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oh god
Monday. 7.16.07 6:54 pm
oh god four more hours and we are busy..... :',',',',(((((

oh god i don't think i can stand it for 4 more hours and 4 more minutes and i don't even get the card that i was supposed to get for working today untill 2morrow and im hungry,,,,


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Sunday. 7.15.07 10:32 am
ok so im at work and im actually on the phones and on the internet im so fired!! note really just can't get caught

ten hours and 46 minutes to go!!! yay!!! ugh, then i've got 14 hours 2morrow then a day off YAY!!!!! (more exclamation points and in caps becaue thats a real yay!)

anyway in other news willow sage mccracken (my sister) is great, awesome, and beautiful. she is learning words. She says "pace" (it sounds like a mix between pace and pease hard to explain in writing) which is really her word for please and she rubs her tummy while she says it. so cute

any way in other other news. i went from having 16 hours short (on my paycheck) to having almost 15 hours (if i get to work all of today, which with it as busy as it is i will) or so over time. yeah packed alot of hours in the past three days (work hours)

any way gotta go back to work we have 4 calls in queue and i don't think anyone is not on a call (cept me hehe!)


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god im tired
Saturday. 7.14.07 6:02 pm
got im tired. ahhh i've been up since 6am this monrning. and its very very bad. i will be up at the same time 2morrow. the bad thing about it is that i've been at work all day 7am-630pmt (its not 630pm yet but close) anyway i have to get back to work only 1 and 1/2 an hour left yea!! or yay!


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well i guess this works
Saturday. 7.14.07 12:18 pm
well i guess this should work, i wonder.... hey is there any other places to get layouts besides the list we have?? does anyone know? please help?

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