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Gimme a call
Tuesday. 11.28.06 4:09 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Little People!
Tuesday. 11.28.06 12:21 am
I just can't win! I can't find that secret pattern that reveals that magical, mystical...*sigh* world. Of little people. What am I talking about? That darn Grow Cube game!

Argh...here's how far I've gotten:

*wails into hands*

--Uh-oh. The pic isn't working...ah, well.

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Guan Yin
Sunday. 11.26.06 1:40 pm
I believe some of you may have already seen this, but no matter--watch it again! ;)

This dance is nothing short of amazing. It's beyond this world, well into the universe! It's GORGEOUS. You can't even tell that the dancers are deaf. No, your eyes are not decieving you They are ALL disabled in some way. Can you believe it?

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Saturday. 11.25.06 7:00 pm
Voila! We have a NuGallery Yeah! Woo-hoo! It's still underconstruction, but...Woo-hoo! Go dave! Chugga-chugga Woo-Woo!

I'm crazily excited about this and I dunno why. Whatever. Bouncin' off the walls here.

Anyway, I just remembered that I didn't tell ya'll about my Thanksgiving. It's actually my first traditional Thanksgiving. Y'know, with Turkey and all. And gravy. For the first time, I've had GRAVY at the table. We never had gravy before, my mom and I. Or turkey for that matter. So...there was turkey (two yummy juicy ones), mussles, fish, mushroom dish, ginseng soup, chicken soup, etc. And I took the leftover turkey meat home to my ma.

"See what I shot in the forest! I cooked it right then and there!"

My dinner last night was Turkey Ramen. My brunch today was Turkey sandwiches on whole wheat, yummy seedless black grapes, and mango pudding. Dinner tonight is probably Turkey Ramen with a Veggie dish. Something like that.

I have a craving for White Castle. Too bad that's in Queens and I don't even know if it's still there. I've never actually tried 'em before. And I don't see the commercials anymore.

Ahh...now for the my replies to your comments:

Nuttz: Yes, the animated penguins. XD Found the huge ad yet?

Xboyz: You haven't skated before? It's a lot of fun! A little advice: You're gonna fall no matter what--so go for it!

randomjunk: I know. This is the first I've watched since...I can't remember. =P

LostSoul13: Yes, it is! I couldn't believe how detailed it was...I was there . Except I wasn't freezing to death without my coat.

The-Muffin-Man: Muffin-man! Me, too. The little babes are so hard to resist. XD They're so cute and cuddly--I wanted to reach out and touch 'em.

invisible: Haha! It was pretty obvious that that was coming. =D

**Note to self: Mention baby penguins for Christmas.**

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Yummmy Penguins
Friday. 11.24.06 10:45 pm
Ah, our plan was to go ice-skating today. It's free at Bryant Park and open 'til midnight. I wanna skate all night! I wonder if this little wish o' mine will ever come true. Not anytime soon anyway.

Alas, a leetle problemo occurred--there vere no more shoes, eh--skates fer any adult of de sizes 5-8. Which basically means all adults in general. Wait, no, there's an exception to that leetle problemo--the other gender! Ya'll have giant hooves! Argh-grah!

So we decided to go for a movie instead. Hey, did I say who 'we' were? My cousins and I. Two of my cousins and I. D and W, and I. We should have penguin smilies. Then I could use them here. Cuz we watched...yes, you guess it--Happy Feet!

Cute, funny, and very very naturally right. They were penguins in every way, except for the animation part. And it was cool how they incorporated real people in there...really don't know how they did that. Fascinating.

And I believe the subliminal messaging in there was

I would comply, but I like sushi too much. *shrug* Oh, well.

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Sunday. 11.19.06 8:24 pm
mood: content but starving
listening to: xmas cd
watching: the newly painted white wall

I got THREE DOLLARS in total! to all of you.

It's not twenty bucks--I've still got a long ways to go--but I'm closer to it.

Hmm, I had something to say before...gah! The cons of not having a blackberry and your notebook stuck all the way down in your overstuffed backpack behind the lappie that you couldn't open cuz you were on the train or on the street. Ah, well. Later.

Can you believe December is coming? And that means...Christmas! Yay!

There is now an official progress chart for the PTE X in the Note Me News module. Right over there ==============>

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Saturday. 11.18.06 11:29 pm
mood: tired...
listening to: insanefishy's game music
watching: my lappie's screen

*sigh* My shoulders are tight and my back curved like a fish. I'm so worn out that I just wanna curl up and sleep. Instead I'm sitting crosslegged on the couch facing the window with pain pulsing at the base of my neck. Whoop! And of course my lappie before me, my eyes greedily drinking in my drug: NuTang. Hehehe...*slurp* Sorry, I'm salviating.

I've been on a liquid diet all week. Cantonese, we call it juk . English, it's called congee. Mandarin, it's ju . Hopefully, ya'll know what I'm talking about. Rice Soup? Though it's not much of a soup . And I can't bite things: poultry, pork, beef, veggies, etc. My teeth want to bite something really bad. But they can't. The congee is cooked with the chicken and so on, I just don't put 'em in my bowl.

I was dancing all day today and had no energy. Not enough, barely enough. I had barre for my first class of the day. One spin and I was already dizzy. Eck, pathetic.

I will do as lazypuppy suggested and proceed with PTE X in December.

*stretches out against the pillows* Mrrrreow. Good night.

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Saturday. 11.18.06 10:28 am
Well, I'm going to try and figure out the best time for me to post. That way I'll get the most comments possible ;P / More people will be able to find me. ^-^ Thus, I am happy to introduce you all to...

Project Time Experimentation X! Or PTE X for short. ;)

It will consist of about five different entries on a normal weekday. Then, the process will repeat for a normal weekend day. If need be, I will do it for a whole week--if I have enough time, that is. Hmm, this will need a bit of tweaking on my part...perhaps, you'll all tell me when is a good normal week for me to procede. ^-^

Entry #1 will be written anytime from 8am-10am.
Entry #2 will be written anytime from 11am-12pm.
Entry #3 will be written anytime from 4pm-6pm. *this one may change later on*
Entry #4 will be written anytime from 8pm-10 or 11pm.
Entry #5 will be written anytime after that.

Thus it is: morning, noon, evening, night, midnight. Perfect, no?

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