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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*update much?*
Sunday, August 12, 2007
I started writing this update earlier but then Edward called because it was dinner time.

As I was saying...

Classes JUST ended and now they're starting again. On Thursday. Balls. I'm taking five classes again, just like that last two semesters. Luckily my FINAL SEMESTER, which will begin in January (yaaay!) I'll only have to take one class. And do an internship. So it won't be easy, but at least I'll only have to worry about my one grade.

Speaking of grades, I did pretty well this past semester. I'm proud, considering I had four mini-mester courses.

Oh yeah! I never showed you guys! Okay, for one of my classes (Style and Design in Public Relations) we had to make on online resume. I didn't want to link to it while it was still being worked on, but I finally finished it. And I made an A in the class, how exciting! It was stressful, but I'm very proud.


I added new pictures. You can find them here:

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Thursday, July 19, 2007
I haven't had a spare moment to update. This semester has been CRAZY. Only one week left, and then I'll finally have a break. A short, two week break. And then a whole new 15 week semester.

Kill me.


I have two things to share with you all.

1.) My sister's boyfriend has been making short, fun little movies with his new, expensive Panasonic movie camera. Wee. Now, I'm sure none of you watched The Highlander t.v. series when it was on because it aired during the early '90s, and most of us watched cartoons then, not shit like The Highlander. I, however, had the pleasure of watching it during the summer while I was at my baby sitter's house. We couldn't play outside because her neighbor worked the night shift and we were loud. Where am I going with this? Craig, (sister's boyfriend) and some friends of mine have decided to make a Highlander parody show to put on YouTube. Again, wee. They have the opening credits, which plays the original theme (written and performed by Queen!) from the show (and the movie) and has a similar voice over. I have here, for you all, the first video, which is just the credits. Double wee. Here it is, The Higlander: or some shit:

2.) So, I haven't been updating here, but I have been writing blogs for my pr blog. Only because I have to, for a grade. So, I'm just going to post one of those entries for you all.

Casio loves YouTube

When I hear Casio I think tiny keyboard. I'm reminded of playing on Casio keyboards in Sharper Image stores in the mall when I was little. I laugh a little because of a Casio joke made in a movie about the 1980's. But not anymore. Soon, when I hear the word Casio I'll think of innovation.

Casio is going to release a new line of digital cameras that will have a "YouTube Capture" mode. That means you can use your camera to take videos that will directly upload to YouTube from your computer. I may consider buying one of the cameras. Currently, uploading video onto YouTube takes forever. Even if it's only a few minutes worth. I can't stand doing it and I know many others who have issues with video uploading.

This new idea from Casio is ingenious. Everybody knows about YouTube! Grandparents can watch videos of their grandchildren on YouTube. I can make silly videos with friends and share them with people that live on the other side of the country. If I actually had any friends in Europe, even they could watch my movies. Any digital camera manufacturer that isn't thinking of somehow tapping into the YouTube market is just plain crazy. And it seems Casio really knows what it's doing with it's marketing ideas. There will be a contest on YouTube, and ads will be shown everywhere: print, broadcast, online, and new-media outlets. Sample cameras will also be given to editors so they can test and review them.

Genius I tell you! I can't wait to see how this works out for Casio. If I really love their new camera I might even run out and buy one of their keyboards. You know, because they're nostalgic.

The full story.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Edward's coming back to Alabama tomorrow!

I know you guys are sick of hearing about him but dangit, I. am. so. excited. So excited! I don't think you understand how much I miss him!

That's not to say I haven't had myself a good old time since he's been gone.


Okay, so that's not proof of anything except for the fact that I have weirdo friends that spray painted some bb guns that I got a hold of while I was slightly inebriated. They're not loaded, they're not dangerous, they're not cool. I just think it's a funny picture.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go "learn" some html for my style and design class. Hey, maybe when I'm finished with that class I can start making my own layouts. We shall see.

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*things are looking up*
Saturday, June 23, 2007
On Wednesday, Edward will be back in Birmingham, so I can talk to him on the phone, yay! And only a few days after that I'll actually get to see him, YAY!

I made an A and a B in my two mini-mester classes. I finished them up yesterday, and I get to start two new ones on Monday, rawr! This has been such an overwhelming summer. But if all goes as planned, I'll be done with school FOREVER next May. *fingers crossed*

Yesterday after my final, a friend and I went and bought sushi, chips and beer and then we went to the pool, and it was fantastic. In the evening I went to the mall and got some new jeans (finally!) and two new shirts. New clothes are always exciting. Okay, exciting for me, probably not for you guys though.

And then. Last night. I guess since it has been such a long week (on Thursday I was on campus for 15 hours, it was exhausting) I passed out at midnight. And I slept so good! It was worth missing the party happening around me, I really needed that damn sleep. But tonight should be fun, I think there's a going away party at Rooster's for my friend Joey. Hey, maybe I'll even get some pictures. It's been a while since I've had some to post.

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Monday, June 18, 2007
Today, for a photojournalism assignment, I had to go on campus and take pictures of a building. It's Alabama, there's a drought, it's hot. And HUMID. Really, really humid. Standing outside for more than five minutes causes me to sweat like a maniac (sexy, I know). So after an hour of picture taking, I was hot, sweaty and miserable. And ready for a cold drink from Cambridge Coffee, the coffee shop across the street from campus.

The first thing I did when I got to Cambridge was head for the bathroom so I could rinse my face off. I knocked on the door, like I always do. I heard nothing so I went it. Because it was unlocked. And there, sitting on the toilet, was an ooooold fucking woman. Probably in her 80s. And she didn't say a word! She just looked at me. And I said, "Well thanks a lot for not locking the door or saying anything when I knocked."

Too rude? Tough shit. Old does not equal stupid. If somebody knocks on the door, you should say something. Nobody wants to be subjected to anybody on a toilet ever. Unless they're a pervert. Ugh, it was so embarrassing and gross. Yes, gross. Old people on toilets are gross.

Whatever, I probably was probably too rude but seriously, who wouldn't be embarrassed and annoyed after something like that?

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Saturday, June 9, 2007
Edward is in Paris. He got there on Wednesday. I haven't gotten to talk to him but we have been sending e-mails. Whew. Hopefully he'll call tomorrow, if not it's e-mail city for the next few weeks.

In other news... Well, there isn't a whole lot of other news. I have more pictures to add to my gallery. I'll go ahead and give you guys a few previews.

These are from yesterday, my friend Chris and I decided to go out and take a few pictures around Auburn:

Ignore the state of my face, it's been disgustingly humid around here lately.

Cows! Me!

This is from bowling, somebody got a frog from one of the claw machines and I love it.

And these are from my birthday!

Sorry they're so small, I had to steal them from my friend's facebook.

I had 2 mid-terms this week. I did okay on them. I should still make either an A or a B in both of the classes and that is fine with me. I went and took a bunch of pictures of firefighters practicing on a house they burned down. I have to resize all 219 of them before I upload them here. I promise I will though. As well as the pictures I took yesterday. Right now things are just too damn hectic. I'm going to a cocktail party tonight, hopefully there will be some good pictures from there.

Right now I have to go be lonely and sad. I'm going to eat cookies and watch a movie.

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