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I am enjoying life.
Tuesday. 7.15.08 11:19 pm
Yesshh, it is all so fun. Silly silly silly crazy odd nonsense sprouting from every corner of my world! Thoughts are zooming and bouncing a careening and falling and moving and not stopping. Life is good, my friends are amazing. I am rather happy, I must say.

I am currently off to never never land. I have stripped myself of all my indignity and self consciousness and stripped myself of everything and just left. I have gone. And I'm going and going and I won’t stop. Never stopping. I have gone all the way to the end of our universe, and just entered the next one over. I haven't slept. I haven't drank. I haven't eaten. I haven't breathed. I have become one with everything and everyone. I will just be. I will do nothing but be. And while I am doing this being, I will become infinite. I will be there forever and ever, living and loving and being and not being a part of anything, but simply being a part of everything.

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Coming soon to roads near you!
Tuesday. 7.15.08 1:07 pm

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Monday. 7.14.08 10:36 pm
That's the number of empty, bottles of Aquafina water I found under my bed, under clothes on the floor, in my bathroom, and in my closet, when I cleaned my room today. (:

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Pointless video responce to Middaymoon
Sunday. 7.13.08 11:32 pm

And by the way, a lot of you had the right answer to the riddle. He killed his brother so she would come to the funeral and he could see her beautiful face. YAE for future serial killers (:

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Riddle me this
Wednesday. 7.9.08 8:01 pm
The following is a famous riddle given to serial killers. Every single serial killer who's been asked the riddle has figured it out immediately. Don't cheat and look it up. Make guesses in the comments and I'll edit my entry with the answer in a couple days.

A man is at his mother's funeral, and sees the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. When he goes home, he kills his brother. Why?

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There are better things than smoothies
Wednesday. 7.9.08 12:20 am
TheycallmeBritney (12:09:25 AM): I wish my balcony was a smoothie shop.
TheycallmeBritney (12:09:33 AM): That was open 24/7
Unicornasaurus (12:09:52 AM): :3
Unicornasaurus (12:09:56 AM): Don't we all.
TheycallmeBritney (12:10:10 AM): I don't know really, but I know I do.
TheycallmeBritney (12:10:28 AM): HEY, wait just a minute. You just wish your balcony was the guy that worked at the juice bar.
TheycallmeBritney (12:10:29 AM): >.<
TheycallmeBritney (12:10:45 AM): Then you could get yummyness in the smoothie and the bed at the same time.
Unicornasaurus (12:11:27 AM): :3
Unicornasaurus (12:11:37 AM): My balcony is quite close to mah room.
TheycallmeBritney (12:11:43 AM): No Katie.

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