinking outside the box

I know that we are taught to think of alternate ways of doing things. Some ideas are GREAT while others are just a pile of crap. This guy on the other hand may have come up with a great idea?

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