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Found it!
Sunday. 6.1.14 2:45 pm
Well, I didn't, but someone else did.

The book was called The Golden Key!

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Help me find a book?
Friday. 5.30.14 1:04 pm
Hi there!

I don't remember the name of this book, nor the author.
The book was fantasy genre, no real technology, (this next detail is real fuzzy so could be wrong I want to say was in like a Mexican or maybe middle east type climate/people desert-y)

There are two main characters I think, a brother and a sister. One of them, I think the sister, has a name that starts with the letters sav, the brother paints. IIRC there is some kind of magic involved with the painting. I think the ending he painted himself into a painting and she calls him out. (the call him out part might be wrong)

Something like that.

Anyway I put it on reddit, and I tried some googling, but I think this is one of those things where someone who read it is gonna have to recognize it, so hopefully one of you have rad it!

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Monday. 10.21.13 10:17 pm
I just realized I have no pictures from before I got a facebook. And few of those because I don't like myself.

I don't have my old child pictures, or my yearbook pictures.

It makes me sad, it's like I wasn't here before the last couple years.

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Sunday. 9.8.13 1:15 am
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once ya get going you can make good money. i like it because there is very little forced interaction with other people.

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