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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Monday, December 10, 2012
I found my academic essays I had written for the politics of free market back in college. And I was very impressed with my writing style, because it was deep and rich in meaning in yet simple sentences with no bombastic vocab. Well, I'm exaggerating a little, but with facts that I had scored A in most of the essays.

Yes... you noticed the 'was' too? Since then, my writing style has deteriorated. I don't really write that well any more, which I find it a pity. I guess my writing could have taken flight have I keep writing scholar articles.

The only thing I notice that my style didn't change is the use of huge vocab. I don't really use them, because my brain refuse to work as a thesaurus and I don't remember the meanings very well. I would have memorised the vocabs should I think it sounds cool in the essay.

Despite such small usage of those unheard vocab, I now even use lesser than my average numbers. A simple writing such as this is suffice to enumerate them...

I never notice that I can really write. I should pick up that skill again and polish...

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Ah! Something long!
Sunday, December 9, 2012
I scooped a spoonful of broccoli into my rice plate and was about to eat until my sister was saying something about the vegetable.

I looked blur.

And mum was responding to sister's comment. She was looking into the broccoli.

Everything went pretty fast and I knew I looked pretty dumb as I was in a hurry to finish my dinner.

And my mum dived her eyes into the broccoli with "Where? Where?"

Sister pointed onto the broccoli and I saw what she saw.


And I almost ate it.

I screamed briefly and was girlied by the sight of the long whitish worm.

Thank you sister for rescuing me.

What happened if it was already in my mouth?

Ugh. Gross.

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Friday, December 7, 2012
I was in a major shopping mall not far from my house for a work assignment and I realised I have a lot of time to spend before my next appointment with a friend. And I suddenly had an urge to watch the Rise of the Guardians since the trailer shows it's quite funny. Also thanks to my friend who kept telling me it's funny though he hasn't watched it.

I stood in front of the cinema and did a search on the movie. And I found the reviews stating this animation is nothing compared to Monster Inc. Oh well, I guess its plot is not as strong as the previous animations.

And so, what am I gonna do with the 5 hours before hitting my next appointment? I decided to visit my friend whose shop is at the opposite end of the cinema.

My intention was just to visit him, but I ended up signing up for his first trial facial treatment for a very reasonable price. That was so unexpected, but I was also curious about his products when his face now is quite smooth like baby skin!

The essential oils he used are his own recipe, and I actually quite like them. And they make my skin glow! Woohoo!

And after that ... my friend left me a FB message to postpone our appointment. Aiya!

So I ended up doing grocery shopping for tonight's dinner.

What a day spent.

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Final's keeper!!!
Thursday, December 6, 2012
First I had free dinner due to the unfortunate fly suffocated in my rice... and on the way home I found first 20 cent coin on the road and followed by 10 cent!

I was calling out mum about the 20 cent hitherto surprised to see the 10 cent too!

I'm a money magnet. Yay!

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Monday, December 3, 2012
I wrote a lyrics last night, but I was not satisfied and so I tried to write again today. When I open my lyrics doc in office, I found what I have written half-way early this year:

Even though we can be with each other in the next life ...
But is that what i want at that moment? Or is it just now?
If only i have declared my love to u ...

And to save myself from this drowning of love ...

What if u don�t want to be with me again in the next life?
All this assumption is killing me and i knew all this feelings will pass ...
And hopefully it is soon so i can fall in love soon...

To save myself from drowning ...

Wow. What was I thinking when I was writing this half way?

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healthy brand
Sunday, December 2, 2012
My doctor has finally stopped my medication, because my symptoms were very mild, hence my eye sight is ok despite feeling the twitches every now and then.

However, my left eye now is swollen a little. Mum could not tell if it's swollen or not, but I do.

Maybe I'm running too low on sleep as per doctor advised me I must rest a lot due to the nature of the illness I might be having.

So health, please be kind to me...

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