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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
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Tuesday. 10.16.12 10:40 am
I am crying again.

I am crying not for myself indirectly, but for my mother and any other female experiencing the same fater...

My mother wants to divorce my father, and we have been asking friends who are lawyers, because we needed advise since assets will be involved.

I had tea with a lawyer friend today, and he asked me on what ground does my mother want a divorce?

'No more love? My family is no longer a family where my father does not treat us like family but some piece of shit. We no longer talk, because it creates better harmony this way. What is the point of staying together when we are no longer comfortable with each other?'

'No more love is not a valid reason.'

So is my mother going to stuck with a person she does not love anymore?

The simplest way for my mum to get a divorce is to live separately for two years. But then what is next? What about the properties that are joint name?

My sister and I are currently not financially stable. I felt my heart got ripped out because we at the moment cannot live independently from father. How long do we need toundergo this emotional torture? Are we not working hard to take action? So what went wrong?

Should we just continue to be like the bird who looks out hungrily for freedom from the cage? And wait which parent dies first?

And people ask me why don't I get a bf... Hahaha. It is because I have not found a guy who does not act like a jerk! And do not ever ask me to settle for a guy who acts like one like my father! Thank you!

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4 years!
Monday. 10.15.12 11:43 pm

nuttz nuttz called out to me in a shopping mall, and it took me a while to recognize her. I was actually on my way to the shopping mall next door but it was raining heavily...

It is very unbelievable that we have not met each other for around 4 years. We still look the same except for me having shorter hair...

And I met xboyz too! He was very busy choosing a pair of jeans...

So me and nuttz catch up with each other over tea and dinner. What a weekend!

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holy 'beep'
Thursday. 10.11.12 5:51 am
I was blogging something long and my browser crashed.


I am not going to retype it...

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
I was stretching while yawning in my colleague's room. And she kept commenting "rude!"

But I could not care much, as it's already after working hours and we are waiting for other colleagues to finish their training with some outsiders.

As I was yawning while my colleague commented that it's due to the lack of oxygen in my brain, a trainer came into the room and said "My students always yawn in class; no wonder they are stupid."

HAHA. Luckily this trainer, who is popularly known as a joker, entered the room, if not my colleague and I will be bored to death!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012
I have applied to be a volunteer tarot reader for an online association. I don't know where is this tarot reading skills development going to lead me in the future.

As fas as I know, I am sometimes afraid of touching and reading the tarot or even the oracle cards.

I'm not sure how accurate I am, but readings is not about measuring the accuracy of the reader, but whether the reader is connected to the querent or not.

I'm not sure how gifted I am in this field, but teachers have been saying my readings are consistent and thorough. I don't know what does that mean.

Oh well, I'm just gonna be a tarot reader. That's all.

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Global market .... *yawn*
Saturday, October 6, 2012

I never like my remisier, because I feel he is not professional in handling my account.

But that was 4 years ago.

He called me yesterday to invite me to a global market outlook, and to know how to improve my investment skills.

Despite being keen on investment, I have not been attending investment seminars for a long time, and I was actually reluctant to attend it today, because I have deadlines to meet on Monday. But he promised to buy me lunch if I showed up today.

Taking into consideration that I should update myself on such matter, I decided to go and ... surprisingly, my remisier and I had a lot of things to talk about.

We talked about his arranged marriage! And I realised we both have become more mature and changed for the better.

The first time I met him, he won't be talking to me on such matters. He would just show up with a pouting face. I remember how annoyed I were at those times. That was why I didn't want to meet him up for these past four years.

Oh well... happy ending for today!

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