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team party girl.
Sunday. 9.17.06 7:15 pm
so we played football again today... with a few additions. team party girl, of course, stayed together. the other team wasn't even cool enough to have a name, so we'll just call them the complete losers for now.

team party girl was victorious by three or four touchdowns... i don't even remember the final score. i had a few touchdowns myself. woohoo. my second experience of tackle football was better than the first.

there was one ridiculous hail mary that i caught... i was so proud of myself i decided to jump up to the field goal bar and slam the ball over it. unbeknownst to me, there was a stickler-type bush right behind it, and when i came back down, i slammed right into the bush, and now i have like six trillion cuts all over my arms and legs. totally worth it, though; sacrifice is what team party girl is all about.

that's all i really did today. pretty intense. whoop!

currently listening to: error operator by taking back sunday

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Sunday. 9.17.06 12:00 pm
yeah, remember when i said this weekend was gonna be good? well. i was wrong.

this weekend was awesome-tacular. i went and played freakin' football in the muddy overcast with some of the coolest people. i got the pleasure of being part of team party girl (don't ask where we got the name). by the name alone, you should be able to tell that we got our asses kicked. don't fret! today is a new day, and team party girl will reign supreme again.

sucks that it's sunday already, but oh well. this weekend went great, and i might even be free next weekend too! i'm excited again.

i didn't get to bed till like 530am. i woke at like 1000. so, well, i don't know the significance. i just thought i'd let you all know.

until next time...

currently listening to: beware the jub jub bird and snare the frumious bandersnatch by forgive durden


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i'll be blunt.
Friday. 9.15.06 5:16 pm
i know this seems like a waste, but has anyone heard of james blunt? he sings that song where he mangles more than anyone ever has the words "you're beautiful."

i just thought i'd take this time out to say that i think that the song is terrible, and i don't know why it's so popular. it does not get my vote. come on, james. i'll be blunt. you lack what most musicians have: talent.

just thought i'd let everyone know. what do you think of him?

currently listening to: violins by yellowcard


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tons of candy.
Thursday. 9.14.06 8:46 pm
so apparently you guys like it when i make flash cartoons. i guess i'll have to make them and post them more often.

i'm looking forward to this weekend. i don't have to go to the farm. it's only a day away... i'm so excited. i get to finally see my friend from salsbury, whom i haven't seen since july fourth.

i've started keeping tons of candy in my car, in case i get caught in traffic, so i'll have something to snack on. right now it's just a lot of mentos, of all kinds, including mint, assorted fruit, strawberry, and green apple. yum.

fruity mentos are more addicting than you'd think them to be. they're delicious. in. my. belly.

i think i'm gonna start posting whatever song i'm listening to while i post my blogs. starting... NOW!

currently listening to - seventy times 7 by brand new


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an easier way to tell.
Thursday. 9.14.06 1:49 pm
i wish that there was some way of telling when someone comments on an older post... just to see what they have to say about it. i don't check all of my posts every time i come to nutang, so i don't know if there's an easier way to tell... or... what. if there is, let me know.

i'll probably make a more ellaborate blog later.

oh, if there are other styles of martial arts that you might be interested in seeing poorly animated by me, then please, let me know.


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new cartoon!
Wednesday. 9.13.06 8:43 pm
new cartoon! hope you like it. it took me forever to make.


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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