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Wednesday. 4.20.11 11:30 pm


So. So!

Meagan, inhuman, and I are going down to the beach for my birthday, this weekend. YOU CAN'T COME. Except in spirit!

I discussed trying oysters with Meagan. She sounds reluctant but up for it, for the sake of my birthday. So we'll either do that, or sushi. OR BOTH. I looked at the oyster deal and it sounds like a smart lunch choice. Just get half a dozen for six bucks and share them. ...I've never tried oysters, either!


It's just that silly nervousness, you know? The first time I tried sushi, I grabbed a HUGE dose of wasabi, not knowing what it was. My mom DIDN'T STOP ME! So I ended up gagging and generally having a hard time, all while trying to NOT make a scene.

It took me a few years to try that again. Hopefully oysters will be less crazy, since now I'm older and I eat steamed zucchini like an adult.

And asparagus, yum.


Okay so I have to say. I think I've been attacking the college situation the wrong way. See, I always have a plan, but I always end up figuring out that that plan ISN'T FOR ME. This January, I had ABSOLUTELY NO PLAN. And, for some reason, everything I started up then is working out for me.

So I'm sticking with my planless plan. I'm going the undeclared route until I KNOW what I want or am forced into choosing. Till then, I'm going to take the core classes and the ones I gravitate towards. I assume a pattern will develop and I'll know what I want.

(I think I already know what I want, but let's not make sudden moves. Life is gradual. There is no sense in rushing into ANYTHING.)


Just sometimes it seems like everything is going by SO QUICKLY. I've been like one of those dog owners who rushed to put the food dog because the dog makes a big fuss. I get spooked!

Meowmeowmeowmeow that is all.

I have a project to work on!


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Sunday. 4.10.11 9:23 pm


That is how happy I am.





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wanna bet?
Wednesday. 4.6.11 7:19 pm


1. Pain is regular for most piercings for the first week to week and a half. It does not always indicate an infection.
2. Pus is not spelled with a double 's.'
3. YOU DO NOT EVER USE ALCOHOL ON A PIERCING. Maybe it disinfects, but it also takes away all the natural bacteria used in the HEALING PROCESS.
4. YOU NEVER REMOVE THE PIERCING IF IT'S INFECTED! Augh! If it's infected, you leave it in and treat until the infection is gone.
5. Pus discharge is pretty normal for ANY infection. Just because there's some pus present doesn't mean you need oral medication for it. That's like assuming every case of gas is appendicitis.
6. Antiseptic creams...just simply don't work that well. No one in the piercing community uses them.
7. Let me add onto #3: YOU NEVER--NEVER!!!--USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON A PIERCING. Unless you want it to hurt and heal half as quickly.

UGH. This was the first link on the page searching "bellybutton piercing infection." I can't imagine how many bellybutton rings this article has RUINED.

Not much bothers me, honestly, but misinformation in a public forum infuriates me. I wish people had to put money on their correctness.

All you have to do is treat the infection--oh, I'd say every other day, with a hot saltwater solution (which you have to be careful with), and twice to three times daily with a regular purified ocean water piercing aftercare spray. I know this because I've had pretty gnarly infections, and this is simply what works. All my friends with multiple piercings agree. I mean shoot, even the piercers agree.

Gah. Sometimes, when people are THAT incorrect, I want to bet money on it.


I'm dying for a reply from a certain group of people...

I'll let you know if I get it and it's the reply I want. Yeah!


I think that, for my birthday, along with another completed year of life, God took down the annoying, outdated crosswalk signal with this giant storm that I somehow slept through. It always flashed too long before the light turned green and made the most annoying sound known to man. BEEP BOOP. BEEP BOOP. BEEP BOOP. BEEP BOOP.

So I was walking to class, one day, and noticed that IT HAD FALLEN IN THE STORM!



Happiness there.


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a really boring blog
Monday. 3.28.11 11:58 pm

You know that thing where they tell you that you have to force yourself to write to get past writer's block?

I don't think that applies to blogging. I think it just makes blogs really boring.


I *did* sign up for summer classes. Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Macroeconomics, and Spanish II. I literally have four weeks of my summer vacation completely free, and they're single weeks in between classes. The week after I finish summer classes, I start fall classes. The only good things are that 1) Macroeconomics turned out to be an online course, so no in-class time (which means I only have one class that I have to attend in that semester, too), and 2) I only have one class in the morning, the first summer semester, which leaves time for...stuff.


I haven't seen my best friend since February, for instance. She and I have definitely been separated for longer, but it's just weird, when we have every chance to talk and see one another, with no parental constraints.

I've been in a couple situations where there were chances at relationships with people, but it would have had to be long-distance. I never understood why it was so scary, I guess, because she and I have never been able to see each other often like that, and we're still SO close.

But, now it makes more sense, I think. Even starting a simple fire requires ideal conditions. Whether the fire-starting is more or less complex than starting a relationship, I can't decide. It depends on what you think is complex.

See, that? ^ That is not how people explain things to me. And I know my mind should be adaptable, but I don't do well with the abstract. Somehow Seth and I got on the topic, the other night, and he told me that I'm very "black and white."

And it's not that I need things to be in the extremes. I understand middle ground perfectly, but I need to understand that it's middle ground, if that makes any sense.

People call me on it a lot, assuming that I want a definitive yes or no situation. They don't seem to get it.

That's been one of the things on my mind, lately, if I'm going to be completely open about it. It's a constant frustration, trying to explain that I'm not upset because I'm not getting a yes or no, but because I'm not even getting a perhaps, almost, or probably not (much less a why--some sort of purpose). It's enviable when people can look at a solution and not want to tear apart the process and inspect every element. It would certainly make me a better chemistry student if I could just accept reasonless fact.

Oh, thoughts! Everything has a catalyst, sure, but long after the provocation passes, the ideas remain. Minutes change years. Odd.

So, I wrote something.

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