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Friday. 5.15.09 7:36 am
I hate lots to say, but no time to say it. I can't wait to put more music up!

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I made food today. Sort of.
Tuesday. 5.12.09 10:29 pm
Surprises that have come with this year's Spanish Food Project:

Mary and I get along very well.

I had a blast cooking the food. Probably because it was a dessert.

Actually, that's it.

I should probably learn how to use GIMP. I just found out that the photo editor I use was discontinued 4 years ago...

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What an alarming shade of Pink!
Saturday. 5.9.09 10:40 pm
So, today I was swimming/dragging limp people across the pool from about 10-4.

Here's a glaring mirror shot.

Here's the contrast to the normal pale shades of my flesh.

And here's a parting shot because I love you all.

In the wonderful world of first aid, they call it radiation burn. Neat.

Trust - Megadeth. Prepare for your face to be eaten by metal, even if it's only a small part.

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I'm starting my playlist over anew. I'll introduce each song as it is added.

-zombie mode-

PS: Today for lunch I had...
Some pineapple chunks + juice
Cheese stick.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with LEFTOVER PANCAKES AS THE BREAD.

K' bye.

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Today I'm fuzzy...
Friday. 5.8.09 9:20 pm
like my lawn.

I also did much better the second time around on Paper 2 of the math exam, even though I much prefer Paper 1. It seems that I do better when the problems rely on my brain power and not my calculator. Strange.

I'm going to be a lifeguard, if all goes well, by next weekend. Exciting and scary at the same time.

Steven Crowder is my new comedic hero, even above Dimitri Martin.

...OK, maybe not. But you get the picture. Except in some cases Steven is so conservative it's scary (but mostly hilarious).

I have 4 messages in my inbox. It's killing me because I always have 2, and now I have 4. I'll delete them right now.

Speaking of which, I've avoided my mail lately. No idea why. It's probably brimming with delightful spam right now.

There's this book called Hyperion that I bought at a glance a long time ago, and that I didn't read because I got bored with it. Bad timing, I guess. But I'm burning through it right now, and it's epic. I can't begin to describe it.

I microwaved a bit of brownie today, so that it was JUST too hot to eat, then put an Oreo Klondike Bar on top of it and ate the thing with a spoon. Fun and delicious.

Ungh, English...

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