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Monday, November 10, 2008

Its either i woke up on the wrong side of the bed or i simply couldnt n will not tolerate any irritating n rude behaviour! argggggghhhh...i jst hate it when a person want somethin from you , especially help/favor , but man the approach sucks big timel! yes, im the type of person that take into account small details. as for some , wht matters to them is jst the big pic and they couldnt care less bout the small details.

so this friend of mine called like in the wee hours of the morning and i was already sound asleep and he expects me to pick up! not only once but twice! wht the heck? you dont sleep at that hour doesnt mean the rest of the world dont and besides come on , have some consideration! look at the time before u start punchin in ppl's number on ur cell!

not only that, this mornin he texted asking for a favour and he also implied that i should have picked up when he called. WTF?? n let me tell u, he's like the rudest person on earth to want a favour/help n yet he acts like he's god n that i gotta obey all that he wants! screw u! so at the end, i told him i cant not due to how he behaved but cuz i dont think its worth it n also ive got my stuff to do n im jst not in the mood to jst "sacrifice" my previous time n im definitely not in quest for some mental challenge on writing a new malay lyrics at the moment wth the theme of failure in love!

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Nocturnally Active Me
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last night or rather the wee hours of the morning i was like really hyper like i was on drug a.k.a peanutbutter. its been so long since i've done this n i gotta say it refreshes me!

i had a chance to talk to my best friend n i gotta say its been so long since the last time i talked to her n it was jst so great to be able to catch up with current issues on wht's goin on with both of us and all. we were laughin non stop as well. we're so similar yet so different. n i gotta say this is the best 14 years of friendship ever! n believe it or not we talked for 5 over hours! we started talkin bout 12ish or so n ended bout 5ish then my bro n mom got up and i was talkin a lil with them before i fell asleep on the couch! i supposed to stay up to do breakfast n head back to sleep after that but i guess the lack of a good companion to talk to jst makes u wanna zzz early.

anyway, i cant wait to visit her! and have crazy fun n party like crazy n also visit places to have good, mouth waterin food n so on. talkin bout that i cant wait till exam's over so i can make some sui kow (dumplings) and visit her mom with it. it'll be like old times.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

This morning me n bro went for breakfast wth dad at our usual dim sum place. Wasnt exactly breakfast , more like a brunch actually, was already 11ish. So after when we were done savouring the hot steamin dim sum(s), we were jst sittin down n takin our own sweet time enjoyin our pot of chinese tea and we talked bout issues like gender discrimination , generation gap, perception, determination..etc..

so as we were talkin and so into our conversations, a beggar , i wouldnt call him beggar cuz he's pretty well dressed. nice clean shirt and khakis long pants and yet he's beggin , askin us to give him some money! and my dad being the soft hearted one gave him!!!! arrghhh!! though its not a lot of money involved but still my dad jst shouldnt have gave; that beggar was loiterin n standin there at our table for twice! wht i dont get is that this particular beggar's blessed wth a perfect physique and yet he's not doin anythin bout it! he can at least get some casual work or somethin , at least earn a decent livin but no! he took the easy way out by beggin n at the end of the day, get drunk with the money collected! screw man! wht happened to the determination to earn a decent living n improve on ur condition/lifestyle? why do you wanna get stucked in the pile of shit u're already stucked in?

how can someone of a handicapped physique be so determined to earn their own money instead of relyin on "beggin" as their source of income?? why arent they (beggars) ashamed of themselves for beggin? wht have they got to loose as compared to those handicapped? why cant they jst wake up from their pathetic lil fantasy and start workin towards somethin they'd really want? i dont believe that anythin is too late to start off. better be late than never!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

After dinner I thought i'd be able to get the books i want today but NO! those books i want was in bad condition n not only that , they dont have all that i want. sigh. i guess the bookstore over here isnt gonna be as good as those in a bigger city - KL.

i'm gonna try Borders tomorrow n see if i'm in luck. Not only didnt i manage to get the books i want but it didnt rain at all for the whole evening! not that i want it to rain but i was kinda expecting it to rain since it was so gloomy today n the clouds are jst not as white as they used to be. oh well, perhaps tomorrow will be a better time to head to the beach or better still, head down to the bookstore and spend some time there n see wht else's worth the read. there's jst so much that i wanna get. i saw some new books of Donald Trump as well , thought of gettin it as well..

I'm definitely gonna get the first two books from Linda Ladd , "Head to Head" and "Dark Places" and i cant wait for her 4th book - "Enter Evil". Am already done wth the 3rd - "Die Smilling". I even emailed Linda to tell her how her book got me hooked! indeed it was a good read! it got me glued to it when i suppose to be studyin for my finals but its definitely worth the time. I saw "Hades" from Russell Andrews when i was checking out for Linda's book, so tempted to buy but too bad the book wasnt in a good condition, thought it was wrapped in a plastic!

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Rain Rain Go Away
Saturday, November 8, 2008

seems like today's gonna be another raining day much later in the evenin, which sucks cuz i gotta change my plan of headin down to the beach. not like its a big deal or anythin , but it would be nice jst to be able to sit on the beach n jst look out to the sea n jst relax a lil after a whole busy week. being close to the beach n the sea some how calms me down. it rained heavily this mornin and by now i dont think the sand on the beach's as dry as i'd want them to be. i love to sit and jst look at the waves , listens to it n look over near the cliff area where u can see light. its really beautiful at night; reflection of lights on the pitch black sea wth breezy wind blowin and caressing the face. couldnt remember when was the last time i was there. now i think bout it, its bout 11 months back, on new year's eve. i was there with a bunch of friends, further down the beach , there was a beach party , nice music n all but no one was actually dancin and i couldnt get enough of the fireworks. rather short. wht a pity.

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Pineapple Express
Friday, November 7, 2008

i've jst done watchin this movie and i gotta say this movie reminds me a lot of stuff. especially this very old acquaintance, a friend of mine's friend i known for years.

so this old acquaintance of mine, he does weed n his bunch of friends. so this weed dealer stayin across my place , you must be wonderin , how the hell i'd know that weed dealer? that dealer's actually a supplier. where my old acquaintance n his bunch of friends got their supply frm him n it seems like most of them quit now and also they found out that the dealer hiked up the price of weed he sold them n i guess when u started small n when u see some $$ comin in , u'd jst want more n more n i guess eventually you kinda lost in the transition or should i say transformation of who u are originally into someone u're not; led by some evil manifesting inside.

also that movie made me realised that how come nowadays ppl are no longer truthful bout their feelings anymore? why dont ppl come clean? why dont ppl jst apologise or admit their mistakes when they've done wrong? some will say, sorry seems to be the hardest word, but it is? why do ppl even wanna live in denial n ignorance is definitely not bliss! i dont know bout the rest but i can feel that they are so real n so genuine...though its jst a movie but there are qualities bout the characters that i like n i found those qualities missing in ppl nowadays.. i guess in order for one to go the extra miles, its either they treasure it or it has grown to be apart of them that its hard to let go.

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