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Icy Hot
Thursday. 6.25.09 6:38 pm
It was invented by Satan. I just know it.

This morning I got up early for a doctor's appointment. They decided that I needed a few vaccines. That is all.

Apparently Michael Jackson is dead and some people think it's hilarious.
I don't.

My hair is softer than I remember. But it's also thicker and poofier. Perfect for NOT SUMMER.

John and I...well, mostly John, invented a game that involves light punches and yelling "POW!" I think that's pretty sweet.

I beat Kingdom Hearts in about half a week, and now I'm trying to play the second.

PROBLEM: I have TWO copies of the game from my friends, but both disks have so many scratches that some things won't load.

SOLUTION: When the game freezes, switch to the other disk. The PS2 reads it as the same disk, and picks up where it left off. What are the odds that both disks will have lost data in exactly the same places?

I dunno, because it hasn't happened yet. Gotta love how gullible the PS2 is, though.

I got 2130 on the SAT. w00t w00t. My favorite part is that my essay got 6 out of 12 (which is straight up awful) but the writing section, which also includes some multiple choice questions, still got a 720 out of 800. Score.

Get it? Score?


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Off again!
Monday. 6.15.09 10:04 am
Aaron did some quiz on facebook, and the results said something about him loving to barhop. That made me giggle.

Scrawled by Steve
I can see you barhopping.

Scrawled by Aaron
I'm not sure if I sense sarcasm their or not

Scrawled by Steve
Don't trust your instincts or anything.

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm more confused than before

Scrawled by Steve
I know.

Scrawled by Aaron
Can you see me barhopping?

Scrawled by Steve
If I was bound to answer, that would have been a great way to break the well orchestrated confusion.

However, I am not bound to answer.

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm confused AND somewhat upset.

Scrawled by Steve
oh dang!

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm really confused. You seem upset too.

Scrawled by Steve
Nope. That was sarcastic.

Scrawled by Aaron
OK. Confusion level has dropped. Still upset though. A straight answer would be nice. (For once lol)

Scrawled by Steve
I only meant the "oh dang" was sarcastic. The rest is still unknown to you. And maybe to me

Scrawled by Aaron
Could you find out?

Scrawled by Aaron's mom
What a bummer when your mom is on your fb and gets to read these conversations about barhopping!

Heheheh. On a different note:

TO: Reid
Sup big guy?

FROM: Reid
sup man... i already miss everybody

TO: Reid
Yeah, it's boring here. I keep wanting to bust into some random cheer. TUGALOO CITY!

FROM: Reid
same here bro

TO: Reid
Plus, I was at youth group today, and I kept dancing during the songs.

FROM: Reid
lol omgod dude thats me too lol

Apparently being a man means that I'll have the urge to sing and dance more often

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Tugaloo is NOT to be messed with.
Sunday. 6.14.09 3:21 pm
I got back from my week-long stint at Palmetto Boy's State yesterday. It was incredible.

There is way too much to tell. Too many stories, too many quotes, too much excitement. If anyone asks me what I did at Boy's State, I will have a hard time summing it up. We in the city of Tugaloo (named after the Tugaloo river, I guess) met each other, became friends, persevered through physical and spiritual hardships, chanted ourselves raw, had the most kick-ass spirit, and became brothers.

We ate together, sang together, cried together, called each other names, called each other Matt Morris, and won the All PBS award, also known as the All Marine award. This is basically what we get for being the best city out of 19. 40 kids from near 1000. We worked for it, we screamed for it, and we won.

We were a city of legends. One guy used a cane all week. Not only that, but he had carved it himself. And his actual name is Nickles. Several people succeeded in drinking 8+ pints of milk each in one sitting. One guy was known throughout the camp and in fact won an award for Best Hair because he had a giant red afro. We had Matt Morris in our city. We had a crazy little guy who's funk-tastic dancing was exploited for chants on several occasions. We had one big guy who was willing to take off his shirt and blow away the competition with his man-boobs. We had Dub-Talley, who could dunk pretty viciously. One of our counselors looked just like Toby McGuire from Spiderman and had some awesome pants, another was sick on the snare drums and was extremely spirited, and the other was our daddy.

His son is Matt Morris.

We had plenty of kids, like me for example, who weren't of legendary status but were no less fantastic.

I hope to stay in touch with them. My life wasn't changed as much as some others', but I think I left with a better outlook. Or at least a working knowledge of state politics.

Drizzle, drizzle, drazz.

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Friday. 6.5.09 6:43 pm

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I had a hard time choosing what Dream Theater song I'd put up. I had decided a while ago that I would only put up one song from any artist, but I really, really like a lot of DT's songs. I decided on this one because, not only does it showcase all their talents pretty well (vocals, drums, guitar, holy crap,) but it's also a pretty hopeful song. I noticed that most of the songs I've put up already aren't exactly happy. This has hope. It's almost like a prayer, if you listen to the lyrics.

It's a long song, though. I love the intro, but it's more than 2 minutes long. Haha. I'm used to it by now.

My friend Shinai, who I've known since middle school, is leaving for Korea this weekend. Today a bunch of people got together to party with her, and we had a good time. I got in my last few squint and communist jokes, and my last few hugs.

Ah munna miss her.

Ryan and Jack were throwing the frisbee at some squirrels. Jack almost pegged one; for a moment, I thought he did. Dunno what I think of that.

My phone is one of those sliders. When I first got it, I marveled at how satisfying the slide mechanism was. It would resist for a moment, and then pop the rest of the way by itself. I didn't notice that it was getting stickier the more I used it, until I saw that Sean's phone was practically grinding. (He has the same phone and it's the same age as mine, but anything that Sean owns tends to wear faster than my stuff.)

Now I'm worried because SOMEONE was throwing sand at me a few weeks ago, and a lot of it got in my pocket with my phone and my flash drive. Sand is never fun for electronics, but especially not the ones with moving parts.

Of course, when I wore the pants again a few days ago, (phone in same pocket,) I realized that the washing machine hadn't done such a hot job of getting the sand out. Even more mechanical naughtiness.

SAT bright and early tomorrow morning. About an hour and a half of driving. I might sleep over at Anthony's house to get a ride. Heheheh.

And Boy's State early the next day. I'm excited.

Yesterday was almost the worst way to start Summer Vacation. I went to a swim meet, thinking that the thunder storm would make them cancel it before long.

Of course, before thunder shut us down, it rained for about an hour. Cold rain. Wearing nothing but swim suits. Not enough tents. Not enough seats (the grass was as cold and soggy as the rest of us.) Ugh.

But then, it finally WAS canceled, and we headed to Ryan's house for a movie. My friends were watching Lucky Number Sleven, but his older brother and two of his friends were watching Sweeney Todd downstairs, and I haven't seen that yet, so I watched it with them instead. They're pretty cool. The movie might have been a disappointment. Not something I would normally like, but I can appreciate it.

My wrist is bothering me so much that I've got a bandage around it now. It's killing my typing speed.

I finished Starfox Adventures. The ending of that kind of sucked, too. Fun game, though. I would love to see more, but Rare stopped working with Nintendo after they made that game. Bummer. Rare's the bomb.

I don't remember if there was anything else I was going to tell.

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