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Tuesday. 5.26.09 9:50 pm
So, last night, I could hardly get to sleep. Even after beating the shit out of my poor pillow.

And you know what?!

I slept a lot in school today. Hahaha. The first two blocks are the only times I actually do anything in class anymore, so after a strange lunch, I slept on the floor for an hour in math, and then on a lab table for another hour and a half in Physics.

For pillows, I used my bookbag and a girl's long sleeve shirt balled up on top of a water faucet, respectively. Surprisingly, my neck is still hurting.

Hey Kierra.

Today there was no practice, due to thunder stormin', so for a while the team sat in a circle talking with the coach. Ryan chose this time to rip a fart loud enough for everyone to hear. I mean everyone. I haven't been that unfortunate in years.

Everyone's been farting today. Sheesh.

Lunch was strange because-


-because I missed my chance to get at the front of the line (I usually get there super early), so I bought my customary cookies from another vendor, and got my lunch after the line had gone down. So, essentially, I ate it backwards.

Wait, don't I usually eat the cookies first, anyway? I guess you wouldn't know.

But the weird part is that, even though it was a fair sized bit of food and all I did was sleep after, by the time I got home after school I was starved again. No fair.

My dog's getting old. >.>

The Red Raver is Ryan's new car. (Haha, Ryan's Red Raver. Alliteration.) It's red and good for raving in. Hence the name.

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Monday. 5.25.09 9:09 pm
I got baked. It was hot.

PS Does anyone else know about the Pirate language on facebook? It's perhaps the most hysterical thing ever. Seriously, they changed every little detail to be in pirate speak. It's fantastic.

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Just one more year.
Friday. 5.22.09 9:41 pm
Please, let me get through another school year. Then it won't matter. I'll be off to college, where I won't know anybody and nobody will know me. In some aspects, I want to start over. It's the perfect place and time. But in other respects, I will not change if I can help it. I'll still be me. I want to keep in touch with all the great people who've made me who I am. There are some great influences I've had and continue to have. My lunch table compadres. Most of my youth group. The guys from Movie Night. My friends I met at Clemson.

The list goes on, but I shan't go with it. The point is, I'm going to miss them.

Lateralus - Tool. A long song, and terribly boring for most people. This was my first taste of what I call "epic music" (of course). That is, songs that ask questions, are philosophical in nature, invoke images involving the subconscious, etc. Also, they tend to rely more on the actual instrumentation than on the lyrics themselves. From listening to epic music I've acquired a taste for good instrumentation, leading me to such bands as Dream Theater, and similar bands in the Symphonic Metal genre such as Kamelot or even Nightwish.

But this is my first. Even though it is not my favorite, it really holds a special place in my heart. Even if I don't always want to listen to it, I love this song. Shannon's the one who showed it to me. In fact, Shannon introduced me to a lot of music, even if I didn't like most of it. :3

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I posted the lyrics, actually. It was a while ago, but I dug up the link for you guys. :D

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Stream of consciousness
Thursday. 5.21.09 10:13 pm
My favorite point of view.

I think the frequent headaches recently are being caused by the freakishly cold water I have to swim in. I can feel it slapping my ear drums...it hurts.

I've got to get used to being in the water again. I mean, I'll never get used to the cold, but I can at least re-learn how to keep it out of my nose during backstroke. I have a great system, I know it! I just don't remember it.

I will, given time. TIME!

...I <3 physics. w00t!

OK, that was uncalled for. Sorry, all you literate types out there.

Watched my school's Drama Club's rendition of Shakespeare's The Tempest. It was pretty rad, even if I had a hard time catching all the words.

Notice that I used three possessive nouns just now. I'm just that talented.

How do you guys read my blog? I don't know if I could do it.

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