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Beyong Frustrating
Friday. 4.17.09 12:48 am
I get back from this trip to Utah, where I took 238 photos of us camping, us climbing cliffs, us in the Delicate Arch, etc...

I get back home, take them off my camera, and realize that about half of them are gone. Half. I took some fucking AMAZING pictures that I was really pumped about. They're all gone. All I have left are the novelty shots of us goofing around on the first day.

I can't figure it out. They were all there yesterday. All of them.

It's a mortal blow. I was so happy about those. Those pictures were the best part of the trip. There are only those left from the first two days. The first day is just us goofing around in a bus because the airline screwed us over. The second day we went to Island in the Sky, which was absolutely beautiful. And I swear, the pictures stop RIGHT BEFORE I started taking good ones.

The cliffs, the terrible MREs, the beautiful sky, the delicate arch, me and the boys going off the trail and climbing the world, our campsite...

This was the first time I've ever humped my own gear 3 miles (I know, it's not super long distance) into the mountains, set up camp, eaten cold military rations (no fires allowed), and just generally had a real camping trip. We were in this amazing red + white canyon, and the sun...man...

It's not fair. I think the computer must have deleted them, because when I was loading them it was counting down from 238, and it randomly stopped. I thought it was done. It deletes the pictures automatically from the camera...

UGH. I might cry.

OK, not really. But I would gladly pay $50 EACH for MOST of the pictures I lost. Only 3 or 4 of the ones I have left are of any value.

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Thursday. 4.9.09 10:43 pm
I am going there. Tomorrow!

We'll fly in a plane, and do hiking stuff and have a great time. I'm bringing my camera, so fun stuff.

Speaking of which, I took some pictures just for the heck of it, and now I'm editing one just for the same. Not sure how it's going to turn out...

Today, Sam came to my school to sign up for Prom. It was great fun. We sang the entire Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny song, with people watching us oddly. AND THEN! We had an adventure because we needed a copy of his driver's license and the media center was closed. So we had to find a copier in... the band room?

Which reminds me: From February until last night, John thought that teens aged 17 still had restrictions on their driving after midnight (we don't in SC). So, we were at my house, working on a study guide at 11, watching Ventrilo Harassment and just having a great time.



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I want to fly.
Wednesday. 4.8.09 8:00 pm
Or at least to float.

I love up. Space, the moon, the sky, clouds, rooftops.

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I can appreciate instrumental pieces.
Tuesday. 4.7.09 10:59 pm
So, this morning in the GREEN ROOM we were having a bit of trouble. The program we use for editing the announcements was freaking out. It was 4 minutes until air time, and we lost all our progress and the program refused to start back up.

SO! David and I went out live. Hahaha. It was great.

At the end I said, "Vista sucks!" and I had people asking me all day if I'd said "This school sucks."

Vista really does suck, though. Even the fossil we use to run an endless powerpoint loop runs better than the Vista.

I hope I can get a laptop with XP.It's my buddy.

We're planning more live airing escapades. We can use the green screen program with a live feed, so the possibilities are sky high.

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