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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Tuesday. 4.8.08 9:52 pm
had lunch at golden shoe (hawker centre of shenton way) a couple of days back, a place which i hate to go during peak lunch time. the frenzy and the pekchek-ness of having to find a seat (often a dirty table) in narrow walkways and heated and oil infused air irks me.

if i can, i rather go there at 11.30, half an hour before the lunch crowd starts their stampede.

but anyways due to everyone's lunch time co-ordination, i was there at 11.50. i went there earlier, hoping to get a table but only found seats after circling over the seated patrons and their food for 15 min, i finally found seats for all 4 of us, a table beside a bachor mee stall.

so i was sms-ing them to come over when this Auntie, as in not working in CBD kind of auntie, happily plonked her ba chor mee down on my table and proceeded to schuttle between the stall and my table, blocking the passage way entirely trying to put chilli on the bachor mee that is still serenely sitting on my table.

already irritated that the table took me so long to find, i still told the auntie NICELY that the seats are taken.

the infuriating woman PROCLAIMED to the general public; " You mean ALL 3 seats are taken??"

"yes they are taken"

"ALL 3???" "U mean ALL 3??!!" "ALL the seats??"

at this point in time, i really wanna slap her

"ALL, you mean you taking ALL??"

and on and on she went for at least 5 min

Ive got 2 questions to ask

1) Does she understand
a) "Yes, its all taken"
b) what she is actually saying, ie "all 3"

2) Just because she is dining alone, does she she think that
a)everyone else must also dine alone
b) i look like a person whu has imaginary friends

Do think about it. I believe this calls for a very indepth thought process.

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a real entry
98th day of 2008
There's a few things i wanna blog abt but firstly,

I am so damn happy that my CCM is over! it is the most gruelling of all my subjects so far. not because of the content but becoz i simply didn't manage to study till the night before (not exactly my procrastination at fault here, was completely exhausted coz work ended at 11+ on monday and tues, nv fully recovered enuff to concentrate), and i had topics totally untouched just hours before taking the exam.

Thanks to lindy and the conducive TCC at Funan the IT mall, we ploughed through everything. I am a better learner listening den writing, which is why our dicussion helped loads. And the credit should also go to FAD! or rather fad's textbook which gave brillilant examples for us to apply during the exam, not to mention it is so much easier to understand then the gibberish i had for my textbook.

i was so suprised at how smoothly the exam went. I had so much to write, i had to check myself constantly with the time and eneded up with only 2 pages in the booklet left. As u can tell, i'm really quite amazed, tho i wun want to leave my studying till so late again.

was super hungry during the exam, coz i din had dinner before going in at 7pm. so we had a feast after! the food at the kopitiam alongside le meridian is actually not bad. tho i think, a bit more expansive. a touristy kind of place. stingray was/is undersized. humpmh. Edward, Lindy's bf had felt compelled to provide feedback. LOL... not to mention Ed gave ng qi quite a shock. me and jaye just continued eating. we are quite used to it liao.

so the couple left after dinner, leaving jaye, me and ng qi. We decided on Ben and Jerry's while walking to dobhy gaut! Sinful! with a capital S!

So we were talking and I have come to the conclusion that Ng qi says i am, *sob*, direct, impatient, fierce and hot tempered person! that is so not true! i have 14 "nice" in my friendster testimonials.

how did she come to this conclusion? might have sth to do with the angry sms i sent *tadah!* the irresponsible grp mate Marcus that went:

"Dear Marcus,

Lindy and Jaye and me had to rush the report out during work. Plz bear in mind that other pple also have jobs. Having to completely over haul your work is not our job.

And YES we are pissed at you."

this is a pretty accurate log of what happened:

"So, Ping mass smsed everyone on the meeting details. NO reply from him. FINE, that wasn't the first time anyway. We weren't sure if he would turn up coz there wasn't any confirmation from him. He's working 5 1/2 days, so we fixed it in the afternoon. Partly because we wanted to zzz lah. Haha..

On the day itself, we were speculating if he would turn up as no one heard from him. He did not reply a single sms. So I decided to call him. No answer. Ng Qi called. No answer too. I decided to be a nuisance & called once again. He finally answered & told me he was on his way from office. Our discussion was held at OCBC Centre's Burger King at Raffles Place. His office was at Dhoby Ghaut. He should reach in a jiffy right?

Hell no. He took hours to reach. Ng Qi even said sarcastically, "I wonder if his office is located in Malaysia. Even if it is, he would have reached." LOL!!

He finally strolled in & wasn't apologetic at all. Well, not like it bothered me. In the midst of our discussion, guess what, he was busying copying Lindy's lecture notes! Why? Because he was away on ICT & missed the lectures.

He wasn't participative in the discussions, & when we arrowed questions at him, he'd go, "Huh?" His reaction seemed to say, "Well, whatever you say. Don't ask me."

Ping looked through his part, & found no citations to his tables, so yeah, he was asked to cite the source of his tables. In addition, he was asked to do the abstract & conclusion for our report. Well in my opinion, he seemed a little reluctant with a reply, "Huh, you girls trust my English?"

Precisely. That's why the abstract & conclusion, so it wouldn't affect our content much.

We decided we should all send Ping our edited parts by Sun night, 30 Mar, 10pm. Nothing from him. After numerous houndings from Qi, he finally sent in his BIBLIOGRAPHY. What do we need the biblio for? We needed his table citations, abstract & conclusion!!

It wasn't until 10+am on 31 Mar that he FINALLY sent his abstract & conclusion to ZQB. To our horror, both his abstract & conclusion were a total crap!! They were DIRECTLY copied & pasted from different parts of the report. Nevermind if he did that, but the sentences made no logical sense at all!! We could not fathom what he was trying to say. Blood was boiling...

10+am on a Monday morning. Office hours. Lindy had to edit his conclusion & I did the abstract coz if we got him to redo, god knows when he would get them done. In the midst of editing, we realised it was much easier to completely overhaul them.

We spent almost ALL of our time clearing his mess in the office. Work was neglected because of that"

-- extracted from Jaye's blog.

that was also why my work ended at 11+ on monday.
and i think Ng qi went into culture shock at my sms again.

back to topic,
somehow after BnJ, we decied to go SMU to continue the chat fest. we were gossiping and chatting till 5++am and me and jaye K.O on the study bench.

woke up at 6am to take the first trains home. was still thinking i can continue my drreams on the train when to my horror, the seats were fully occupied by the workers, Blangla, Cina and what have you.

finally got a seat ard toa payoh and concussed. woke up, refreshed and even had traditional soft boiled eggs at the kopitiam for breakfast and read some newpaper, "More 12 year olds are getting infected with STDs, with partners aged 14 and above"


the world is messed up these days

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