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short flash cartoon
Thursday. 8.31.06 2:11 pm
i got bored, so i made a short flash cartoon. hope you like it.

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a pig!
Thursday. 8.31.06 11:59 am
oh my! it's me as a pig!

what should i name this one?


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keep the balance...
Wednesday. 8.30.06 9:35 pm
i ran today.


it felt good. i miss running. and lifting. and biking. i think i'm gonna do it every day from now on. yep. every day. i'm still gonna eat the worst shit out there though. it's so delicious.


i've gotta keep the balance somehow.


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Wednesday. 8.30.06 6:24 pm
look what we have here... me as a robot! sankbot!


p.s. if you didn't know, i often sport a yellow hat that says "legendary."

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me llamo sank
Wednesday. 8.30.06 10:10 am
so i had spanish class today... ha. where's kit when you need him.

it's like, damn-near elementary spanish. i guess it's a good refresher course for me, but it's one of those classes where everything is shit you already know if you've ever taken a spanish class before. i mean, we counted to ten today. you don't even need a spanish class to do that. i guess you just have to go through it anyway...

one day i just wanna get up in the middle of lecture and walk out. here's how i imagine it:

as i get to the arch of the door, the professor will say something like, "scott, where are you going?!" i'd respond, "me llamo sank." then i'd begin walking again, then stop, turn, put my sunglasses on, and say, "and don't fuckin' wear it out." then i'd leave without closing the door.

...i thought it was funny.


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asian folk...
Tuesday. 8.29.06 6:35 pm
i'm partly asian, so i think i have the right to say this.

everyone's got their online user names for whatever their favorite weblog site, email site, or instant messenger program is. these "user names" normally represent something interesting about the person, or a hobby, or, well, it doesn't matter what they represent. i'm gonna focus on one thing.

what's with all these asian folk going around making their names have, in some way, shape, or form, the word "asian" in it? i'm sorry, but it pisses me off.

"AZN PRIDE!!!1 lol roxor ;)"


it's terrible. you can have pride in the fact that you're asian, i guess, but don't mistake your own pride for the fact that someone else gives a shit. believe me, i certainly don't.

...i hate it even more when the word "asian" makes it into a user name for a site where you clearly have a picture displayed of yourself. sorry, but of course you're fucking asian. look at your own damn picture. you don't have to tell us. we fucking know already.

the sense of pride that i have in being asian is pretty minimal... you don't see white or black people going around going "white pride" or "black pride." get the hell over yourselves. you sound like fucking nazis.

don't mistake this for a racist blog; i'm asian as well. i don't include it in every activity i partake in, however. come on guys... you're making all the good ones look bad...

all this blogging has made me hungry... does anyone have the number to a good chinese take-out?


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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