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A little extra
Sunday. 12.29.13 6:44 pm
I worked an extra 4 hours today. I'll be working an extra 8 on Saturday. Each bit of extra money will help right now, especially with the move coming up. As much as I hate moving, I'm looking forward to being in a nicer place. And if it's not nicer, I will only be doing a 9 month lease so perhaps I'll be moving again around my birthday. Hey, by then perhaps I'll be able to afford a nicer place either in the same area or closer to the city again. Who knows what the future will hold. For now, however, I just looking forward to having more space again.

Is it bad that I'm already counting down the days until my off day when today was my Monday? Work hasn't gotten that bad yet. I think the three weeks away was enough to get me to reset my mind toward work. I'm sure something will happen eventually that will test my loyalties to the company, but when that time comes I know it'll be the sign to move on.

Two more days left in 2013. I'll have to count, but I think I only missed 7 days. Give or take. I'll put up my final tally on the last day of the year. I'm not sure if I'll continue this daily exercise in 2014, but I've definitely created the habit of coming here every day so perhaps this coming year will be the year of the comments. We'll have to see what happens.

Alright, I am supposed to be having a friend over sometime soon, though I'm not sure when he's supposed to be here. I guess I should probably clean up a little before he arrives.

Until tomorrow. . .

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All the wrong places
Saturday. 12.28.13 10:09 pm
I hate when zits show up in all the wrong places. Such as the middle of your chest or the side of your mouth ... right where people look. I haven't had one in the middle of my forehead in quite some time, but that's a bad spot too. I guess there really is no ideal location for a zit, but there are some places where it's less obvious. How am I supposed to wear cleavage showing shirts if there's an ugly distraction sitting right in the middle?

Work was kind of busy, but nowhere near as busy as it was last Saturday. I guess with Christmas being over, people have gotten all of their shopping done and over with. I really think my manager has noticed that I'm not paying near as much attention to him as before because he keeps hovering around my register. Either I'm doing something wrong or he's trying to get my attention. It's not going to work. I can see that he's there without actually looking at him. He really does have a nice ass, though, so when I see that he's walking away from me, I tend to stare. So long as no one catches me, I'm good.

With my other coworker that I'm interested in, I guess some things are better left in fantasy. Knowing that nothing will happen between us isn't going to stop me from dreaming about it. Hell, I had a dream just last night about us being out on a date and walking around holding hands. It was really sweet and I think those are the ones that get to me more. The sexual ones drive me crazy, but it's the sweet stuff I really enjoy. Oh well. Guess I just keep dreaming.

Anywho, I think that's it. Only a few more days left in the year. Kind of crazy, right?

Until tomorrow. . .

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Busy busy!
Friday. 12.27.13 5:45 pm
I know that I'm not really on top of it anymore, which sucks because it's the end of the year and I was doing so well.

Christmas day I worked my regular shift after which I came home, changed, wrapped up the gifts and headed up to my friend's work. I then followed her up to a city like, 40 miles from my house so that we could spend Christmas evening with her family. We ate dinner probably an hour after we got there, then gifts were opened before dessert was served. After dessert we all gathered in the living room and watched the Lone Ranger. It's a funny movie. Johnny Depp is an amusing actor.

We decided not to stay the night since both of us had to work in the morning. I got home around 11:30 and crashed out before midnight. Waking up yesterday morning was a struggle, but I had to do it.

Work was alright. It was a lot of busy work that kept me from having too much boring down time. Not something I care for on my Friday, but at least it helped make the time go by faster. After I got off work, I met up with a friend in from out of town. He came by to get me and we went to the movies. We saw the new Hunger Games movie. It was alright; lots of action and quite the cliffhanger at the end. After that we went back up to his sister's place and I hung out for a bit. I actually ended up staying the night, but that was mostly because the drive back was really far and it wasn't worth it for him to waste the gas making more trips than necessary.

This morning we stopped at a place for a late breakfast before he brought me back home. I then got in to my car and headed up to check out a potential new apartment, which I actually paid to have put on hold for me to move in at the end of January. It's in a really ideal location. I will miss only one thing about living here: the view. However, since I only really admire the view from outside my bathroom window {my other windows, I usually keep the blinds closed} I won't really miss it too much. The new place has a spectacular view of ... the freeway. Oh well. The commute to and from work will be a bit further, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to take for a place that's twice as big as what I have now.

Anywho, I think that's pretty much everything that's happened over the last couple days. Only a few more days left of this year. Hopefully next year leads to good things. And that finding this apartment is a sign of good things to come.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Not too bad
Tuesday. 12.24.13 6:42 pm
I didn't get the gift that I wanted to get for my friend ... I actually spent more money than I really should have, but I'm sure she'll like what I got her. Besides, her birthday is in a couple months so I can make up for it then.

The mall wasn't terrible. I was expecting people to be all crazy and running around and shit. It actually wasn't much busier than it would be on a Saturday afternoon. Traffic wasn't terrible either, oddly enough. The only place where I went that I had to wait for a long time was the bakery where I picked up the dessert and that's only because the set up they have in there isn't exactly easy to understand. The line curves around in a weird way and it blocks the door so you never know where the line starts and who has already been helped. Either way, I'm looking forward to trying out what I bought.

Tomorrow's shift should be boring. I'm actually not looking forward to it, like I normally do for holidays, because I'll be working with someone that will probably bitch and moan about having to be there on the holiday. Perhaps I'll do a lot of patrolling tomorrow to kill some time so that I won't feel bummed for too long. After work, I'll be coming home to change out of my uniform and packing an overnight bag then heading to meet up with my friend at her work. I'll be following her from there to her parent's place and I'll be staying there for the night. I'll have to get up at like, 4:30 in the morning and leave no later than 5 so that I can be at work by 6 Thursday morning.

Once the shift is over on Thursday, I'll actually be meeting up with another friend who is in town visiting for the holidays. I'm pretty excited about that. We'll be going to the movies and probably walking around Downtown while he's here so that will be fun. I'll have to look to see what movies are playing. I haven't had time to do really anything lately so I haven't even the slightest clue what's playing in theaters right now.

Anwyho, I got sidetracked and it's been like, half an hour since I typed that last sentence so I think I'll stop here for the night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Last minute shopper
Monday. 12.23.13 6:55 pm
I don't like being a last minute shopper especially since people and traffic piss me off, but I feel sort of obligated to bring something with me to my friend's for Christmas, especially since she and her parents are getting me something. I really don't like getting stuff and not being able to give back. It makes me feel greedy.

So it looks like I'll be making a stop at Target after work tomorrow to see what kind of small items I can buy at the last minute. I also need to figure out what kind of dessert to bring that's safe for her to eat, due to her allergy to corn. I won't be going all out like I did for Thanksgiving, but I still want to bring something tasty. No clue what to bring, though.

I'm glad that the last two days at work haven't been too bad. There was a minor issue today, but it wasn't anything too annoying. Hopefully the remainder of the week isn't too bad either. I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Sunday. 12.22.13 5:34 pm
This is going to be really quick. I'm not sure exactly what I want to write about today. Work was mostly uneventful. It was kind of busy for a Sunday, but nothing that made me want to walk off the job. Tomorrow is going to be annoying simply because it's Monday and Mondays are always annoying.

Due to the lack of sleep I got last night, I will probably be going to bed early tonight. I may make it to 8, but that might be pushing it. Perhaps there will be a small glimmer of hope that will make tomorrow more tolerable. I will find out right at the beginning of the shift.

Until tomorrow. . .

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