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I'm a Megalomaniac, dude.

Age. 18
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Black
Location Somewhere, VA
School. Other
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Buncha Fuckin Jibberish
Davey Quote!!
"Hate Humanity? Yep, sure do. There's such a lack of responsibilty for one's actions in the world, a selfishness, and a great destruction in the way people live their lives. It's all instant gratification,and who cares how my instant gratification affects those around me, or on a small personal level or a global level. The way people treat eachother is truly disgusting, and we've created an environment through advances in science and technology that allows for a very septic society to thrive. And we breed and breed, and all the wrong people breed while all the right people don't wanna have children because they don't wanna place them in this world"
Lyrics of the day
Totalimmortal by AFI

Hope unknown. Sometimes just waking is surreal.
I walk right through the nameless ones.
I know that hope's unknown.
Sometimes the water feels so real.
As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning.
This day never seems to end.
This pain, never.
This rage I will not let go.

I hear them calling.
I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls.

So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
I fear that I alone fear those who ceased to feel that they're alone inside this place.
I am the misplaced.
Now ever face, it looks familiar...
then every face would melt away until..
now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?


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My Current Playlist
- All That's Left
- Paper Tigers
- The Melting Point of Wax
- Under a Killing Moon
- Blood Clots and Black holes
- So Strange I Remeber You
- At A Glance
- Narrative of Soul Against Soul
- Fall Children
- Soap Box Derby
- Days of the Phoenix
- Wester
- Total Immortal
- The Despair Factor
Tsunami Bomb
- Breakaway
- Marionette
- Rotting Vampire Eyeballs
I'm in pain. :(
Friday. 8.22.03 9:18 am
i feel sick to my stomach.... caught the worse charlie horse in life this morn. hurt so bad i started cryin, mum had to rub this strong mediciney smellin Bayer cream on there and gave me two ibuprofens to pop. usually i can walk after i get a charlie horse and try to stretch out my leg to help get the pain out, but i couldn't even walk on this bitch. arrrg. but i still plan on goin to the lake. i've been lookin forward to this too much to skip it. lol. i'm talkin to termaine right now, i haven't talked to him in forever. he's tellin me about how he went driving the other day. he told me about how he was so nervous cuz ppl were riding his ass. i was like awwwww. :( lol! but i know he'll be okay. i'm lookin at cars right now. i've seen a lot of cute ones i think i can afford, i just gotta look around and see what kinda deals i can get goin. lol! well i'm gonna get ready for the lake now! toodles.

that's me and quincy. :-D lol!

they remind me of a cover to one of KoRn's albums. hmmm.

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Tired as hell
Thursday. 8.21.03 11:52 pm
Omg, i feel so drained today. and it doesn't help that my legs feel so sore it hurts to walk. but i toughed it out and went to work. katrina was annoying me at certain times. ::rolls eyes:: she's cool and everything its just, i know she's a big girl but her smushin me into the counter on purpose can be annoying. it was funny at first, but when you're really tryin to work and get something done and u got a customer waiting and starring in your face the whole time its like BITCH get awf meh! LoL! but anyways, u gotta go through the rain to get the sunshine, right? after work i saw the light and i got to see quincy. lol. turns out he was dead tired too. poor thing. i offered to drive cuz i was worried about him driving and being so tired, but he said no. lol! for obvious reasons. but after work we stopped by target, the minute i walk up in there, laura's running up behind me cuz she didn't want shakira to see us talkin, it was funny the way she was creepin around. she was all like "lets go over here!!!" haha. but anyways, i went in there to ask shakira what she thought about miss laura-lee, and like laura predicted, she said that laura is a great friend and that she's not lookin for a relationship and blah blah. so.... yeah. lol. so after that, me and laura goofed off for a few minutes then i left and me and quincy went to subway, got some food then went back to my house. when we got there my folks were just gettin home, it was about 10. but then me and quincy ate our subs and just chilled in eachothers arms. :) twas nice. i love being held by him and just talking to him. too bad he had to leave. :( i miss him already. lol. but its okay cuz i get to see him tomorrow. hopefully we get to go to the lake w/ vicky, mum, and vicky's kids. just chill out and enjoy my only day off. cuz i'm gonna be workin 9 fuckin days straight. :( but hey at least it'll be more money for meeeeeeee. :)

i sleepy. toodles!

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I got bit!
Wednesday. 8.20.03 11:32 pm
I went out with quincy yet again today. i went with him to get some more of his clothes to put in his dorm then we went to the rock quarry (sp?) for a while. i love it down there, its so pretty, except for the damn bugs! we went down this deep country road, it was a nice lil ride, but then on the way home i got stung/bit by a damn bug, it was prolly a hornet or something. it was dark so i couldn't tell. but it hurt like fiznuck! but anyways, half the ways drivin through the country we were singing "put the condom on the nightstand" lmao (don't ask). then i came home and i saw my acceptance letter to ecpi. it was nice to see it in writing. lol! then me and quincy chilled in my room the rest of the night and watched Making the Band 2 on MTV. i love that show. oh yeah! i saw the funniest thing the other day! i saw Alien Ant Farm invading the BET Music Awards, playing their new song "These Days". omg, u should have seen those black pplz faces. lmao. they looked PISSED. but i saw Pharrell from the Neptunes jammin to them, i knew he was gonna do that! Omg, laura's gonna go to the Justified and Stripped tour and i could have went but i decided not to go. :( cuz i don't wanna spend my money. i'm tryin to save for this damn car. i'm tryin to save as much as possible to put down on that bitch. Ugh i don't feel like goin to work tomorrow though. work drives me crazy! lol. the days jesse doesn't work suck, because he actually makes work fun w/o being an asshole like some other ppl tend to do. and jesse is off tomorrow. lol. so work is gonna be a 100 times longer and boring for me. ah well. oh yeah and laura, u needa get over shak okay! stop smilin so damn much, yer supposed to be a bitch like me! lmao. i'm dead tired. i'm outtie. HOLLER!

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this is one boring mofo.
Tuesday. 8.19.03 11:59 pm
Hey, i'm a newbie to NuTANG, welcome me! :-D lol! i love how they use lyrics to songs and stuff as the titles at the top and junk, but today was a pretty good day. Work was actually fun. Jason played a trick on tommy, theres this doctor who calls the pharmacy named Dr. Tawfick and he has this weird accent and Jason called and was like "HELLOOOO! THIS IS DOCTOR TAWWWWWWWWFICK!" and Jesse was playin along askin him what he can do about his herpes and all this other crazy shit. and me and tiffany were rollin, omg. then he gave the phone to tommy and he was like "hello?" and then he was like "hi how may i help you?" cuz he actually thought it was dr. tawfick. lmao. then he figured out it was jason and he was like "JASON! i don't have time to play games with you right now" and we just started laughin our heads off. but tommy seemed REALLY pissed. lol. but anyways, afterwards i helped quincy move some more of his stuff into his new dorm. its really cute. i like his lil setup, its just so clean and i just like the way everything is set up. after we finished movin the stuff in we just sat in there and chilled for a while and i got to meet his roommate, his roommate is really cool. he seems laid back about things, so hopefully he won't drive quincy up a wall the way his old roommate did. lol. but right now i'm talkin to laura and brit. they crack me up. i'm not sayin anything in the chat right now and laura was like "HELLO! where the hell is stef?" then she was like "stef, me and brutt feel neglected! i dunno what the hell you're doin, but we're here" and brit was like "Brutt? who the hell is Brutt?? i ain't no damn deodorant or a cheap cologne!" i found that funny. i know i'm crazy. :-P i dunno if i can make it to the beach w/ laura and brit next week, i don't have any days off at all. and i'm supposed to be goin to the lake with vicky on friday. and i already switched days with tiff just to get that, so i can really back down on any other days just to go to the beach w/ laura and brit. hmmmm. maybe the week after next we can go. then the next thing ya know it'll be time for me and laura to go to ECPI. i'm really lookin forward to it. the representative i talked to was so nice. everyone in the admissions office is just very nice. but the representatives name is Peter and he's so funny. i love his accent, he's from the UK. he's just a very pleasant guy. hopefully the classes won't be too hard, cuz i can be dumb sometimes. lol! oh yeah i saw freddy vs. jason the other night. that movie was so funny! there were some scary parts but i mostly found it funny. freddy doin elbow drops on jason and shit. that was hilarious. but my fav. part was when freddy was fuckin this chick he killed earlier in the movie and the girl that came across him doin it was like "what are u doin!?" and he was like "she's doin nothin for me, this bitch is dead on her feet!" cuz he was screwin her standing up, and u could see her body was all gross cuz she had been dead for so long. it was funny though. but this is entry is pretty damn long so i'm gonna shut up. HOLLA! :) i had to add these, they're so freakin cute! lol!!! and the last one looks like mick foley! mick kicks ass! lmao.

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