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asian folk...
Tuesday. 8.29.06 6:35 pm
i'm partly asian, so i think i have the right to say this.

everyone's got their online user names for whatever their favorite weblog site, email site, or instant messenger program is. these "user names" normally represent something interesting about the person, or a hobby, or, well, it doesn't matter what they represent. i'm gonna focus on one thing.

what's with all these asian folk going around making their names have, in some way, shape, or form, the word "asian" in it? i'm sorry, but it pisses me off.

"AZN PRIDE!!!1 lol roxor ;)"


it's terrible. you can have pride in the fact that you're asian, i guess, but don't mistake your own pride for the fact that someone else gives a shit. believe me, i certainly don't.

...i hate it even more when the word "asian" makes it into a user name for a site where you clearly have a picture displayed of yourself. sorry, but of course you're fucking asian. look at your own damn picture. you don't have to tell us. we fucking know already.

the sense of pride that i have in being asian is pretty minimal... you don't see white or black people going around going "white pride" or "black pride." get the hell over yourselves. you sound like fucking nazis.

don't mistake this for a racist blog; i'm asian as well. i don't include it in every activity i partake in, however. come on guys... you're making all the good ones look bad...

all this blogging has made me hungry... does anyone have the number to a good chinese take-out?


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you, me, and dupree
Monday. 8.28.06 5:38 pm
i've officially seen you, me, and dupree three times in theaters, all in different theaters, all in different cities... one in a different state. the movie's funny, but it's definitely not worth seeing two extra times...

...though the second time, i was at a drive in movie theater, and i fell asleep pretty quickly. luckily, i was in the comfort of a minivan. sweet sleepins.

the third time, last night, i went to the cheap theater at jumpers hole, and fell asleep pretty far into the movie. the few of us there were spread across three different rows, me having the most rear one. no one even knew i was sleeping until afterwards, when brett threw his hat at me. bastard.

sleeping in a movie theater is uncomfortable when you're trying to lay down. i had my neck on the hard plastic armrest with my feet across the seats in front of me. i guess i was just pretty tired.

today, was okay. nothing special.

oh, i almost forgot to mention. all day sunday i watched the first and second seasons of entourage. what a great fucking show. jeremy piven is hilarious. when i got home from the movies, i watched the rest of season two, then the season three finale happened to come on when i was finished. what an awesome turn of events. if you haven't seen entourage before, i recommend going out and buying all available dvds of it, blindly, strictly on my trust. or, you can find out when it airs on HBO. definitely check it out.


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...not that i'm complaining.
Sunday. 8.27.06 6:58 am
it's way too early for me to be awake... though, i did go to bed early last night.

i'm so fucking tired and bored. i came home last night so i could hang out with everyone, only to realize that "everyone" was spread across the fucking planet like noise pollution. i hung out with mike and brett last night, and also made a few calls to see what anyone else was up to... oh, i also received an interesting one...

...one not even worth noting. i could ellaborate, but i'd rather just give a shout out to those involved and tell them to suck my dick.

...not that i'm complaining. because, well, my normal apathy level is usually pretty high, but it raises exponentially when i'm slightly peeved. i'm going back to bed.


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Saturday. 8.26.06 10:03 pm
*yawns* dispensible.


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i would've stuck around...
Friday. 8.25.06 3:41 pm
after careless weighing of my options, i've decided that i'm going to drive out to my dad's house out in delaware.

if you don't know me, well, then lemme explain the delaware situation: my father bought a farm and a house out in delaware, in order to run a produce stand out there, and wield maximum profit... however, he hired no one, and thus, myself as well as my siblings (on occasion) must work there as often as we are told to. in my case, that is every weekend. fuck.

so anyways, i would've stuck around, but i haven't been able to get a hold of any of my busy friends. i talked to a few people; most of them were out of town at school, and some of them aren't worth the sound my foot makes when i take a step. so let's see: should i sit around and wait till tonight when i can hang out with oh, maybe, two friends, where we sit around and do nothing anyway, or, should i hang out or talk online to those not worth the sound of my foot, or, should i sacrifice my own friday night and go to delaware, where i will work for slave wages?

seeing as i've been sitting around all day, i'd rather NOT do nothing... *sighs* fucking delaware it is. maybe i can come back saturday... who knows.


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i spent hours searching...
Friday. 8.25.06 1:15 pm
so i made this cd comprised of remixes of a bunch of rock songs i like... i spent hours searching all over purevolume for these songs... and it's quite a collection. i'm excited about it...however...

i don't have anything to do on this lovely friday afternoon. and i've got this brilliant cd. where should i go?

i'm not sure, but i hope that i decide or find out soon, because i'm anxious to get out of this god forsaken hell hole.

...nothing too excited thus far.


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