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Gimme a call
Monday. 12.4.06 5:25 pm
mood: shaky but okay

Agh, I've got such a tummy-ache right now. >.< I just wanna burrow in my blanket, curl up, and nap. *yawn* Nice and cozy...now if only I had a hot water bottle to hug to me stomach, everything would be perfect. That and my mother allowing me to go turn on my lappie whenever I want (don't even think about internet). Which is why this is a quick post and then the lappie goes off until my mommy comes home and a couple of hours pass and I finally ask, "Mommy, can I turn on my lappie?"

See you then!

p.s.: She did?! Oh, that's awesome! XD Go Michelle(Trachtenburg)!

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Monday. 12.4.06 11:35 am
I just watched the trailer for Disney's Ice Princess--you know, the one with Buffy's little sister, Dawn? Michelle Trachtneburg is her name, I believe. It's not bad considering she can actually skate. I wonder if they used doubles for all those triples and so on...

If I ever actually watch it, it'll be because 1. it's about ice-skating and 2. Michelle Kwan is in there! XD

Yes, I love her and I'm bummed that she won't be skating anymore. =/ I can't believe they made her talk about the Olympics in that movie when she'll never be in it again. Meanies! *sigh* It was so much fun to scream insults at her competitors and laugh hysterically when they fell. Hehehe...

Now the theme song 'Reach' is stuck in my head.

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Uh, where'd that come from?
Monday. 12.4.06 9:24 am
Good Morning, NuTang! ^-^

Hmm, I found something strange last night. I was curving my fingers to reach for the '<' on the keyboard when pain seared through the top joint. It was a paper cut. Sure, that's nothing new, but I was near paper only twice yesterday and not at all last night. 0.o I also found a cut on the inside of my elbow. Both are raw and red--recent. I wonder...

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Me as a teacher...
Sunday. 12.3.06 7:44 pm
I had my first session as a language partner today! We had a meeting afterwards and one of the activities was to think of a word to describe it. I said new. >.>;; What?! We were in a group and we went clockwise, it was my turn before I knew it. So I said the first thing that popped in my head after 'Um'.

I arrived early this morning because I had to bring in a student with me. The partners were supposed to start after the student's morning class with the teachers and didn't have to be there until 10. Today was the first class so they had to be there a bit earlier to give in the tuition(if you can call it that): $30 (including books). Pretty good, I say. Much better than the usual thousand or so for other classes and stuff. XP

*sigh* I had an unexpected turn of events today. See, we have two hours with the participants: the first, to do a dialogue skit, and a second, to do whatever we wished. One of my students came to me with a piece she didn't quite understand.

Note: These are Intermediate students. They're not all at the same level, but I suppose they were here last year and got promoted or something.

I had to explain this to her:

A canner is exceedingly canny
One day he said to his granny
A canner can can anything he can
But he can't can a can, can he?

Now the grammer may not be entirely correct(the first and second line) because she copied it somewhere and we had already found something she had left out: But he can't can a can, can he?

It wasn't especially hard to explain, but from what I can tell...THESE STUDENTS AREN'T UP TO THAT! Yeesh. They don't even know what vocabulary means or possessive or pronoun, all of which I'm sure the teachers used more than once.

Oy. But I did have a great time today. It was a lot of fun. ^-^ And I'm definitely looking forward to next week! (Yes, this is a weekly thing.)

--Ack, I didn't realize I could plug! >.<;; Sorry!

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Friday. 12.1.06 11:41 pm
You know that feeling you get when you're on an airplane? That pressure that pushes in your ears. You know, when your mother gsave you gum to chew as a 'remedy' for it? I get that sometimes, but not in an airplane.

I took the last load of laundry back up to our apartment a few minutes ago. The laundry room is in our building by the back door/service entrance. I was in their all alone with the mechanical humming and the occasional clacking of a metal button against the washer or dryer. I was suddenly aware of the slight pressure in my ears. It felt like I was going deaf. My ears could only faintly pick up the laundry music and I couldn't tell if it was because the noises were low or what.

When I finally put the last of the clothes in the cart, I rolled over to the door and pushed down the handle. The heavy door opened with a grunt of effort and all this sound was suddenly there. I turned around to wonder at the laundry room, shrugged, and went on my way. Weird.

I've felt it on countless other ventures to clean my various items, but never before so obviously. I've never opened the door and have sound blasted at me. It was very strange...

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Friday. 12.1.06 12:16 pm
Changed my layout. ^-^ Now I have two q's for you:

What's the the theme of my layout?
Aren't I subtle?

What's that pasttime I've been so into?

Yup, that's still up. My answer to all you guessers: You're all wrong! Well, invisible and Nuttz are warm. The rest of you are COLD as ice.

Hehe, it's not so easy to figure out. Keep guessing!

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Thursday. 11.30.06 4:59 pm
Lately I've been really really into a certain pasttime. It involves animation, colors of the rainbow, and a certain undeniable sense of style. ;)

Guess what it is? 0.o

***Winner gets 25 pps !***

--Clue: I haven't talked about it...=3

---No, no, no, and no. XP

Clue #2: It's a very girly thing to do...
Okay one more.
Clue #3: It's It's something little kids do, too...

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A Hide and Seek Loser
Wednesday. 11.29.06 4:39 pm
Another fascinating story from OurOddWorld...

Escaped Rapist hides in PS3 line

Found this on OurOddWorld.com



Burdine was charged in an alleged assault at a Kentucky Welcome Center on I-75.One Best Buy customer thought police were arresting a man for taking a Playstation 3, but it turned out to be the suspected rapist who escaped from University of Kentucky Hospital last night.

William Rick Burdine Sr., 42, of Laurel County, was being discharged from the hospital Wednesday night when he ran from a corrections officer, UK police said.

About noon yesterday, police saw Burdine enter the Best Buy on Nicholasville Road, where they arrested him at the rear loading dock without incident, Lexington police Lt. David Lyons said.

Ricky Simpson, a UK student from Ashland, was in Best Buy yesterday when he saw police arrest a man.

"I thought it was for the Playstation," he said, referring to the video game system being released today.

When Burdine escaped, he was wearing only boxer shorts and white tennis shoes, UK police said.

Lexington police received a call about 10:30 a.m. yesterday that a man fitting Burdine's description was spotted at Nicholasville Road and New Circle Road. Police first went to Lexington Green, where other people said they saw a man matching the same description.

Police called out several units and a helicopter, Lyons said.

Burdine was briefly taken back to UK hospital and taken to Fayette County Detention Center, Lyons said.

Burdine was a Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex inmate.

Burdine was charged in an alleged assault at the Kentucky Welcome Center on Interstate 75 in Whitley County in June 2004. Police said he attacked a woman with a knife, forced her into her car and sexually assaulted her.

Nice hiding place--with so many people to scurry behind. 'Cept there were too many cuz they all saw him and pointed fingers. Served him right!

But where did he get clothes? 0.o From a homeless man/dumpster?

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