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Music and Mothers
Friday. 12.1.06 5:09 am

Music : Write You A Song by Plain White T's

Mood : Tired

Nothing intelligent or overly important to say. Just another boring day. God I can't wait until next year. One more year. One more year and we'll be free. No more of this sneaking around and having to pretend like we're not together. No more limbo.

God I hate Jenn's mom. I don't think anything will every change that.

She's just so selfish. She's like a child. You can't reason with her, can't make her see what she's doing to her only child. She brought Jenn out here into the middle of nowhere to work for two and a half years at a dead-end job when she could easily be making four times as much with her degree. And now, it turns out she doesn't even want to do anything in return. The least Jenn deserves is a house when she moves, but now her mom doesn't even want to do that. She's going to grudgingly buy her a new car (the one she has is about 6 years old).

On top of that, she makes Jenn feel like crap. Makes her work hours upon hours a day, expects her to pull in double over-time without batting an eyelash, even though Jenn doesn't get paid by the hour. Expects her to work herself to death just because she asks. I could understand all that if the woman was at least a decent mother, but she abandoned Jenn when she was a kid and didn't show up again or make an effort until she was in her early teens. She's never acted like much of a mother. She's a selfish conniving bitch who only cares about herself.

What frustrates me most is that Jenn won't stand up for herself. She refuses to stand up to her mom because she's afraid that the woman will disown her. Which only makes me even more pissed off at her mom for putting ideas like that in her head. Even more enraging is that I'm starting to believe the woman might actually be capable of that.

And it's not the money. Jenn doesn't give a shit about the fact that her mom will probably leave several million dollars to her at some point in the future. Jenn just doesn't want to lose her mom. Even though the woman has never acted like any version of what a mother should be. Jenn still cares enough not to want to lose all contact with her.

It's frustrating as hell. Especially since there's nothing I can do about it. I can only hope that maybe one day, when her mom knows about our relationship, I can say everything I'm thinking. If nothing else, maybe then she'll take it out on me instead of on Jenn. Who knows... maybe some of it will even sink in.

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F*ck Chevy
Saturday. 11.25.06 10:46 pm
I hate that fucking commercial. Thanks for making all Americans look like truck driving cowboys. Fuck Chevy.

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