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Thursday. 9.7.06 7:04 pm
today wasn't entirely exciting. i got a lunch break to catch up with zack about things. sweet luncheons.

i did get the opportunity to see the movie crank. if you don't know, it's the new movie with jason statham. he's pretty much the man. the basic plot is that statham has been poisoned by a hitman, and has only a few hours to live, in which he wants to seek his revenge on those who have plotted against him. aw hell, why not, i'll give my review of the movie.

crank was not as good as i expected it to be. than again, my expectations were higher before i saw the transporter 2, which was... well, aw hell, why not, i'll give my review of the transporter 2.

if you don't already know, the transporter 2 is the sequel to the mediocrally acclaimed movie the transporter. i personally enjoyed the transporter. the sequel, however, was less than par. granted, it did have some good fight scenes in it, where statham just gives everyone in his sights a stompin'. but there were some awful parts as well. at one point, the female hench...woman... blows up an entire helicopter with a gat. and when i say blows up, i mean, literally, makes explode in several different directions. it was some of the worst special effects i've ever seen. also, statham's antics with his vehicle are suspiciously surreal. i can't even pull the shit that he did with hot wheels. not that i play with hot wheels anymore...

so overall, you could say i was disappointed with the transporter 2, especially because a lot of people said that it was better than the first one. i disagree with them.

okay, so back to crank. the plot is fairly simple, as statham is constantly trying to seek revenge on the man who poisoned him, all the while trying to keep his adrenaline running so the poison he was given doesn't kill him. i liked this movie. it wasn't the best film i've ever seen, but it was definitely a decent statham flick. it was much better than the transporter 2. the action never stops, because if statham stops, then, well, he dies. so that is definitely a positive aspect. however, the story itself seemed kind of rushed, as if they pulled it together too quickly to think of something really good. overall, not an entirely bad film.

i like jason statham a lot. he was awesome in snatch, which is my favorite movie. i'm not even gonna give you my review on snatch; that movie was brilliant. if you haven't seen that, then shame. go see it, or your flesh explode.


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the princess bride
Wednesday. 9.6.06 4:43 pm
so i finally watched the princess bride in its entirety. it was very good. funny. andre the giant was obviously the best actor of his time. good stuff.

i also tried a bk double stacker from burger king today; that was delicious, though i'm not used to so much hamburger.

nothing else exciting going on. exercise o'plenty.


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all i can find.
Tuesday. 9.5.06 8:39 pm
not photoshopped, but some pics i messed around with.

oh, and

that's all i can find on my comp. oh well.


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Tuesday. 9.5.06 8:17 pm
so it's getting toward night time now. and i'm slightly tired. i going to sip at my super chill cola now.

*takes a sip*

if you don't know what super chill is, it's the generic brand of soda that they sell at shoppers food warehouse. it's delicious, and cheap. speaking of which, i found out today that the creators of super chill now make chips called super crunch. they're pretty good, i must say... worthy of my own investment, anyway. hmmph.

nothing too exciting going on recently. school is underway again, and it's boring as ever. physically, anyway. lots of stuff going on in my head. too much to blog about, but here's a start.

i love music, and i wish i could start a serious music project up, but i don't have the time. instead, i end up doing funny side projects with zack. our latest one is called "wonderpeople." i don't remember why. it sounds funny, i guess.

...our first song is going to be about his beard.


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labor day. what a day.
Monday. 9.4.06 9:47 pm
labor day. what a day.

i have a terrible headache. it's probably from playing video games for the majority of the day. halo and smash, all day baby, all day.

...i'm not sure why i decided that coming home and going STRAIGHT to the computer was the best idea for me... seeing as my head hurts pretty bad. hell, i'll live.

so i pretty much enjoyed today. it was very leisurely. so much for labor day on labor day, right? i mean, even halo was slackin'... i got a triple kill with one grenade. sheesh.

anyways, i just thought i'd drop a line over yonder, because i do like, every day. nothing too exciting going down over here. how's everyone at nutang doing?


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food's always good.
Sunday. 9.3.06 9:05 pm
today was pretty nice. i hung out with the guys at mike's for a cookout. food's always good.

we watched a few episodes of aqua teen hunger force. that show is hilarious. the rap in the beginning makes absolutely no sense. in fact, the entire show makes no sense. they're supposed to fight crime, but apparently gave it up a long time ago. why would the show still exist if the plot is... nonexistent? who cares, it's funny as hell.

tomorrow's labor day. what the hell is that anyway? the only thing i know about it is that you're not supposed to wear white after it or something, for fashion's sake. well, that makes no sense, and therefore, fuck fashionistas. *puts on a white shirt*


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