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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
21 Dec 2012 pt 2
Friday. 12.21.12 8:38 am
We survived!!! The humans survived!!!

Well, what if the expiry date wasn't just today but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week?

"The end of the world" still lingers in our mind...

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21 Dec 2012
Wednesday. 12.19.12 7:19 pm
I was sitting with two oldies and the man is well known as a joker among the clique.

The female asked him "What should we do for the end of the world?"

He replied "We celebrate."

I roared a laughter.

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Noodle party
Monday. 12.17.12 4:07 am
A friend came to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate her brother's birthday, and we hang out for the whole day.

Since this date marks one year of our friendship anniversary, out of the blue, I suggested to have noodle party in her hotel room.

This is only understood by the participants from the ship. It is simply a party where we all have instant noodle wherever we want on the ship. I usually had it alone in my room, while my friends had it on the deck.

It was fun and bond-building. And I did not get to eat instant noodles from Myanmar.


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15 December
Saturday, December 15, 2012
on the door
- drunken

of leaving
- sober

into the eyes
- wordless

when I left ...

3 things, 3 things
unsaid ...

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14 December 2011
Thursday. 12.13.12 8:02 pm
stars shooting
- shoulder to shoulder

A wish
To be made
But the stars already gone

Closing my eyes
I hope
My wish was heard

I want this moment to be for ever...

14 December 2011 is a special day for me... Being in our own little world, I wish that moment can last for ever. I looked up to the sky and said to myself if only I can freeze this moment, but I do not have the courage to say it out loud.

I wanted to sprinkle some thoughts of mine, but I do not know how because I was afraid of the consequences.

I thought I will have another chance the next day... The next day. The last chance. I hope I will have the courage to share my true thoughts...

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Wednesday. 12.12.12 10:17 am
She helps me to ...
put on my best look
just for your eyes ...

Hmm.. a haiku to commemorate last year.

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