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I am
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Friday. 3.23.07 2:45 pm
I woke up and looked at my clock.


I know I could sleep in but JEEZ. I didn't mean to sleep in that much...
Why couldn't I wake up?

Flashes of my dream come back to me.

There was a serial killer that I was trying to stop.
I was also busting someone out of some sort of prison.
I slipped a note through her window to know it was me.
But also...
The note said...
"Marry me?"

It was her.

....So, I'm starting to understand why I'm having difficulties waking up. With dreams like this? Seriously? Of course I won't wake up. They're far more ideal and joyful than when I wake up. Also, I at least feel useful in my dreams.

Last night I had a mini-break down or something. I was cleaning my room. And I snapped. I needed out. I couldn't be at home much longer. So, I went for a walk.

But sure enough, Life had to follow me out walking, too.
There were some people on one side of the street and I wanted to avoid them so I got on the other side. I didn't know who they were, but usually, anyone out past midnight aren't out to enjoy the night air. But as I started walking past them, the guy who was talking to the other girl in the most ghetto form of the english language I've heard in a while, began walking up to me.
"Hey! Ain't you that guy that lives down the street and drives a Jeep?"
I stop walking, mostly because he crossed my path.
"Yeah..." I responded. Do my neighbors know me as the guy that drives the Jeep?
"And don't I know you?"
"Yeah." I knew who he was, but I usually don't like to forfeit that I know someone in case they don't remember me. It's safer that way.
"We were in art class together. My name's Chris."
We shook hands.
"Yeah, I remember you." I remember that he was this short little "wigger" that no one liked and made fun of. I remember people often wanted to fight him. I'd usually be the one stopping anything stupid from happening. I'd tell him little wise things about how not to start fights and all this other stuff. In a sense, I kept him out of trouble.
He asked me how I was. I told him that not much was going on and that I was "just working, pretty much." And he said that was cool and that he's getting his GED and whatnot. He then invited me to hang out with him and whoever his friends were. I said no thanks, that I was out to relieve some stress. He said that was cool and that he understood.
We said goodbye and parted ways.
I realized then why I hate bumping into people. It's not because I know them. It's not because they know me. It's not because I'm shy. It's not because I want to be some sort of recluse for the rest of my life.
I don't like to bump into people from my past because, in a way, I'm bumping into my old self. The person I used to be. And it makes me sad.

I then walked to Taco Bell, ordered some food, got a text from Moe, responded, and answered Kristina's (Helena) phone call. She said she couldn't hear me well because of the wind. So I walked to someplace where the wind would be blocked. The best and closest place was.. Brewer High School.
While I was there I ate my food and randomly... started to remember. I remembered everything up to what she already basically knew. From the very first day of school my freshman year, up until the middle of my sophmore year, when I began to date Nikki, became best friends with Robyn, and grew to be close friends with Moe and a few other theatre folks.

How things change huh?

After having that "episode", I walked back home and went to sleep.

And now I'm late and I need to go.
So bye.

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Feeling useless? Have a dream!
Wednesday. 3.21.07 1:35 pm
We had to fight. We both knew it. For our love and for the land.

We got ourselves ready. Prepped.
She gave me as a gift a throwing knife at the last moment.
I love her. She's always surprising me.

Then we attack. Stealthly in the night. We began with the back entrances and quickly split up.

It was a massacre of guards.
But the castle would soon come to it's knees!

I found a knight. Before he had a chance to react, *WOOSH!* my throwing knife embedded itself in his throat. I picked up my throwing knife and took his broad sword and fought the guard near by.

Within minutes we had both reached the inner courtyard.
Innocent workers scrambled away in fear. Everyone had been caught unaware.
After all, it was just me and my love that fought this war.

"FIGHT WITH US OR PREPARE TO DIE LIKE THE TRAITORS YOU ARE!" I yelled out as I continued to fight.

I heard a heart stopping scream from the other side of the courtyard.
Was it her? Had she fallen? I had no time to stop. Much less now. And the false lord was still near by.

I manage to climb a tree up to a window. I jumped in and sure enough there he was. He was prepared to fight. He began to speak. I cared not for his lies. I threw my knife at him, but he moved and it landed in the door behind him. I went at him with my sword. We fought tooth and nail until what seemed like a lucky break and I managed to cut his throat. As he lay bleeding and contorting on the ground, I raised my sword once again and cut through his neck. I then impaled his head on my sword through his eye and raised my sword out the window to show the world.

The villainy in our land has come to an end!

I woke up.
Looked around. My clock said it was 11am.
I remembered the loads of nothing I had planned for today.
I hate waking up to this.

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