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sweeeeeeeeeeet pickins.
Tuesday. 9.12.06 6:47 pm
i've got a headache.

no reason, they just come every now and then. i just thought i'd let everyone know.

does anyone else watch "how i met your mother"? it's not the funniest show out there, but for some reason i'm hooked on the story. check it out, if you already haven't.

i'm looking forward to this weekend, and doing anything "my little heart desires." the only real this that i desire is not to go to the farm, which i'm guaranteed to fulfill... sweeeeeeeeeeet pickins.

i think i'll be on late tonight... got nothing better to do... except maybe throw back a few aspirin.


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living in the past.
Monday. 9.11.06 6:40 pm
i wish i had exciting stories to tell. sorry to disappoint. today was okay.

i really have to stop eating fast food. it's terrible for me. every bite i take is taking time off of my life. fuck.

so it's september eleventh, again, and everyone is back into mourning. i feel sorry for the families of those killed in the tragedy, but i'm not going to spend my day mourning.

we need to concentrate on the lives we have right now. any event like 9/11 could happen at any time, so we need to make the most of our situations. today should be spent celebrating life.

have your moment of grief for what happened five years ago today. i had mine. but it didn't hang over my head all day. i'm not living in the past.


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dane cook
Sunday. 9.10.06 9:33 pm
okay. so who loves dane cook? raise your hand.

okay, okay, hands down.

who has seen vicious circle? his special was hilarious. i don't want to get in depth about it, because i don't want to ruin it if you haven't seen it. but do yourself a favor, and watch it; it's very funny. that's all.



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singe my arm.
Sunday. 9.10.06 4:03 pm
ayyyy nutang what's up.

i just got back from delaware, and i'm tired and sore. there was lots of work to be done, and by god, it got done.

i had to burn like a billion metric tons of wood and cardboard on saturday. it took a very, very, very long time. i even got burned by a few embers. i guess it was my fault; i shouldn't have sat fifty feet away. i should've known that tiny fractions of fire could fly on the wind and singe my arm. what was i thinking.

i also had to use one of those stereotypical farming tractors and cut some fields. that was horrific. first of all, there should be some kind of safety cage for that damn thing, because an ant hill causes the tractor to nearly tip over. second of all, if you try to move fast at all, then the wheels end up digging really far into the dirt when you turn. let's just say that tractoring is not my forte.

there were also various odds and ends that got done... needless to say, i worked my ass off this weekend, and i'm exhausted.

i was gonna go visit my friend at salsbury, but today i ended up having wayy more work than i thought i was gonna have. i apologize. i didn't know there was THAT much to do; if i would've been told, i would've gotten it done on saturday. fuck.

in conclusion, this weekend blew. however, i DO have off next weekend, so i will do whatever my little heart really desires. and i think you all know what that means.


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the idea of celebrities.
Friday. 9.8.06 3:48 pm
hello all. it's friday. most of you are saying/thinking "woohoo!" well, i'm not. i have the great misfortune of working all weekend in delaware. sweet.

today was okay. the weather is fantastic. luckily i get to spend however many hours it takes me to get across the bay bridge in my car. at least everyone else will enjoy the weather.

i wish i could breakdance. that'd be cool. or jumprope like the muffin man. i need some sort of talent that's gonna bring me millions of dollars some day. fuck. alls i can do is origami and card tricks. i'm probably better off counterfeiting.

i hate the idea of celebrities. they're not better than any of us. i don't want anyone's autographs, because it means exactly dick to me. someone's name on a piece of paper? WOW! get the fuck outta here. i wouldn't mind meeting any, at least, the ones i can respect, but i wouldn't want anymore from them than that. oh! some overpaid actress is pregnant? who gives a flying fuck. just another overappreciated person to add to the already overpopulated world.

i hate when people get angry at tom cruise. he's just a normal guy. if any other random guy walking down the street claimed he was a scientologist, then everyone would just shrug it off. because of the fact that this man is constantly on tv and the big screen, he gets criticized for having an opinion. what happened to freedom of speech and religion? no one goes onto a news program and says "oh, jews are fucking stupid." it's ludicrous. anyone who has said tom cruise is stupid, or has brought him down, is an asshole. i happen to like his movies.

i couldn't think of anything else to blog about. tell me if you agree/disagree with my statements.


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Thursday. 9.7.06 7:04 pm
today wasn't entirely exciting. i got a lunch break to catch up with zack about things. sweet luncheons.

i did get the opportunity to see the movie crank. if you don't know, it's the new movie with jason statham. he's pretty much the man. the basic plot is that statham has been poisoned by a hitman, and has only a few hours to live, in which he wants to seek his revenge on those who have plotted against him. aw hell, why not, i'll give my review of the movie.

crank was not as good as i expected it to be. than again, my expectations were higher before i saw the transporter 2, which was... well, aw hell, why not, i'll give my review of the transporter 2.

if you don't already know, the transporter 2 is the sequel to the mediocrally acclaimed movie the transporter. i personally enjoyed the transporter. the sequel, however, was less than par. granted, it did have some good fight scenes in it, where statham just gives everyone in his sights a stompin'. but there were some awful parts as well. at one point, the female hench...woman... blows up an entire helicopter with a gat. and when i say blows up, i mean, literally, makes explode in several different directions. it was some of the worst special effects i've ever seen. also, statham's antics with his vehicle are suspiciously surreal. i can't even pull the shit that he did with hot wheels. not that i play with hot wheels anymore...

so overall, you could say i was disappointed with the transporter 2, especially because a lot of people said that it was better than the first one. i disagree with them.

okay, so back to crank. the plot is fairly simple, as statham is constantly trying to seek revenge on the man who poisoned him, all the while trying to keep his adrenaline running so the poison he was given doesn't kill him. i liked this movie. it wasn't the best film i've ever seen, but it was definitely a decent statham flick. it was much better than the transporter 2. the action never stops, because if statham stops, then, well, he dies. so that is definitely a positive aspect. however, the story itself seemed kind of rushed, as if they pulled it together too quickly to think of something really good. overall, not an entirely bad film.

i like jason statham a lot. he was awesome in snatch, which is my favorite movie. i'm not even gonna give you my review on snatch; that movie was brilliant. if you haven't seen that, then shame. go see it, or your flesh explode.


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