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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Is it?
Sunday. 1.13.13 8:55 am
I am now on a company trip in the north, and I managed to meet up with my team member from here.

We relieved our moments together during our trip to Japan, and she brought up the most memorable moment whenever national day performance is mentioned. It was about me who was very highly irritated by a member who was standing behind me during our performance.

We, my contingent, got the stage because it was known that the waves were terrible, and we will be prone to get seasick and yet we proceeded with the practice.

We lived up to the waves for half of us were seasick and some were already puking, and yet, we carried on with the rehearsal.

I was so not in the mood to dance. I just want to get over it so I can go and have fun. But every member was not in the mood too, and worse we danced like sh*t. We were not in rhythm. So off.

And worse of all. What the hell was wrong with him making noise during the performance? I looked at him and he was screaming at me 'what the f*ck u looking at me?!' I was humiliated but I knew I should not. I became so emotional because I was burning with anger, but I cannot shout in response. No matter what, I must be emotionally intelligent.

So in the end, I made a closing speech 'We practiced so hard for 4 days to remember the 75 minutes dance, and we danced like shit tonight. So let's dance like there is no tomorrow, can we?'

They went silent. I was almost in tears because 'this' shit dance could happen on the day we were supposed to perform.

Later I found out they went silent because they did not know how to answer. Can or yes?

And they chose the latter. So that speech became a joke and everyone danced better after that. That guy? He went silent in all rehearsals.

And I found out that my members were happy to have me as their leader. And this made my day.

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colleagues gone wild
Wednesday. 1.9.13 4:35 am
Hmm. My colleagues gone wild.

They grouped at my communal office and talked excitedly about their upcoming trip to Indonesia next month.

And somehow one of the female colleagues is starting to flaunt her true colours... Which encouraged another to call her 'hamsapp', pervert in Chinese, instead of whatsapp.

Another comedy conversation topic is the male colleague being the most 'purest' guy. We exploded with 'wat?!'. Something must have happened between the suggester and this guy...

Me? I just sat in front of my desktop doing some creative writing.

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New Year New hair
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
I spent my new year working as a freelancer.

And I got a new hair cut. The hair dresser recognised me and the first thing he said to me was "you want it short."

Damn right.

He cut it pretty short and I was offed to a major shopping complex in the KL city to await my friend. When I was in a famous well-known shoe shop, I asked the sales attendant if she could recommend me some shoes.

And the first thing she recommended me was a MALE WORKING SHOE.

I looked at her surprisingly and said to her slowly "I'm a girl."

She looked confused initially and slapped her forehead for mistaken my identity.

I looked back at my dressing: loose black tee with falling jeans and huge sport shoe. No wonder she mistook my identity. She can't spot my boobs.

And I think my hair is too short like a guy.

Later, I went to meet another bunch of girlfriends and they all cooed how cool I look with this new hairstyle.

Right. The only thing that's missing on my hair is the highlight. I will highlight my hair this year!

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Oh it's sugar sugar~
Sunday, December 30, 2012
I was at a friend's gathering to support his initiative in organising a financial game outing, and I certainly didn't expect to bump into my friend and her boyfriend. We seem to be fated to bump into each other at places we never thought of.

Her boyfriend and my friend are friends. Ah! What a small small world.

Upon sitting down opposite me, I saw her taking out a microfleece pouch, which was just too cute to go unnoticed, but I never asked what is it.

Until ...

We finished the game.

We get on like house on fire easily. I guess we both are friendly and talkative girls. Ha!

Anyways, she took out the pouch again as we sat on the chair. And the curiosity beats the crap out of me, I groped the pouch. Yes, you read it right. I GROPED the pouch, and I was surprised that the item in the bag is soft and small.

And then she opened the pouch. It was containing this:

I went almost hysterically because I was groping with all my might. What happened if the sugar glider got crush?! I will certainly crush myself.

She said she will whack me if she saw me doing so. Ouch.

It was so cute!!! I kept petting it. I wanted to kiss it if possible, but of course, I know my limits.

When we said our goodbyes, I said goodbye to the sugar glider first instead of her. HAHA...

So I guess you now know the weakness to renaye. =)

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Monday, December 24, 2012
Oh yes, we survived the Mayan's predicted Armageddon, but did it ever occur to you that we may or will die in our own hands? We are our own enemies. We are too smart for our own race that we bring destruction to ourselves, and yet say that we fought for it in the name of 'love'.

If so, is war, starvation, destruction of the environment an act of affection of humans?

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21 Dec 2012 pt 2
Friday. 12.21.12 8:38 am
We survived!!! The humans survived!!!

Well, what if the expiry date wasn't just today but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week?

"The end of the world" still lingers in our mind...

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