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Sunday. 8.5.07 8:12 am
anyway, yesterday at work i was chatting with morpheus on gmail chat (he was sitting right next to me but its easier to talk without everyone hearing.) Anyway chatting away and all of a sudden a work chat box (the kind the Quality Assurance people use) Pops up and in big letters says Chatting are we????

i peed myself a little.

so i get morp to close all his stuff before anyone cann see its him, and close all my stuff even though they've already seen, and get ready for the inevitable either termination or write up.

then my friend in IT walks up. He did it as a joke. scared the living sh*t out of me. i was so relieved i peed a little more

haha just kidding i didn't really pee my self, scared me almost that bad though.

anyway i better go


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i feel kinda bad
Saturday. 8.4.07 4:41 pm
i asked someone to take me off of there friends list so they were listed in my sdneirf any more, i kinda feel bad, but i didn't really ever talk to him/her and didn't read there blog and i don't think they read mine, so i guess its not really all that bad, anyway. sittin here bein bored

i have so much i want to write but can't for fear that someone could be peaking over my shoulder, (not literally or i wouldn't be typing) but like they could be jacked into the computre (would get in lots of trouble so i don't think that is happening either) or that there is some kind of key logger (btw im at work)

but i wanted to write some stuff and may well do that later when i get a computer. i wish so much that i could get one now, but i can't,

i think the car is going to be repo'd soon and that really sux, i don't know how im going to get to work if the car is repo'd. Hopefully GOD will provide.

gtg be back later think im being watched

never mind i was hallucinating. anyway i get another break in 50 minutes (so great) i hate sitting on these phones for such a long time. anyone who is reading this live in amarillo? work at sitel? related to me? hahaha on the last one

anyway i gotta go

oh btw found a book to read

its by tad williams called the dragonbone chair


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good idea
Saturday. 8.4.07 1:49 pm
i like lyndeeps idea, cause they have this coffe, milk stuff at chili's or applebees that always looked good to me so i'll go there and order it

thanks lyndeep

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one month and 2 days
Saturday. 8.4.07 1:21 pm
i will be 21 in one month and 2 days, what should i do for my birthday??? im not sure i don't think i'll do anything. maybe by some hot damn or something alcholic just cause i can. yep.

any way in better news willow will be 2 so damn cute!!


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