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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Church Yard Sale!
Monday. 4.30.07 10:01 pm
It seems that the church Dave is renting his room through likes having yard sales two days before my birthday. Last year I got wine glasses, fuzzy wine socks, and a cantaloupe magnet.

This year, I got a 9 dollar Burt's Bees hand care kit for .50, and 6 books, one of which is called Hitler's Children. It seems interesting.

But, the winning book? 2,001 Things to Do Before You Die.

It's got a checklist, and whoever is selling the book has checked off things.
What have they checked off?

- Catch a foul ball at a pro baseball game
- Have mutliple orgasms
- Pay for the next car at the toll booth
- Flirt
- Crush a beer can with one hand
- Be able to explain Einstein's theory of relativity
- Suddenly decide on and leave for a trip
- Stay in bed all day
- Do something scandalous
- Approach a stranger and ask him/her out
- Have a tremendous, rollicking, soaking wet, water pistol fight
- Wear a scarlet A and see what happens
- Say things like "eureka," "hallelujah,", and "balderdash."

Ok, now I'm bored.

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Awwww. (Edited*2)
Monday. 4.30.07 3:32 pm
What the fuck, Firefox? This is the third time restarting this entry.


Anyway. I didn't get the summer job I applied for. Means I'll be spending my summer in the ghetto, hating myself and wanting to die.


I'm pissed, I got another job I applied for, but it's not the job I wanted. I wanted one job, but they combined it with another job, so I applied for the combined job.

At some point, they decide that they're not going to combine the jobs anymore, but not tell anyone, until they've offered jobs. Of course, with my luck, I got offered the job that I didn't care to have.


At least the pay is the same, and there are perhaps 3 more hours...


Yay! I got one Summer job... not the one I particularly wanted, maybe it's the one she thought I wanted, but who knows.

The offers have come in increasing order of ... jobliness, so perhaps, since the last one was sent at 4.30p, perhaps there is the holy grail of emails waiting to be sent in the morning?

We'll see.

I also found a cute picture.

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Dave isn't going to like this...
Saturday. 4.28.07 3:11 pm
But, I'm pregnant.
Wait, I'm not pregnant, I have pregnant. Go figure.

How do I know?

Those pesky spammers know more about me than I ever will.

Sheesh. This is rough. :/


Went to Max's funeral yesterday, there were a lot of people. Overheard some old man talking about her injuries, I was curious, but I didn't want to hear him talking about it.

We came back, went for food, and I took a walk out into the ghettoes of MD. The main difference between this place and home is that instead of shitty apartments, there are townhouses, and many more... things to do?

So before I left for my walk, I looked out the back door/window. There were a bunch of urchins playing on top of Dave's sister's shed, with her ladder. They dropped the ladder at some point, breaking the window. They ran after that, I guess, or either when they heard me coming outside... We didn't find out the window was broken until today.

Stupid kids.

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Now, a Note to religious groups.
Wednesday. 4.25.07 1:04 pm
As NuTang knows, I've been angry with the media following last week.

Now that the media has more or less left down, the religious zealots are here.

ZOMG! Take our pamphlet!

Do you know God?

You're a heathen, you can be forgiven!

Free food! Free drinks, snacks, and fruit! Just be proselytized to!

Religious people, go away. If we need you, we'll find you.

Methodists, you can stay. You give hugs, baked goods, and wishes of well-being, without any proselytizing. Keep doing that, and you'll stay awesome.

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Monday. 4.23.07 8:20 pm
So I saw Donnell today, for the first time in FOREVER.

He brought me ramune, a snap-together model of May from Hand Maid May, and a Charmy kitty with those damn tasty white pellets that come in Japanese toy/candy sets.

I was Comp Dr. yesterday, I attempted to fix Debi and Dani's computers... but they were teh fux.

Debi calls Dell today:

debi: told one guy u put my hd in ur compie
debi: "u can't put dell hd's in hp comps"
debi: me: "yes u can"
debi: him: "no, she must've been using a cord and..."
debi: me: "no, I watched her. she physically took my hd out
debi: him: "....h/o, I need to check on that"

Wtf, Dell... o.O They must have gotten desperate for people to work for them?

A hard drive is a hard drive... I don't think you'd get much business with a proprietary adapter.

Though it doesn't make much sense to me to use the adapter they do... whatever. Their call.

The religious people were out and about today handing out paraphernalia. At least the Methodists gave out yummy treats and hugs, and not really... proselytizing.

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A cute.
Monday. 4.23.07 9:48 am
So there's a kitty outside.

It's not Popo, but a small, calico kitty. She's exceedingly friendly for a random cat, most of the time they just run away from you.

She came up to me, let me pet her, and was quite friendly. She had a collar with a bell on it, so she had to belong to someone.

She has a funny meow. >.<

We had the door to the house open, because we were bringing in grocery-stuffs, and kitty gets up, walks in the house like she lives there, and starts poking around.

I pick her up, put her outside.

She goes back in the house.

I pick her up, put her outside.

She goes back in.

We did this a few more times, so I closed the door. She sat at the door wanting to go in, like a cat does when it lives somewhere and wants attention from its owners.

I have no clue where this cat came from, who she is, and why she likes to come into the house...

Popo didn't even chase her, which was doubly weird.

Popo doesn't like other kitties.

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