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Saturday. 3.19.11 4:41 pm
My friends and I went down to the beach for a few days for spring break.


We walked around the downtown area a lot, since it's VERY cool around there. It was accepted students' weekend for the local college, though, so getting around town in a car was like getting around town in a rowboat. Especially today and last night.

LAST NIGHT WAS GREAT, THOUGH. We spent some time on the beach, but it was pretty chilly, in any case. Sarah refused to get in the water at all, but Meagan and I strolled out into the ocean. I told her that I had two choices, and that I was going to make the wrong one. I proceeded to run out into the ocean, cry, "FOR AMERICA" and dunk my entire body in the water.

It wasn't that bad. There was a reason only a few others were in the water, YES, but it wasn't that bad.

After that, we hit one of the nearby restaurants for burgers and headed for the car. We drove into town and looked around for a good piercing place (I'd decided on a whim that I wanted my bellybutton pierced). We visited three places before finding out about a good place to hit, and even then the piercing guy was out for an hour.

So we went to another store I'd been meaning to visit, and I got my wind chimes! They are super huge and super cheap and super beautiful.

But then came bellybutton time, after my quick purchase and a walk around the piercing place's shop. Sarah bought a hookah and then the piercing guy took me back. I waved them back, too, because I figured it wouldn't hurt to have my friends there to support my stupid decisions. Sarah held my hand while he slid the needle through, and they were smart enough to avoid telling me that it wouldn't go all the way through. I figured it out when I heard my skin pop, and the piercing guy go, "Theerrre it is."


And when he got everything through and I was done being in pain for the moment, he let me out and I started to feel the dullness in my hearing creep on. By the time we hit the register to pay, I was in full-blown panic mode. BUT, I tried to play it off like, Hey, maybe I should sit down and grab a water since I can't hear anything. And the guy at the register was like YEAH SIT DOWN. Meagan bought me a water, but then the piercing guy was like, NOOOOO PASSING OUT DRINK THIS GATORADE.

He took away the clipboard with the paper I needed to sign. He literally took the pen out of my hand.

And I'm sitting here, totally indignant, just staring at the clipboard on the counter.


After I paid, we found the way back to the car, hit Chick-Fil-A, then had some hookah time by the outdoor pool. First time I tried THAT. It wasn't that great. Sarah said that the hookah was new and that the shisha wasn't that great, so maybe that was it.

With all the dumb crap we did, I am so surprised that they didn't boot us from the hotel.

So, anyway, everything else was pretty uneventful and normal, as far as our trips go. Back to being a student. BUH.

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two way monologue
Wednesday. 3.16.11 3:12 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Upside down.
Monday. 3.14.11 9:28 am
There was a day when I was taking trigonometry that the instructor assigned groups for us to work in. The problem was finding the area of a pentagon or something similar with multiple sides. We were given all the necessary variables.

I've never enjoyed group work, but my group seemed like they were okay with the basic calculations, so I wasn't too nervous. Everything was going smoothly, for the first five minutes. Once we got to manipulating equations to work the way we needed, everything went awry. I knew the way to work the problem out, but I guess the teacher in me took over and insisted that people need to learn from mistakes, rather than learn from being told.

It didn't take long for that mindset to wear off. Despite my insistence that the problem was simple and that the equations were straightforward, my group mates put numbers where they didn't belong just to see if they might by luck reach the correct answer.

Long story short, I ended up getting frustrated. I said, "You're making this way more complicated than it is. Just work the problem."

But, this was never an entry about trigonometry, anyway.

ps: still working on the new layout.

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Wednesday. 3.2.11 5:19 pm

Kurt Vonnegut's writing always cheers me up.

I finally got around to some Rand, last week. At times...I felt impatient towards her writing, because she tended to embellish where it wasn't exactly necessary. But then, she wrote the novel quite well. I read the whole of it at about the same rate as I did Les Misérables. And THAT was an excellent, compelling read.

It was The Fountainhead, FYI.

But...Vonnegut has my heart. When he died, a few years ago, I was sincerely upset about it.

Maybe his writing is a bit simple to read, but he's the most straightforward author I've ever read. The use of imagination...you can't underestimate how important it is. They tell aspiring writers to write what they know, but...

You shouldn't JUST write what you know. He does focus on war (he was in my grandpa's company), but he adds his own mind to it. I can hardly tell I'm reading about war, half the time.

And hey, maybe I'm not.

Life has been moving slowly. I think the big problem is that I haven't been joining clubs, sports, et cetera, because I'm not settled into my college. Rather, I'm waiting to be settled into MY college.

Not the one I'm attending.

It's odd, how you can have ownership over different things in different ways.


I don't want to get into clubs and end up like some people I know who didn't transfer in time. I know some kids who ended up drinking themselves happy because they loved the people, but couldn't stand the actual school. I'm not into alcohol, but regardless. Misery has never been my thing.

I have an idea where I want to be, but we won't go into that right now. The real point is that the place I want to be still isn't where I am, and that's partially because I was a follower to the point where I listened to my mother and let her discourage me and dump all over what I wanted.

That's another tangent I could go into. Long story short, she pushed me to take the full ride to a college with very little funds supporting my major, just because it was a full ride. Then, when I left (realizing that I was extremely unhappy and not in control of my own life), she got on me about wasting "free money" (she still rubs my nose in that). Free money that I earned. She told me that applying anywhere else would be a waste of money, and pushed me to only apply to the closest schools.

Like an idiot, I listened. Despite the fact that I'm paying for my own schooling and that she has nothing to do with any of this. Despite the fact that I certainly know where I want to be.

So now, I've applied somewhere. Secretly. About three people know to where.

Having to make choices behind my mother's back: not fun.

Having the freedom to apply to the school I want to attend without getting a bunch of nonsense about it: worth it.

Also, I've felt oddly blah, conversationally, lately. I don't know what that is. It's time to gain some more experiences!


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